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  1. So glad that the Trillium Dome didn't happen because of the location. 27 Kilometers outside of downtown Toronto and not attached directly via public transportation at that time (and still isn't easy to get to via public transportation). That said, that idea (if memory serves) basically became the Skydome. That logo, by the way, (not sure if you know or not) is the logo of the province of Ontario, a trillium flower (hence the name of the dome) which is also our province's flower as you probably guessed, haha. I love these threads and looking at the "what could have been" ideas.
  2. WAY more.
  3. A little late on this but to kind of go back to the conversation that happened regarding Seattle and how they viewed their history (not trying to reopen that topic) look at what TFC did: A "wall of honour" that acknowledges some milestones in club history (the first goal, 2016 Eastern Conference Champs, ect) but talk about reaching.....the 1976 Toronto Metro-Croatia Soccer Bowl Championship is listed. To make it even funnier: Global Television was the majority owner of that team. Global is owned bu Chorus entertainment, 1 of the very large media companies in Toronto. The other 2: Bell and Rogers currently are the owners of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment which own TFC. Nothing big, just thought it was kind of funny.
  4. I don't recall the "Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo" logo. Googled with no luck. Does anyone have a link/picture they can post? I'm picturing the Bills mascot ('cause the Sabres mascot always looked like it should be Nashville's mascot to me) wearing skates and a Buff-a-slug jersey
  5. Kind of silly, but I get that they are just reacting to the CL changes. Really happy to hear that next year they are planning on expanding the Canadian Championship to include League1 and the Quebec Premiere League
  6. I completely forgot that they had worn the red shorts with this shirt before, but I think you are right @upperV03, that was probably the only time. Silver lining, the red shorts are better than the blue shorts.
  7. Yeah, I dislike the blue shorts for TFC too. Actually, I dislike the white shirt too, but I know what they are going for so w/e. Don't understand why they can't wear red this week, I think the Philly blue/gold combo is different enough
  8. I agree with that sentiment as you said there are codes of conduct and, if it deemed the whole group is the issue, the club itself can shut it down. In my experience, the groups and clubs mostly work together. I find more often than not the real issue is someone who has chosen to come out to their one game a season (which isn't an issue) but has this idea that going to a game, getting drunk and, acting like an ass is fun (this is the issue). It's not. You look stupid. @HedleyLamarr, honestly man, join if you like the game. It just adds to the experience. It's not just about watching your MLS club. A lot of groups arrange community events for charity, play in rec leagues together, ect. It's well worth it.
  9. Agreed 100% @Gothamite Of course, there's the other people too who are not a part of any supporter's group but decide they want to come to a game a cause :censored: under he guise of being part of the supporter's group. The question is what makes people actually want to be like this?So stupid.
  10. 2007. 0-4 without a goal scored yet. Then this:
  11. Fair enough, I guess that's really the question.
  12. Exactly true..... Here's what I've been wondering lately; If Tampa get the expansion bid accepted, do you think they just kind of quietly let the Beckham/Miami situation go away? Just curious to hear what people think.
  13. Found some better pics of the new TFC shirt. Really don't love the side panels
  14. Some more pictures here but they don't really give you a good look at those side panels.
  15. Couldn't have said it better myself. I loved Kovermans coming here (so yes, there were some cool memories when they wore those shirts.) but hated the grey sleeves not thrilled that they are going back to them.....but again, I can live with it. As Nas said it's the side panels (or in the case of the picture above the "pit stains") that bug me. I know TFC has had white, grey, onyx and even, pink for their clashes but to me they should always be solid red primary, solid onyx for clash. As for my 2 cents on Columbus; great job assuming that shirt is pair with yellow shorts and socks.