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  1. The silly thing about this is that the scenario only exists because Michigan laid an egg at Iowa a couple weeks ago. Generally speaking, “lose to the third-best team in your division, but beat the second-best” is a fine tactic to win your division — given, yes, had Michigan beat Iowa, we’d be looking at Ohio State in Indianapolis and wouldn’t be having this discussion at all. Neither Ohio State nor Penn State did the thing that really created this situation. Related: Small-sample divisions are going to create this problem moving forward, especially when enough conferences — Big Ten, ACC, SEC — concentrate their best schools on one half of the conference.
  2. Ohio State beat three top-10 teams. There ain’t another team out there that has a more impressive resume.
  3. The whole thing isn’t bad, except using “Vegas” instead of “Las Vegas.” I actually quite like the secondary logo. But using “Vegas” instead of “Las Vegas” is the dumbest thing, and makes everything terrible.
  4. Ban striped shirts with solid-color backs. That is all.
  5. If the committee puts Washington in over a one-loss Ohio State, that’d be a huge miss for me. I hate the Buckeyes as much as the next guy, but Ohio State will have wins over a top-10 Michigan team, a top-10 Wisconsin team, a top-15 Nebraska team and what could be a top-10 Oklahoma team by season’s end. Washington will have… a couple wins over Utah and a win over Washington State, both of whom are probably going to finish around 20th? The body of work ain’t comparable at all. While conference championships should matter to a point, nobody would argue Western Michigan should be in the playoff over Ohio State because Western won the MAC. But conference titles should really only come into play when two teams have similar resumes — an 11-1 Ohio State’s slate would be a hell of a lot more impressive than 12-1 Washington’s or, one could argue, 12-1 Clemson’s, too.
  6. This is what he was suspended for in the first place, then came back and did it again.
  7. Hey, let’s do that “score a lot of goals and shut opponents out” thing more often, guys.
  8. I mean, hell, that 2000 Tribe team still won 90 games. The Indians legitimately had an eight-year window from 1994 (strike-halted, of course) through 2001 where they were a routine playoff team, making the field [or sitting in the WC slot in ’94] every year but one. This is, of course, why so many (and I hope it’ll change) are anti-Dolan ownership in Cleveland. Buy a team that was, for nearly a decade, a routine contender and make the “real” playoffs once in the first 14 years. Obviously, the Central is more difficult today as far as divisions are concerned — the Tigers are a top-five payroll team — but there’s no reason this core group isn’t at least going to contend moving forward. Make it back to the World Series? Who knows. I think this iteration of the Tribe will have one more in them, but the AL is tough. What the Indians have going for them is that they can keep this team together for awhile before making the hard decisions. Kipnis is under team control through 2020; Lindor through 2021. Kluber is here until 2021, Carrasco until 2020. I mean, yes, at a certain point in time, ownership is going to have to spend a little bit of money to keep everyone around as this whole thing progresses, but as long as the team is successful, I have a certain faith that’ll happen. I think it’s likely this is the first of two Indians World Series appearances in this window — and that the second time around, they’ll be better suited to finish the job.
  9. I mean, if the GOP holds onto the Senate and Trump wins, I really don’t see them stopping a fair bit of that agenda from getting through.
  10. Threads merged. Carlos Santana is coming back; Tribe picked up his option today. We’ll see what happens — though I keep telling myself we have the biggest “free agent” signing in the league when Michael Brantley comes back next year.
  11. No, I think you could make an argument the two we’ve seen this year are the best in their respective sports’ histories. Maybe I’d lean ’91 when it comes to baseball — there’s just something so pure about a 1-0, extra-inning game — and ’01 is my first real sports memory, but damn, I’d be lying if it wasn’t fun to be a part of this year. EDIT: While we’re talking about 2001, I’d give my left nut for the Diamondbacks to be back in those gorgeous jerseys.
  12. Congrats, y’all. Enjoy the hell out of it. And see you back here again in 51 weeks.
  13. Corey Kluber on the bump, starting Game 7, with Andrew Miller, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen available in the bullpen. Yeah, I’d have taken that eight days ago. Let’s do it, friends.
  14. Of course it won’t be. We’ve had very few cake walk wins this postseason. But heading into Game 5 in Toronto, it was all about how we couldn’t win the pitching matchup. I liked how that one worked out. There hasn’t been a reason to doubt this team all October. Why do it now?
  15. Had our chances, didn’t take them. Such is baseball. Back in Cleveland on Tuesday night with Josh Tomlin on the bump to win the World Series. I like how that sounds.