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  1. So… chances of any one player getting a two-spin dollar are 19 in 400, since it requires any spin but the dollar on the first spin, 19 of 20, then one specific spin the second time, 1 of 20. As long as you don’t spin the dollar the first time, it doesn’t matter. Take that 19 in 400 value, cube it, and yeah, I too get 0.01072% as the probability. Chances of all three players getting any type of dollar should be 0.09269%. EDIT: Though this also assumes all players will actually spin the second time. If you get anywhere upwards of 70¢ or so on your first spin, you probably aren’t taking the second spin, which negates the whole experiment. Though as long as the first person spins the dollar, the latter two are “required” in essence to chase it, which means our assumption holds.
  2. As someone who goes to a school whose alums and administrators orgasm at the sound of the word “tradition,” and whose teams are outfitted by Under Armour, I wouldn’t be too worried.
  3. I mean, yeah. If I had a choice between “bullpen day” and “Clevinger starts,” I would’ve taken the former every damn day. Thanks, Gibbons, for forcing Bauer out of the game when he had just walked two of three batters.
  4. Two healthy starting pitchers. One win from the World Series.
  5. Which Cleveland? This one?
  6. mike pence is an actual human piece of :censored:
  7. year of cleveland
  8. We’re quickly reaching the point where it might take not one, but two losses for Washington to drop out of a playoff spot. Unless you think Baylor or West Virginia (I’d love to see it, but…) will run the table, a 12-1 (conference champion) Huskies still slot in as the fourth team in any rank for me — behind the SEC, B1G and ACC winners. Houston’s chances are pretty well shot, and Washington would be taken above a Louisville, Ohio State/Michigan loser, etc., with a conference title at one loss IMO.
  9. If we’re playing the “primary do-over” game here, can we go back and nominate the guy that both (i) isn’t a democratic socialist *gasps* and (ii) didn’t start this process hated by > 50% of Americans? (hi martin o’malley, generally inoffensive, generic democratic candidate)
  10. “I’m voting for Gary Johnson because I want to vote for someone I can feel good about voting for.” The 18-29 crowd of, “I’m voting for Gary Johnson because I’m SMART and Hillary is as bad as Trump” is creeping up on my list of “extremely frustrating things about this election.” Because “none” is not a great foreign policy for a president of the United States.
  11. I’d disagree with you, but the way it’s looking, Villa Park might be a League One ground next year…
  12. if someone wants to play defense at the meadowlands, that would be interesting at least
  13. Recent history suggests otherwise. #basketballschool