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I've been playing music for almost a decade, recording for close to 8 and realized a few weeks ago that since my last band broke up and reformed, I haven't had a logo, relying mostly on wordmarks for advertising gigs. I play both keyboards and guitar in the most recent of projects and wanted a logo that would bring that message across.

Below are two very similar logos that I have narrowed down, one with just a slight variation. In logo 1 the black and white areas on the W create what I hope looks like piano keys. In logo two I've added guitar strings between the extensions on the F. My initial thought is that it may be a bit too obvious, but I'm willing to listen to feedback.


Logo 1


Logo 2


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Putting the possibility of obviousness aside, the ultra thin lines just clash with everything else. It's geometric, angular, and bold. Some really small and thin vertical lines don't help, IMO.

But I like the first one and the overall concept. Nice work.

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That was my thought too, although it would be nice to carry through with the musical instrument concept, doing that in Logo 2 without compromising on line thickness isn't going to be possible. I think it's the obscurity of the piano keys that make this design so sharp.

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I think y'all are reaching with the MW comparison. That logo is shaded and has sort of a mirror bevel thing going on. I see nothing like that with WNDUP's submissions. I agree the piano thing doesn't work in this case.

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It's the new Mountain West Conference logo, and to be honest, that's what I first thought of too.

I was thinking the Doctor Who logo actually haha, which has a very similar look to the Mountain West logo:


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