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  1. West Brom looks as bad as usual. Neat!
  2. oh yes i forgot, we don’t deserve the right to have fun when our sports teams are successful
  3. “Stacked team like The Celtics” is a great line. Look, I’m not sitting here saying that either Milwaukee or Washington will beat the Cavs in either of the next two playoffs. I find it unlikely either will. But LeBron’s track record throughout the playoffs doesn’t suggest he’s going to lose to this Celtics team in 2018 or 2019, which was your original assertion. You want a “legitimate reason?” The Celtics aren’t good enough, and won’t be good enough in the short-term to do so.* There isn’t a current asset that scares me with that team. Perhaps Fultz gets there at some point, but it’s not going to be within the next two seasons. *Offer maybe ceases to be valid if they actually give up some of their future assets to land the type of player (e.g. Paul George or Jimmy Butler) I’ve spent the whole discussion talking about. And even then, I still wouldn’t consider it likely they get through.
  4. LeBron’s lost three playoff series since 2010, man. He lost to Dirk in 2011, caught the Spurs’ period when the old guys were still good, but so was Kawhi in 2014, then fell to the Warriors in 2015. During LeBron’s six-year run through the East, he’s downed MVP Derrick Rose, Paul George twice, Kyle Lowry, etc. He beat Westbrook and Durant in 2012, those same Spurs in 2013, and those same Warriors in 2016. LeBron loses to Hall of Famers in the playoffs. Not Marcus :censored:ing Smart.
  5. Giannis, John Wall. The Celtics don’t have that individual player who can win you the one or two swing games you need to beat the Cavs in a seven-game series.
  6. It took LeBron’s worst playoff game in six years for the Celtics to eke out a 3-point win off a bull :censored: roll as time expired. If a team from the East beats the Cavs in a series over the next few years, I expect it to be Milwaukee or Washington, not Boston.
  7. I don’t think I hate any sport, really. I mean, I certainly have my preferences — don’t watch much NASCAR outside of Daytona, only watch non-Browns NFL as a social thing, etc. — but if it has people competing in something athletically, I’m probably down.
  8. why would they want to market one of the league’s best, most personable players, though?
  9. Solid upgrade on the logo, but Portland should just commit to the 70s fonts full-time.
  10. Man, it’s incredible how much mileage Macron’s gotten out of the weird sleeve cuffs with the insert — Villa were part of their group to debut that in 2014.
  11. (tbf, pittsburgh was a liability to the league until they won the draft lottery to take a once-in-a-generation talent)
  12. I mean, that’s the only one, but it’s going to be twice now in six seasons. Both kits have looked a hell of a lot more like PSG than Barça.
  13. I’m not really a fan of this “Barça tries to look like PSG” trend they’ve started following in recent years. Figures, for the second straight time they’ve done this, Nike botched the actual PSG kit for next year.