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  1. ^ That is a lovely effort from Umbro and Girona. The best striped shirt I've seen yet this year.
  2. Cleveland is, uhh, actually probably a lot more difficult than I would've initially thought. LeBron James, Jim Brown and Jesse Owens are the givens for me. I'll go with Bob Feller for the fourth, but it's a tough call.
  3. For all intents and purposes, it might as well be Cincinnati — and will work better as a site probably than at least one of the ones actually in the city.
  4. Speaking of the Tribe, I really wish I would’ve started work a couple months later. The Indians are in the midst of what might be the perfect road trip for traveling fans — three in Oakland, followed by three in San Francisco. See a bunch of baseball and get a long weekend in a beautiful city.
  5. In all honesty, I really don't mind separate posts for separate kits, especially if there are five or six to post. Too many long posts and each page of the thread just gets too long -- there's a reason we've settled on 20 posts per page, and super long image-based posts often stretch it too long. Plus, it helps avoid someone quoting an entire string of 10 images to reply to just one.
  6. Man, sometimes I just let myself think about a world where Redknapp goes a different direction in 2011 at right back and Walker returns to Villa on a permanent deal and everything’s so much happier.* *Thought also comes with more of Gérard Houllier, who was set to bring Yohan Cabaye to Villa and maybe would’ve actually exercised the option to buy on the Michael Bradley loan deal. God damn health problems.
  7. Kent's court might be solid if the flashes were stained on, but as that application? God, no.
  8. Not necessarily on topic, but Spurs fans: how did you feel your Under Armour kits fit? I’ll probably buy a UA Villa kit at some point, and trying to gauge that.
  9. What’s worse is that they actually could’ve had 13 stars for these kits… eight down the left sleeve, five (around the patch) on the right. Missed opportunity.
  10. Yeah, I’m very here for this. Keeps the red in the color scheme and keeps the sweater blue, but does it in a way that’s unique and brings something else to the table. Job well done here, and especially with that Ottawa jersey. Why they don’t use the “2D” senator logo is beyond me.
  11. Why should the Indians, a charter member of the American League, change their primary color because of a team founded 60 years later? Hell, in their 57 seasons, the Twins have worn a red home cap nearly twice as often (11 seasons) as the Indians have in 117 (6 seasons). (sorry, I’ve seen a lot of people advocate color changes over the years for the Indians, often because of a need to differentiate themselves from the Twins)
  12. I love the version of it with a little loop at the top of the C… But yeah, I love that “C” logo and think it should be the centerpiece of any future Indians branding — I own a 1935 fauxback (Tribe didn’t wear red-billed caps until 1945) that uses the same logo. It’s beautiful, has precedent (in design) with both the Indians and Buckeyes, and actually evokes a true traditional look for a club that is, well, 116 years old. Really, the contrasting pants pockets aside, the Buckeyes jerseys the Indians have worn this year would be a great jumping-off point for a new identity. Those things are drop-dead gorgeous, and the best jerseys the club’s worn this season.
  13. An update on Orlando’s new flag search from the other month, as this appears to be what they’re going with — and color me a big fan.
  14. I don't think you're necessarily wrong. The weakest markets in the league -- almost without exception -- are all original, "1.0" markets, and most of them play in some level of suburban area. This, actually, fits the bottom four attendance sides perfectly: Chicago, Colorado, Columbus and Dallas. D.C. is fifth-worst and New England seventh, two clubs that still haven't moved into a soccer-specific stadium (though that's coming soon for D.C.). Of the 10 clubs founded in the '90s that have stuck around, I'd really only classify Kansas City as being a great MLS market. The Red Bulls and Galaxy each draw pretty well, and maybe the latter has a better fan scene than I'm giving it credit for, but outside of KC, there's certainly nothing on the level of a Toronto or Portland, Orlando or even Salt Lake, going on there. Hell, I don't even think it's purely a fanbase thing as much as it's a thing that happens at the club level. Look at the work SKC had to do in order to get that market to where it is -- it took significant investment in the club's infrastructure and brand to turn the city into a top soccer market, then spending to retain key players from a side that was one of the league's best. They've had sustained success, at least in the table, really since making the name change. I do feel for Dallas, who still seems to struggle at the gate despite their awesome academy investment, but for a lot of the MLS 1.0 clubs, they've never necessarily put in the work themselves that the 2.0 and now 3.0 clubs have had to.
  15. Cincinnati’s averaging nearly 20,000 per game in the USL. Half of MLS can’t say that. They just drew 30,000 for an Open Cup match. That’s a market ready for MLS, and one the league needs to get in as soon as it can. We know what Sacramento’s shown, too. I’m trying to read between the lines a little, but I think Newport is probably a done deal as soon as the club wants it to be. Obviously, they’re trying with Cincinnati first, but I just don’t think they would’ve publicized the Newport option if they knew it wasn’t a near-sure-fire bet. Sacramento should be a lock for the end of the year, and if Cincinnati can finalize their stadium plans in the next few months (not sure if it will or not), they should be, too. They’re the clear two best soccer markets not yet in the league, and franchises in either city would absolutely be successes.