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NCAA Football Uniform Concepts


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Wow, very nice work for a first concept on here! The designs and your Photoshop skills are very good.

Some of my favorites:

- FSU and VT: Great subtle updates

- LSU: I kinda like it...the sublimated stripes on the numbers are sharp and I like the midfield logo inspiration. I would remove the cuff stripes and extra stripe below the sleeves though.

- Iowa: Not sure what's going on with the numbers but I love the updated striping.

- Arkansas: Go with the first two and STOP. No unnecessary black or anthracite jersey, no gradients, just simple red and white with a little black trim.

- Ball State: Sharp looking sleeve stripes.

- OU: Interesting striping...I like it as a one-off.

- OSU: Love the beaver stitching on the shoulders.

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