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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    Oh, 100% absolutely. Just read what the clubs say in the press — the Eleven always talk about how they want to “build” the NASL rather than pursuing MLS, and the league’s just going to collapse around them. There are exactly two clubs in NASL right now that could help to build the league higher than a second-tier quality, and one of those is leaving. While I prefer (in the abstract!) the NASL model to the USL one — and trust me, I want no part of playing reserve sides — it’s pretty stupid that the Eleven won’t play a series with FC Cincinnati this year, nor with Saint Louis FC and will only get one game with Louisville City, in the Open Cup. There are some great derby opportunities sitting here for the club, but their stubbornness of staying in a league that’s not moving at the same speed the club is makes for a little frustration.
  2. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Back to the red/black/white look for Hannover — thank goodness.
  3. Vandalian Football League - Albany United F.C. (8/18)

    Albany United F.C. Place: 11th Victoria Cups: 4 (last 1997) Location: Albany, Capital District Elected to VFL: 1958 Rival: Victoria F.C. Marlborough Nickname: Capitals, Reds Our little project keeps moving along, and this time, it’s onto the capital club, Albany. United’s history dates back to an era before its founding, when a newly-independent nation (independence was gained in 1922) began to debate the merits of a having planned capital city to replace Winchester, one of the oldest cities in the country that was more suited to be a colonial capital than a national one. The debate began in the late 1920s and moved into the 1930s, when the outbreak of World War II put the discussion on halt. After the war, in 1947, the campaign was re-started, and two years later, Albany beat out a number of towns in the country to become the country’s new capital. Work started the following year in the new town, and by 1952, the capital was up and running in Albany. This, of course, necessitated the founding of a football club in the city, and Albany United was formed in 1952, playing in the regional leagues for six years. With an aim of getting the Reds into the VFL, an election of four teams was held in 1958, expanding the league for the first time since the VFL/CFA merger more than 30 years earlier. Over time, United grew into a “yo-yo” club, reaching the top flight for the first time in 1969 and bouncing between the two divisions for the better part of the next 20 years. However, as the ’90s started, new investment started flowing into the club, which went on to dominate that decade. After winning their first Victoria Cup in 1991, over nearby rival Victoria F.C., the Reds followed it up with further wins in ’92, ’95 and ’97, winning all four finals they played — their four wins without a loss is the most of any team. Since the ’90s, however, Albany has struggled to stay in the top tier of VFL clubs, suffering relegation twice and only playing in the playoffs twice in the last 17 years. New ownership arrived to the club three years ago, and since, they’ve aggressively expanded the stadium, making it one of the largest in the country, looking to restore glory to the capital club. Its fanbase is among the smallest, and supporters are often derided by Vandalian football fans as “plastic” or unenthusiastic. The crest is based off the coat of arms of the Duke of Albany, for whom the city is named, and the home kit is red and white. The club’s name, United, isn’t rooted in an actual merger, rather it’s rooted in the club’s owners wanting a “classic,” yet generally unique as far as Vandalia is concerned, name for the squad.
  4. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    The NASL is pretty much a farce of Indy, Minnesota (who’s leaving!) and a bunch of top-end USL clubs, just without the MLS affiliation. Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Carolina, Jacksonville and even the Cosmos are solid clubs to have in the league, sure, but they do nothing to elevate it — San Antonio, Louisville, OKC Energy and Saint Louis are certainly at a similar level for the USL, with Cincinnati and Sacramento elevating the league. This whole Philadelphia idea is… also a terrible idea! Puerto Rico’s going to blow, probably, and Eibar Philadelphia or whatever just seems really :censored:ing stupid. NASL might be able to make something happen in Chicago, because the Fire are a :censored:hole of a team and Peter Wilt is still loved, but this idea of going into existing MLS markets — they’ve talked about a return to Atlanta! — is suicidal. The whole reason I want to see the Eleven make the move into MLS wouldn’t really hold if I didn’t feel like NASL was destined to fail. And I don’t want to play in a league that’s half a reserve league. The sooner NASL and USL merge into one second- and third-tier league, with the MLS “affiliates” and “2” clubs only in the lower tier, the better.
  5. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Feeling on Game 5 right now:
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Because our election system is literally set up for a two-party system. Here’s the issue: When the whole idea of the Electoral College came around, direct election of the president wasn’t really a consideration, a setup under which a three- or four-party system (or no-party!) was actually kind of feasible, with an “alternative vote” idea in place for the election of the president. But it developed as a two-party one anyway, and now our election system is contingent on that. Once again, if the United States had three equally strong parties, the people would have no direct say in the election of their president, as any one candidate would rarely get 270 electoral votes. So unless you want to call for a constitutional convention on the issue — which I’d quite like, but that’s another story — we’re not moving away from this. Bernie damn well could have generated support on his own if he wanted to, and if you actually want to change the face of American politics, running as a Green Party or Independent candidate is more the way to do that than running in a party you only want to be in because it’s suddenly convenient for you. Do what you were doing as an independent, rile up the support and give Americans the choice. And if you’re gonna sit here and tell me that there’s pretty much no difference between Republicans and Democrats, well… I’m sorry, that’s just completely off the mark. Yeah, both parties are heavily influenced by the American elite, but that’s literally always how it’s been. The ridiculous notion that FDR or Lincoln would be ashamed by that is laughable. It reminded me of this 1889 political cartoon; things around here ain’t new. Most Americans who’re “Independent” have ideologies that swing them one way or the other on a consistent basis, too, they’re just snobs who want to sound like they’re above the political system or some and that’s ridiculous. Here’s the thing: Bernie has no path to winning. He hasn’t for a while, quite honestly, and it’s why I didn’t cast a ballot for him a couple weeks ago in the Indiana primary, despite someone who started out as a big supporter of his campaign. But at the end of the day, above any candidate, I’m proud to be a Democrat because of the progressive things our party stands for. And the fact that Bernie’s decided to hijack that, go on a rant about superdelegates in, like, January only to turn around and try to suck their :censored:s or whatever to get their support and undermine the people’s vote is just really :censored:ing frustrating at this point. Look, I get wanting to influence the party’s — which you haven’t had time for your entire life! — platform, but there’s better ways to do it than by literally pissing everyone important at the party off in the closing weeks of the campaign. It’s preposterous, quite frankly, to keep this charade going rather than conceding, throwing your support behind Hillary and doing what’s best for those progressive ideals we all agree with. Speaking as someone who regularly abuses the option in Indiana to vote for a party whose politics I don’t agree with, the sooner we move to entirely closed primaries across the country, the better. You want to pick my party’s candidate? Actually join it. Any candidate who doesn’t want to do what’s best for the party shouldn’t be in it only when it best suits him anyway.
  7. 2015/16 International Football

