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  1. Fair enough.
  2. I have a feeling this is how my CFL fandom will end up, I'll probably end up just rotting for both teams.
  3. It's the Canadian spelling......I swear!
  4. I get that, the idea of not having a team locally but switching to them when you do get a team. For example, in MLS I followed LA until TFC came around. I'm sure you had something similar happen when Orlando joined MLS?
  5. This is so true. I know it wasn't meant to be funny (and it was actually a very good comparison) but the divorce comparison made me laugh
  6. Curious as to how you became a fan of the Habs instead of the Red Wings?
  7. I've recently moved from Brampton, Ontario to Hamilton (Ontario). Mostly due to work but I won't lie, I have a few friends making this move so it was nice to move with them. As you can probably guess, that means that I've grown up a fan of most Toronto sports teams (besides the Leafs..but that's another thing). Now that I'm no longer living in Toronto and more specifically, now that I'm living within walking distance to Tim Horton's Field. I'm finding myself wanting to learn more about the Ti-cats (CFL Football). I've always been an Argos fan so it feels weird almost like I'm considering switching allegiances but I just can't get myself to do so. I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this in their sports fandom? How did it turn out? did you end up making the switch to the new hometown team? Curious to hear peoples stories.
  8. There was no need. Just someone being a jerk. The mods jumped to action and took care of it. Literally nothing of note.
  9. I used to agree about curling. Then my friend invited me to come play at her curling club. I love it now. It was not easy to pick up the sport and there are a lot of very little intricacies that you can not see on TV. But yeah, poker isn't a sport at all. It's a card game (a card game I like) but it's not a sport.
  10. Care to expand on that thought? I'm not even necessarily arguing I'm just curious as to why you say this
  11. One of my friends who I do this with has a Blue Yeti and he mentioned that he felt his track (Zencaster records a track for each person) sounded like it has a bit of a echo sound. This explains it. I will try a headset then! I've passed this info on to my friend as well. I'm going to pick up a head set and try recording something again tonight and compare. Really appreciate this insight!
  12. @Ice_Cap Thanks! @Still MIGHTY Thanks! I also have tried using the iphone headset for a project I've been trying to do with a couple friends (more below). @infrared41 That is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to type that all out. I have done a couple "test" episodes of a podcast that I am going to start doing with 2 friends and the audio just always sounds like there is a noise in the background. We tested recording with Zencaster but I think I'll try that filter you mention in Audacity. I've been looking at getting a Blue Yetti microphone but have hesitated out of fear of not being able to get the sound right (thus the project ending and the microphone just collecting dust) but this may be a chicken and egg situation. I'll just dive in and make the purchase, try that filter, and hopefully we have something that isn't crap.
  13. Quick question: don't recall if you guys have mentioned this before or not. speaking to the conversation regarding your audio quality from the top of the podcast, what do you use to record? (program and microphones)
  14. I could not agree with that statement more. Especially with USL. They have been and will continue to be a development path for the MLS. Call it division 2, call it division 200 (being extreme to make a point)....I don't care. All I care about, as a TFC fan, is that the players on TFC 2 get to a- get playing time and b- they get to play against the best possible competition in order to develop.
  15. Awesome, thanks for sharing that. I missed that (clearly). Yup...Indy 11 isn't, that wasn't my smartest moment but you get what I mean. I would guess the same, that the affiliated clubs would "stay up" and the "2" teams would go to division 3. Seems to make the most sense. Of course you know what they say about assuming......