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Football concept for the Ohio State University


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Back in the mid to late 60's, Ohio State wore a uniform not too all together different from their currents, but with one unique detail. When the initially added TV numbers, they were down in the bicep area and they were BLACK. I first became a fan as a little kid a few years later after this detail was removed, but I remember seeing it in photos and thinking it was cool, and wishing they hadn't changed it. (In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the first time in my life that I mentioned a uniform tidbit to someone... in this case my older brother... and getting that "what are you talking about?" look.)



For most of my childhood, whenever I did one of my hundreds of magic marker "concepts" for tOSU, I always brought this little detail back. In recent years, as the sleeves started to really shrink away, it's become harder to make something I was happy with, that still incorporated the black TV numbers. They do not work at all up on the shoulders IMO. But recently, I have noticed a slight trend towards making the socks once again part of the overall design. Last week South Carolina wore team striped socks... in recent memory, so have Oregon State and, I think, Army. So with that in mind, here's a concept bringing back the black TV numbers and moving the classic stripes to the socks. Also, I tried to find a few unusual ways to get some gray unto the jersey. I also darkened the gray slightly overall, for a stronger road look. What do you think?


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It looks really good! It looks weird with the different number colors, but I'm use to them being the same color. I'm personally not a fan of the stripes being on the socks, I like the strips better on the sleeves, but this is your concept ^_^ .

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