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  1. What Adidas' CFL takeover tells us about NHL 2017-18

    The CFL is the top teir of professional Canadian football. That means it is not a minor league by definition. There are different rules, different sizes of field and equipment (the balls are bigger for example), heck, there's even another player on the field. It may not be as widely popular as the NFL which is a league that plays a similar sport but that's not what defines it being a minor league or not. I think you simply mean the NFL is much more popular. Compairing the NFL and CFL is akin to compairing the NLL and the MLL. Yes, they are both lacrosse but they are not the same variation of lacrosse. Sorry for the rant, but it's one of my pet peeves.
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    TFC cause....well...TFC. haha. I agree with 2001mark's comment about "us versus the world" but (and I know it's only been 2 games thus far) it seems like TFC is breaking through. The stadium has been packed so far this season and now more than ever I get stopped by people in public saying something to me about TFC (probably becasue I am wearing something with a TFC logo on it almost all the time). For the first time it feels now like they actually are a big club in MLS. Granted, if the season flops my tune may change by August (spoken like a true TFC fan, right? haha). Honestly, I'm a huge TFC fan (and seeing how close you are to Toronto, it makes sense) but if I take my bias out @DiePerske I'd say there's 3 clubs I tend to see people get behind and it's for 2 different reasons. A consistant winner and a original MLS club: LA Galaxy One of the famously well supported clubs: Timbers or Sounders That's just my 2 cents
  3. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    While not a hashtag; the Philly Wings (now the New England Black Wolves) of the NLL had a special jersey with the players twitter handles on them:
  4. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Still a bit of a downgrade but yes, much better having that yellow option.
  5. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    I thought Toronto did too but I was later looking at a gallery online (I believe it was on facebook) that showed the do not, It might just be the lighting.
  6. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    ^ honestly. I neither love or hate Montreal's uniforms. But they have stuck to this look during a couple league re-designs so I'm just kind of like "ok, cool, Montreal is what they are". If they are going to change their current look I'd love to see a complete overhaul with the logo. I really dislike that logo.
  7. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    We haven't seen everything yet but my 2 cents: First of all, really dissapointed that the 2 helmet thing is still happening. I don't know why but I assumed that was over. Team thoughts (east to west) Montreal: no problem for me. They seem to want to stick to this look and that's cool by me. Ottawa: Upgrade for sure but i'm still really disapointed.I feel like they still don't really have an identity. They just keep using template jerseys. Embrace the plaid. Toronto: I actually dislike the new numbers but not enough that I'm mad about it. It's just a slight downgrade. I kind of like that the roads say "Toronto" and the homes say "Argonauts". The matte helmet is cool too. Hamilton: I think this is actually a pretty big downgrade. The all black socks, fine. The black pants? No thanks, the Yellow pants were much better. If the black sleeves on the white jersey aren't fully black as the picture of the replica has indicated then that is also a huge downgrade. Honestly, feels lazy. Don't feel strongly either way about the large numbers on the helmet Winnipeg: MUCH better (not that I'm the first to say that). I love that helmet and, as most have indicated, besides for the yoke on the white jersey they nailed this. Saskatchewan: Better but still not good. Looks too similar to Ottawa and Calgray. The "unique" elements (the white stripe in the collar and the 3 stripes in the pant stripe) are just there to be there in my opinon. No real reason for them. Calgary: Just the number font has made this set better. It's a pretty similar look to the previous set and I am ok with that. Then they had to bring back the black helmet. Ruined the whole thing. I hate that helmet. Edmonton: Haven't seen the white set yet so I'm really hoping that the green helmet doesn't return. The shoulder stripes do look weird but, whatever. They didn't make a huge mess of their look so far. EDIT: we have seen the white jersey. My bad, that's an upgrade. Still hope we don't get that green helmet back. BC: I don't know how I feel. I actually like the white/orange look. I don't hate the black/orange jersey. I really like the white/orange helmet and don't really like the black/orange one. Tramp stamps are stupid. I guess I like one and slightly dislike the other.
  8. Your Favorite Teams?

    Don't think I've chimed in here yet. MLS: Toronto FC. I'll never forget when Toronto was awarded an expansion team. I grew up a fan of soccer because of my Dutch background and finally professional soccer was coming to Toronto. If I had to choose one team over all this is my favorite. English soccer: Spurs. Rafael Vander Vaart is probably my all time favorite soccer player. At the time of me really getting into the premiership he was there. I've been a fan since. Eredivisie: PSV Eindhoven. Most of my family is from Eindhoven. That said my great uncle was really involved with the supporters group for FC Zwolle (in fact when he passed a couple years ago they paid tribute to him in the stadium) . So they are a close #2 NHL: Colorado Avalanche. Roy, Sakic and, Forsberg. Need I say more? Now my fave in the league is there in Duchene (played junior for my home town Battalion when they were in Brampton). NLL: Toronto rock. Besides the hometown squad; my uncles high school friend: Jim Venkman played for the rock. Gave us tickets once and I was hooked! I love lacrosse. NFL: Buffalo Bills. Growing up my dad was a Winnipeg boy and apparently the Bombers and Vikings ended up with a lot of similar talent. Bombers who played well would end up with the Vikings. So I became a Vikings fan. Then I went to my first game live in Buffalo. The rest was history. Go Bills! (I also love the city of Buffalo.) Otherwise; it's all home town teams. Raptors, Jays, Rush, Argos and, the ECHL's Brampton Beast. Also.....I'm moving to Kelowna, BC in less than a year now. So I'm trying to get into the WHL now and following the Rockets. So let's add them to this list too.
  9. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    I agree.
  10. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Good point. I did a google image search and It seems that they had 4 stripes last year too. This picture is from last season when the Ti-cats retired Anthony Mosca's number. Maybe there was only 3 stripes on the QB jerseys?
  11. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Agreed on most of the comments above. I really wished the Argos added a helmet stripe but I'll accept that they don't with the thought that the look remains unchanged. Similar sentiments on the Ti-Cats. The 4th sleeve stripe seems kind of pointless to add but if that's the only change, fine.
  12. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Let's hope so!!!
  13. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    First thought: Avalanche.
  14. CCSLC Loveline

    Sometimes that's all you need, just to let it out. Not nessisarily look for an answer or anything. Being rational and mature sucks sometimes. Congrats on the job though!
  15. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    ^Get rid of the giant logo on the front, replace it with numbers and, you have a great look. I really like the idea of the REDBLACKS using the plaid as part of their identity. Also, well done 'riders. Now just ditch the tramp stamp jerseys