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Perfecting the Sabres jersey


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I removed everything that people hate about it, substracted the generic numbers, and replaced them with the new ones from the yellow alternates. That new script/font, along with the captain's patch are the only good things to come from that jersey, and I decided to take those newly introduced elements, and roll with them.

As for Miller being captain, I borrowed the "3" and the letters from the someone else's concept and made the best "0" and "M" I possibly could. I'm just waiting for the font to be released somewhere, so that I can make the adjustment of using the name/number of the real captain...


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...but...But if they don't have the numbers on the front, how will they ever know which player is which!? :therock:

All kidding aside... Nice clean set. The new C is a nice touch.

I realize the striping is how the actual buffalo striping is but the yellow and grey kinda blend into each other being right next to one another... Maybe just a problem on a computer screen as opposed to on the ice though?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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