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Bohob's NHL Redesign Part II: Electric Boogaloo


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A couple years ago, I started a design series for the NHL. I redesigned 12 teams. Some were more tweaks, some were overhauls. A few months ago, I decided to start up again and finish the series. The link below is to the album of all the teams, the first 10 being the newest. Feel free to look around.


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Besides the link that is Pittsburgh these are things of beauty. Especially the Canucks. That jersey just is perfect!!

After clicking on Pittsburgh I had a fangasm. Just a tidbit on how brilliant that jersey is!! I bow down to you good sir.

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Last two, Phoenix (90s style third) and Washington. That brings the project up to speed. If anyone wants to see the old part of the series, with completed teams like Calgary, Anaheim, Philly, New Jersey, etc, the link in the first post directs to the entire album.











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  • Finally, someone who understands that the BlueJackets have to have chevrons.
  • With the Caps you've really hit your stride... better than anything they've ever worn!

Can I make a slight criticism: The Rangers font doesn't really work on a light background. The N and W lack negative space.

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Guest darkpiranha

Love love love almost all of these. (Merely really like the rest). Penguins logo is genius. Oilers oil drop logo is a fantastic update.


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