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  1. I keeping thinking it would wind up looking like that old helmet that was originally white but due to all the sweat it ends up looking almost brownish after years of use. I recall the Jofa helmets particularly would end up this way.
  2. I didn't even think of that. Please don't do this Colorado!!!!
  3. I agree for the most part. I don't know if this look is iconic but you are right, this is a simplified jersey and i'd rather than the piping all over the place.
  4. if the part of the collar under the NHL shield was blue (to have the full circle) I think it would look better. Like a lot better.
  5. I think it's black. It's supposed to be a puck, right?
  6. I agree, MLL needs to keep keep it small and focus on those "traditional markets" for the sport. Honestly Toronto/Hamilton games were scarcely populated no matter where they played (like I said, I went to a few games) but they certainly didn't add to the game day experience. In a nutshell it was; walk into an almost empty stadium and just watch. Granted the teams were talented but it felt like going to see a rec league.
  7. Gotcha! Yeah man, I get it. To be honest I don't even know why I never took to field lacrosse. I tried, when Toronto had an MLL team I went and I just couldn't get into. I agree though it is tough to break in, especially in a city like Toronto (sticking to the Nationals as an example) when there are so many entertainment options and not just sport.
  8. I assume you are speaking to field lacrosse? I can't really speak to field, I'm a huge box lacrosse fan but I never got into field. Box lacrosse is not cheaper to play than basketball though, I play both (recreational) and lacrosse costs are comparable to hockey.
  9. Seriously though, great game
  10. I have a feeling that the galaxy will be just fine. They have had a couple down seasons the past 2 years but I'm sure that they will spend some money again with LAFC coming in. admittedly, I'm basing this on nothing.
  11. Quebec Bulldogs/ Quebec Bouledogue Las Vegas Aces (or gamblers maybe?) Milwaukee Badgers Portland Pioneers Utah Argonauts (because there was a development team with that name and it'd be fun to have 2 CFL teams with the same name again)
  12. Maybe i'm reading into the word this being in quotes too much.
  13. Looks like the plain black jersey in the teaser. I recall Winnipeg also used a plain black jersey at the draft the year they moved.
  14. Canadian: Quebec City American: Columbus, OH Oklahoma City, OK Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT