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  1. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    First thought: Avalanche.
  2. CCSLC Loveline

    Sometimes that's all you need, just to let it out. Not nessisarily look for an answer or anything. Being rational and mature sucks sometimes. Congrats on the job though!
  3. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    ^Get rid of the giant logo on the front, replace it with numbers and, you have a great look. I really like the idea of the REDBLACKS using the plaid as part of their identity. Also, well done 'riders. Now just ditch the tramp stamp jerseys
  4. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    I noticed that about the Canucks as well. Lots with neon green too.
  5. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Especially when they think they've got the real deal and are bragging how cheap they got it. I was wearing a road Blue Jays jersey (Romero) on sunday at the batting cages and a guycame up to me and asked why I haven't bought a new one yet (I have bought a new one actually not that he'd know) so I said told him "they aren't cheap" hoping to leave it at that and walk away. He calls his son over and goes "dude you need to know where to go" and shows me his son's crappy knock off. The font was all wrong and I was just like "whatever you paid, it was too much. That's a knockoff." He wasn't having it and went on about how it's real and I should stop "giving Rogers money when it's available for cheaper". I left it alone and said "ok, have a good day." but it's just like...come on man. Worst part is this happens so often, why do people feel the need to brag about their :censored:ty knockoffs?
  6. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    So...I was there. I have to tell you guys it's was very quiet for the main. Where I was sitting there was a group of about 5 guys (I was with a group of 8...not that it matter for the story) and all I heard was complaining...smark style. I spoke to a few friends who I know were also in attendence today as well, I think the crowd was burnt out by that point. It was really loud for Jericho (and even though he did a great job of getting the crowd to boo him when he was on the mic) the miniute the match started: everyone was cheering for him. For like 2 mins there was a CM Punk chant too. Sammy Zane got a huge pop too. Same with Charlotte (everyone loves to "wooo"). I was disappointed that the crowd wasn't into Big Cas and Enzo's entrance more. They got a good pop but I felt that not everyone was doing the "S A W F T" along with them. My opinion, this was the match of the night too. Brock was over huge. Counting the number of suplexes was probably the loudest pop/chant of the night. Golddust also had a dark match against one of the assention and got a pretty good pop. But yeah, to your point, Ricoh is about 10,000 for wresling. It's not a big crowd.
  7. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Honestly, andthis is me being a big TFC supporter, I feel like they just look like a Chicago rip-off this this year. I mentioned it earlier in the thread but once I looked at the site @ThatsSoSpursyposted I feel this way even more. TFC needs to own that grey (onyx as they call it) colour as a secondary and get some more of it in the primary (maybe just grey short, maybe mostly grey socks) but I'm just not feeling it this year. The new secondary is probably going to be the first TFC shirt I do not purchase.
  8. I get's a funny thought. People make this "joke" around my office all the timebut asCosmic said.....
  9. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    It's not. Never has been. I think that's referring to the fact that their "nickname" being"The Reds" just like Liverpool. They also hosted a mid-season friendly a fewseasons ago against Liverpool and sold it as "the reds vs the reds" so I guess I can see that compairison. That said,I think it's fair to say the nickname "TFC" is much more commonplace than "the reds".
  10. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    So, I keep looking at the new TFC kits and wanting to like them. I like the idea that it's a nod to the Blizzards and Toronto-Croatia. I also get the tie-in to the city flag (hell, I based my MLS fantasy team's look on the city flag) but I just don't like it. TFC belongs in grey (or Onyx as they call it) and red. Blue just doesn't fit....That said, if this wasn't TFC's kit, I like it. It'd be a great alternatefor Chicago actually.
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    I just got an e-mail from the Soccer United Fan Council. (I'm sure a number of you here participate in this as well) and it kind of gave a quick summery of what the polls they sent out over 2015 came back with. This particular one stood out to me: MLS Playoff Format Study – The majority of fans were supportive of switching to a 12-club post-season format (62%). Many fans felt the new format would create more excitement around the push to the playoffs, particularly with clubs duking it out for the seeds that receive a bye during the knockout round. I kind of hoped that this would go in the opposite direction but I guess this proves the point that North Americans love playoffs.
  12. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Not exactly sure what the heck to make of this. I assume that the old school looking TV is supposed to me a hint at a throwback look coming? I mean it would be in line with what @nas1787was saying earlier in the thread. Guess we'll just see March 1st.
  13. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    I actually wouldn't mind that!
  14. 2016 MLS Jerseys Found this one interesting. Only a 1 up on the kits but 10 on the stadium. Looks like this may be an annual thing, BMO and TFC wait 'till last miniute while Pizza Pizza and Kia are probably just waiting to jump on the chance, haha.
  15. CCSLC Loveline

    I have to echo CS85's sentiments. Regardless of this being a dating relationship or not (and I'm sorry to hear that she ended it so horribly) she agreed to a financial commitment. Just because you broke up doesn't excuse her from her finacial obligations. End of story.