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  1. Hello CCSLCers! The United Lacrosse League is looking for a new owner. If you are a fan of the National Lacrosse League, box lacrosse or, just a lacrosse fan in general and have at least six months membership on the boards and no less than 300-500 quality posts then we would welcome you to apply. Applications thread is here
  2. I'm a customs broker. This UPS crap where they charge "brokerage" is 90% of the time not the full truth. While yes, all goods entering Canada are subject to GST and potentially duty based on where the product is made (as oposed to where it's shipped from when you order it online) what happens is the company that ships to you will select to ship with UPS and tell UPS to charged you, the receiver of the goods, for the delivery. So what essentially happens is they just tell UPS to send it to you. You end up paying the frieght, GST and, brokerage. An almost unknown fact is that you can tell UPS not to clear it and do it yourself at the local Canada Customs (CBSA) office. Might take a little longer and be a bit of a learning curve but it will save you some money. That's why UPS wants the money before they deliver, because they've already moved the goods from point A to point B and haven't been paid anything. Anyways: That's not really the point of this topic but I just wanted to throw it out there. I could probably start a topic in the lounge on this, lol.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Icecaps were told from the get go that this was a temporary solution. The problem is getting to St. John's. I've been once and I live about 20 mins away from Pearson airport. Even then it was hard to get a flight. My buddy from Winnipeg came with me on that trip and he had to fly in the day before and join me on the flight the next day. If I recall Air Canada didn't even have a flight in the 3 day frame we were looking to get there. That at least gives you an idea why Toronto and Winnipeg backed out. I image it'd be easier because there'd be more flights from/ to Montreal due to proximity but I can't say for certain.
  4. I don't play but have always wanted to (I know we have the TNFF here on the boards as well) but I don't know enough people who are into the CFL that much to get a league going.
  5. I believe they are alternates.
  6. Honestly. Just drop the blue helmets.
  7. love those white helmets
  8. The "rouge" is basically the U.S. equivalent of a kicked touchback, and is worth 1 point for the kicking team. So in this case a missed FG still wins the game if it was tied. The Argos could have run it out, but the end zones are 20 yards deep so he probably have been tackled (thus conceding points). You're allowed to kick the ball at any time in Canadian football, so they do (to avoid the rouge or giving up that extra point) that's why you also see a second kick from Montreal and yet another (very weak) kick back from the Argos, which let to the touchdown. Also, the CFL uses "no yards" instead of the fair-catch rule (similar to rugby union) - the kicking team must give the catcher a 5-yard halo to catch the ball before attempting to tackle. I believe that the Argos were hoping to tackle the Alouette who caught the ball before getting in the end zone to keep the game tied. I don't think they were expecting that Montreal would kick the ball back....but obviously I have no way of knowing that for sure.
  9. That work mark really is "in your face" isn't it? Really ruins the set. That and everytime Ricky Ray threw the football, his sleeves man, It's just so obvious that the sleeve stripes just end. It's a small thing but it bugged me so much.
  10. Looks like Ottawa is going to have 2 helmets again. (don't recall seeing confirmation on the white helmet before)
  11. I'm also an Argos fan. So obviously I'd lean towards the Argos too. Maybe there is a player you followed in NCAA or the NFL who plays in the CFL now? I find that is how a lot of people who don't have a hometown team end up picking their favorite CFL team. I was listening to the Peter Schrager podcast the other day and he had a bonus episode on the CFL with Hamilton's beat reporter/play by play guy. Maybe have a listen to that and it will help, he kind of breaks down the teams. Might be worth a listen.
  12. Frankly, this is smart. As a huge TFC fan who was not thrilled to find out that the Argos are moving into BMO (the whole removal of grass thing) I think this plays right to that community. No, not just the beer. The idea of getting together pregame with friends who share a same interest is what i'm leaning towards when I make this statement. It's a whole event, not just "going to the game". Well done Argos.
  13. The CFL is the top teir of professional Canadian football. That means it is not a minor league by definition. There are different rules, different sizes of field and equipment (the balls are bigger for example), heck, there's even another player on the field. It may not be as widely popular as the NFL which is a league that plays a similar sport but that's not what defines it being a minor league or not. I think you simply mean the NFL is much more popular. Compairing the NFL and CFL is akin to compairing the NLL and the MLL. Yes, they are both lacrosse but they are not the same variation of lacrosse. Sorry for the rant, but it's one of my pet peeves.