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  1. That was the right choice. Had the exact same thing happen to me.
  2. Yup. Bud has the pouring contract at BMO field too.
  3. Super Bowl - New England Patriots Stanley Cup - Columbus Blue Jackets (yeah, I'll be that guy) NBA Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers World Series - Cleveland Indians MLS - Toronto FC Champion's Cup - Saskatchewan Rush Premier League - Chelsea Grey Cup - Calgary Stampeders
  4. Meanwhile I'll never forget that MLS Cup. You never forget your first That easily ranks on top for me when you take into consideration the whole TFC playoff run. I agree, the PK were a :censored:ty way to end a game but it was still a memorable night. I'll also add "game 5" against Texas with the famous batflip. I don't think I've been in a louder stadium. To round this out and call it a "top 3": 2011 NLL Championship game, got to see the Rock win at home. Special moment as a Rock fan after the team was bought by the current owner (Jamie Dawick) and brought them back to being a contender. oh...and I agree with the Bills sentiment as well. Man, if they ever do make the playoffs though...It will be one :censored: show (assuming they play at home).
  5. 1981

    Honestly, and this is so small, but the helmet looks so much better with just the 1 stripe IMO. Nice looking set, I like the numbers better. Plus with there not being a Black team (that sounds bad. You know what I mean) in the league yet this sets Ottawa apart.
  6. Wait, What was surprising about TFC making the MLS cup? Anyways, I'm just repeating what @Ice_Cap said but it's just a numbers game.
  7. I agree with everything you are saying, yet still I think my point remains. I know, I'm contradicting myself. Let me explain: Being a very big lacrosse fan I am well aware of the standing of the NLL. If not continent-wide, at least locally in Toronto. I have to explain, on a fairly regular basis, what a "Toronto Rock" is. MLS, the other league who went this way, is well known. I think they can get away with it. I also dislike pointing to the 4 original teams because 2 are no longer active and the other 2 have relocated as well as; Of the 4 original teams on 2 of them played in the National Lacrosse League when that name was adopted. But I realize that is nit-picking. If they wanted to have the 4 point star as an element I would live with it. End of day, my only point is: this league isn't well known enough to do this. I'm not saying it needs to have a silhouette like it was before but there has to be some element to make you think "oh, this has something to do with lacrosse". Also, yes, The wings had a great logo! I hope that logo returns one day.
  8. Well, Technically Philly is New England now (which is a crying shame) and Baltimore is Colorado but I do get what you mean; it's certainly not something they should be pointing out. I feel the same way about the logo. Nothing about it says lacrosse. For someone who doesn't know about this league and sees this logo they will have no idea what it's for.
  9. Notice his "solution" is "promotion/relegation"? Now how to execute it, now how much it would cost, not acknowledging that there are 3 (I'm including NASL in this) different companies/leagues that would need to somehow work together. Also, why don't you ask every team that's joined the league since Seattle how they'd feel about paying the expansion fee but then suddenly, with pro/rel, another team just gets in, no fee? Also he says: "Here’s what probably happened: MLS teams did well in seven or eight cities that are soccer strongholds or where other sports teams stink." Really? Explain Seattle? Let me guess, that's just one of the strongholds? Convenient .......I wasn't going to do this, lol.
  10. Here's a quality article I read this morning (note the sarcasm). But if you want some real fun, you should look at this guy's twitter timeline this morning: I mean he needs to do some research next time he writes (more than 12 MLS stadiums can hold more that 21,000 people for example) but the explosion of anger on Twitter is good for a laugh.
  11. I don't like it. Very boring. ......and why the star?
  12. I think we'll see a variation of the "3D" logo that was used in the 30th anniversary logo and, if memory serves, something similar was used when the NLL played exhibition games in Australia.
  13. Yup....I was too .....What I didn't realize until just now when going to listen to the show, is that I accidentally downloaded last week's episode again. Whoops! Not my finest moment.
  14. 1981

    Steelheads! How did that come to mind?! Anyway, if you go that route please use this for inspiration
  15. Weird, I got it on iTunes no issue.