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NFL Redesign - March Madness 32 Teams in 31 Days: 3/20 - Lions, Giants, and Bears

Sean F&F

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Hey guys
I challenged myself to redesign every team in the NFL this month. The goal is to create uniforms that are different than the teams current set, some will be more conservative and others will be a little crazier.
This started on March 1st, so I have 6 sets of uniforms so far. I'm doing them at random so each day I will have a new one.

Here are the first 3 home and away sets I have done so far.

Arizona Cardinals

These were based on the Arizona state flag. I removed all the black from the logo and uniforms.

Green Bay Packers

These ones are a little hockey inspiried with the center stripe across the chest (also carried over to the helmet).

Pittsburgh Steelers

I'll post the others soon.

Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome.

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Cardinals is good. Steelers should keep the helmet they have now, then have the "de-circled" logo on the chest with number. Basically switch the helmet and chest logos.

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I'd actually welcome the addition of blue and removal of black with the Cardinals, then again I have always been a fan of the Red/Blue/Yellow color scheme (ah the memories of the LA Avengers). As for the Packers, not really a fan, IMHO chest stripes don't belong in football and definitely not on the helmet like that. The Steelers helmet is intriguing, but I wonder if it would look okay with a double-digit numeral? Just keep trying to improve your craft and put some more thought into some of the uniforms!

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Here are my thoughts so far:

Cardinals-Add red numbers back to the roads and have them wear either red or white pants.

Packers-These are OK, but there's almost nothing you can do to improve upon the look that the Packers have now. If an expansion team ever were to come around maybe they could wear these.

Steelers-I'm not even sure it'd be legal for the Steelers to wear these with the number up front being so small. Take away that huge logo on the front and replace them with regular numbers, and bring in yellow shoulders for the roads.

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I do like your Cardinals set, but i would like to see the red/ yellow sock combination with your red jersey. The blue/ yellow just doesnt mesh well together in my opionion. Great start, I look forward to all of your work!

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Thanks for all the comments.

I myself aren't 100% in love with all of these either, but I just wanted to try something different for each time. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't.

Here are the others I have done up to this point.

Dallas Cowboys

Totally stole the star pattern on the shoulders from Team USA's Nike Hockey jerseys.
New York Jets
This one is more traditional than some of the others. I modified the logo too.
Oakland Raiders
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Still don't understand why everyone chooses to give the Cowboys 7 different silvers, on purpose! It's your concept, you can right the wrongs of incompetent fools who can't color match.

Hey, it's only 2!

I decided to stick with the greenish bluish tint on the home jerseys just as a nod to their current and past uniforms since that's kind of a Cowboys thing with that color.

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greenish bluish tint on the home jerseys just as a nod to their current and past uniforms since that's kind of a Cowboys thing with that color.

It is Silver Green. Kind of belongs to the Cowboys only. As far as the Uniforms for the Cowboys, meh.

If your goal is to be over the edge then this isn't the approach for that set. You have some interesting things happening with the other teams.

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Guest darkpiranha

Cool stuff so far. I agree with the suggestion of switching the Steelers chest and helmet logo styles.

One thing you might want to do to ward off some of the inevitable "X Team's logo and uniforms are perfect as is and you shouldn't change them" suggestions is to maybe establish a more deliberate design vocabulary for your versions. Is there some overriding mandate that goes into most of your designs? For example, you seem to favor incorporating some sort of large logo element or stripe on the jerseys, larger than what most conservative designers feel comfortable with. If it's a design aesthetic that you find interesting and worth exploring, own it.

Your Jets logo is okay, but you need to adjust the kerning between the letters. Too much space between some of the letters.

Dolphins are the best of the bunch so far.

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Like the Browns concept, I got a little happy with all the combos between pants and jerseys.

One thing I did for this set was make the helmet have a color shift like the Jaguars did a few years back. I also ditched the silver all together.


Primary Home


Blacked Out Panther - For a team named after an all black animal, I think all black uniforms work.panthers-concept-2.jpg?w=584

Blue Alternate

And the 3 away sets

Primary Away


I'm not a huge fan of the blue pants/white jersey combo. The pants look out of place to me.panthers-concept-2-away-2.jpg?w=584

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St. Louis Rams today.

Stayed a little more conservative with this. The only real big changes were new matte painted helmet with textured logo and horns on the shoulder pads that wrap around.

I also changed the gold to more of a caramel color.



Here's the helmet minus the texture


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