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Backward Stadiums


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Two weeks ago while attending a Reds game, I got a simple idea. What would Great American Ballpark look like if the scoreboard was in right field and the view of the Ohio River was in left. So using my limited photoshop skills, I flipped the stadium around. I know nothing big. I just felt like sharing some of the stadiums. I'm sorry if I placed this in the wrong topic but Concepts kind of fit the subject. Anyway, here they are. Most are placed by division. Mind the ads. Obviously I can't correct those.

First: Angel Stadium of Anaheim


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Great American Ballpark


O no U.S. Bank arena got lost in a flood :D ....But really I have been to GABP atleast 50 times probably more and looking at this, really creeped me out. Yet at the same time kind of cool

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Safeco Field


I'm not adding:

O.co Coliseum because it looks exactly the same.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington


Well I have added all of the American League Stadiums. Based on the few comments I have, I'll finish adding the National League tomorrow today and maybe add some classic stadiums. Also thanks for all the positive comments! Really appreciate them even though I didn't do much.

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