    Mix really isn’t that great though. Now, I’m of the belief that Nick Rimando is the best American goalkeeper — and has been for 18 months, or so — but the fact that Guzan is still our No. 1 is… pretty incredible, given how consistently strong the U.S. has been at goalie for so long. Remember: Brad Guzan twice lost his starting position for the third-worst Premier League team in the competition’s 24-season history.
  8. appropriate name for Vancouver based NBA team.

    Remember that topics in the Concepts forum must actually, well, have a design in them.
  9. Coyotes announce AHL affiliate's move to Tucson + team naming contest.

    Even though the UofA/UNM rivalry is pretty much idle these days, I still can’t see a team from Tucson being named the Lobos.
  10. 2015/16 International Football

    The most absurd statement I’ve ever seen on these here forums. Anyway, as if today wasn’t good enough, the club I’m a (small!) part-owner of is headed to Wembley for a play-off final. Come on you Dons!
  11. 2015/16 International Football

    Aston Villa have (finally) been sold.
  12. Vandalian Football League - Albany United F.C. (8/18)

    Kingsbridge F.C. Place: 12th Victoria Cups: 0 Location: Kingsbridge, Oakland County Elected to VFL: 1937, 2015 Rivals: Belvedere Town A.F.C., Irvington F.C. Nickname: Roses Ah, time for the smallest club in the top flight these days, Kingsbridge. The song they play after every win — “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” — perfectly describes how things are going for this suburban Carsonville club that’s got a strong history given their status. In 1937, the Roses were elected to the VFL for the first time, where they stayed for 39 years. They only spent five of those in the top flight, never surviving a season there, before being voted out in 1976. They continued to play non-league football until the introduction of a national third tier in 2003, from which they won promotion to the second tier in 2005. They stayed there for 10 years, hitting the threshold for “permanent league status,” as they won promotion to the top flight in 2015, where they succeeded and survived for the first time in the club’s history this season. As such, Kingsbridge are away from their two main rivals — cross-river Belvedere Town are in the third division and Irvington are a second-tier club — and despite being a suburb of Carsonville, they don’t have a strong rivalry with any of the city clubs, including Mariners. They play in a small, ~6,000-seat stadium (which they fill regularly these days), and survival will continue to be a success for them. I went for some different colors here because, well, why the hell not? I wanted something different, so I think I hopefully achieved that here with the Roses. The crest is just a 10-point star for no particular reason, with a crown from some German beer above a block “K.”
  13. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    I love the way the “dots” come together to create inline numbers — big fan. At least the Championship’ll look better visually than the Prem next year.
  14. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    You act as if they’re a bunch of high school kids who’ve steamrolled 20 teams on the way to a perfect season and have never been in a pressure situation… These guys are professional basketball players who lost 25 games during the regular season. They’ll be fine.
  15. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    That Arsenal home kit is miserably bad. The away kit is gorgeous and everything that an away shirt should be, but the home? Just… no.