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Cleaning Up 10-year-old Concepts by JCRGraphix


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I've been creating sports concepts since I can remember, and it is only in the past few years that I realized anybody else did this. I'm in the process of moving to Korea right now, and in the process of packing, I discovered an old cd with "Sports Designs" written on it. Out of curiosity, I loaded in up and found a bunch of concepts I made back in high school ten years ago! Most of them were pretty rough at best, so I decided to clean them up. Also, I needed a creative break from my Stadium Series/Winter Classic Project which I will continue in a week or so.

First up is the fictitious Upper Peninsula University, a team I created and used extensively in NCAA 2004. As you can see, the helmet and logo are direct ripoffs from the Atlanta Falcons, also, I haven't used the Impact font in probably 7 years.


These are pretty terrible, so I decided to start with a whole set of branding for the university. The university logo and seals are basically a generic looking clock tower like you'd see at a university. In the university logo, the clock tower points at Iron Mountain, where the university is located. I also decided to create a modern looking athletic logo as well as a traditional looking monogram logo.


Then I created football uniforms based on this.


C/C is more than welcome!

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Huh Jordan, think you're all cool and stuff putting out awesome concepts?

I actually have a question that I could easily answer with a quick google search, but I'm too lazy.

Are the collegiate seals that you're using the actual ones, or are those concepts too?

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