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  1. ugh, just saw them last week here in Indy, this is a really tough one. I have been listening to them since the late 80's....Say Hello To Heaven Chris.
  2. Not really feeling the switch to red/navy/white, there's already 2 teams in the AL Central with those colors plus the Cubs aren't too far off from this color scheme. Keep the Black/Silver.
  3. it's also up to the league to approve each design.
  4. so tough not to say anything....
  5. A new brand is taking over the outfitting of an entire league, of course their going to have an unveiling.
  6. Why?
  7. Changing their colors should be the first step. Choose a different color to go with the brown (a light blue perhaps ) or just go with Brown and white.
  8. yes, The OKC was done by @BrandMooreArt
  9. @Zeus89725 You do know that the NHL logo (the league you are doing all these concepts for) is wrong in your signature....right?
  10. That Leaf seems very out of place in this set, everything else is clean and modern. With a more modern leaf and a number set that ties it's dna to the font you chose for "Canada" and "Player" would start to make this look more cohesive.
  11. about a month now
  12. Got a source to back that up?
  13. @philcar1994 It's Wisdom Script, looks like they cut off a bit of the sweep on the "N"
  14. This right here, a million times over. When I designed these numbers I did do some versions with outlines, but the more I looked at them, the more I thought the outlines did nothing for the legibility. I was really happy when the team chose to go without outlines. One of my favorite uniforms are the Bears throwbacks with the solid orange numbers on a navy jersey. More teams should look at numbers without outlines. Outlines on alpha fonts make even less sense from a design/legibility standpoint.
  15. Is this an episode on Punk'd???