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My MSPaint CFL Redesign


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Hello, I'm new here and I wanted to make some concept CFL uniforms. I don't have photoshop so I did my best with MSPaint. I'd like to thank BigMike for making his MSPaint friendly QB template and whoever made the main template I used. Here's my atempt at an Argonauts uniform first


So, what ya think. I know its kinda minor but I think their current look is one of their best ever

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Toronto: Pretty good. Pretty basic. Not much different from what they currently wear. I've never been a big fan of stick 1s, though.

Hamilton: Again, solid. Make sure your yellows match up, though. The one used for the numbers on the black jersey is darker than the rest. I'd stick with the darker tone, though, because I think it matches the logo better.

Edmonton: Both your green and your yellow tones are too bright. You can see the difference between what you used and what's in the Double-E logo. Not a fan of the serif number font.

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I decided to just hurry up and post this uniform without the QB template to save time(and because I'm lazy as hell) and get these up quicker. So now I present the Calgary Eagles Stampeders!


So yeah, I have no idea why I based this concept off the Eagles look. I honestly didnt even notice till I was done and realized...These are the Eagles uniforms Stampederized. But the question is, does it work?

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