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Florida Gators


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Ok folks. Here is a stab at the Gators. I've tried to blend many elements into one unique Gator set. I've brought back the fantastic white helmet. You'll notice I've used the consistent striping seen on the white pants. The jersey remains blue with the double outline numbers, but they're the slanted version found on the 2010 PC set. Sleeve stripes influenced by the 2010 PC set as well, but do not feature the alligator motif. Instead, you will find the standard sleeve striping pattern in the format of the 2010 PC striping. The usual Gator logo features at the chest and "Pride" is inscribed in the neckline. Player names are portrayed in a off color blue to emphasize the school, rather than the player. The Florida "F" logo supersedes the player name above in full color to demonstrate this.

**EDIT** also the sleeve striping continues to the undershirt. This format is used so that the same general design principle is seen on the player regardless of if he wears the undershirt (as seen by Oregon State last year where some players wore the shirts, and others did not).

Away and alt unis to come. Just wanted to throw the first one up for general feedback of the new design format! Thanks.


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Thanks for the comments guys. @stumpygremlin- the sleeve says Nike Pro Combat like many of the other PC shirts feature. Also, my inspiration (and I'm not sure if this is silly since it doesn't quite relate to UF) for the NOB was that I wanted to portray school over player in the same context that the US flag is always displayed above the state flag. So I didn't want to elminate the NOB, but I didn't it to appear prominently, either.

I will work on getting the others up shortly! Thanks everyone.

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Here are the additional home sets. No orange alt, but a variety of helmet and pants options. My favorite from this set is the white/blue/blue. Side note- not crucial to the presentation, but I intended to make the socks white on the blue and orange pant sets. Oops.






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I really like these. The sleeve striping looks great, and I love that you have stripes on the compression sleeves, but if a player doesn't wear them the design isn't inhibited.

I'm not a fan of the NOBs. I would either keep them or leave them. If you want to emphasize team, just leave the names off completely.

Lastly, I would suggest using the number font Florida uses for all its other sports (see the b-ball unis). That would tie in with the modern "F" on the helmet really well.

Overall, great job though!

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