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  1. Indianapolis, too!
  2. I like the “J as crest outline” type idea a lot better from Germany’s Jahn Regensburg than this. I just don’t see it having a particularly great application much of, well, anywhere. I’m just not a fan really at all.
  3. I still think my favorite line of thinking was: “The Blue Jackets’ PDO is too high, so their success is unsustainable,” followed by “their goal differential is overinflated because they won a game 10-0, so they aren‘t actually as good as it indicates.” Gee, almost like having an “overinflated” goal differential would correspond with having an “overinflated” PDO. And almost like scoring 10 goals on 40 shots skews the data early in the year.
  4. I feel like they missed an opportunity here — play 1’s and 2’s, with the 4-point spot getting to be you suggested “Big 3,” but actually worth 3.
  5. This is three different uniform sets for them in three years, right? More on-topic, lazy “they stole the Dodgers’ logo!” commentary as if the Dodgers own the very idea of an interlocking LA logo bothers me.
  6. He was quoted as saying this, too, in 2016 in a FourFourTwo piece about the Eleven… “The progress of the NASL has been such that there's reason for optimism, that achieving first-division status in Indianapolis and playing at the highest level in North America in Indianapolis is possible within the North American Soccer League.” I really have no desire to see Wilt in charge of anything with the NASL and, further, have no real desire to see the revolving door that is the NASL continue. There’s absolutely nothing about the league I find interesting anymore — with Minnesota gone and the Cosmos being different, there’s not a single team on the fixture list for next season that is remotely intriguing, and I grew to hate the league over the last few years as the Eleven front office continued to peddle the “we can be D1 in the NASL” line, which is far from a thing that could ever happen. I’m sure I’ll go to an Eleven game or two next year, but if you would’ve told me a few years back that I’d be living in Indianapolis post-graduation and not holding Eleven season tickets, I’d have told you that you were crazy. But it’s just hard to passionately care about something trapped in the clown show that is the NASL. And what’s the alternative? It’s either a drawn-out march to the league folding, at which point I’d rather get to USL and rivalries with Saint Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati before one or two of them move to MLS, or the NASL is actually going to be “saved” — but it’s probably falling behind USL anyway. Thank our legislature didn’t approve an $82 million stadium for a team in that joke of a league a couple years ago…
  7. The Concepts forum is for presenting concepts, not requesting them.
  8. people who steal intellectual property in any avenue. Though thing I find funny: People who’ll shell out $40 for a fake soccer jersey on Alibaba when shirts go on sale for $40 at the end of the season for so many clubs.
  9. So, zero doubt it’s June 19, 2016 and almost certainly always will be. Can’t see anything coming close to that first title. Other great days to mention were the two Blue Jackets ones McCarthy mentioned (qualifying for playoffs in 2009, getting the first win in 2014), Notre Dame beating Stanford in the 2012 football season (which I was at), Villa’s FA Cup semi win over Liverpool in 2015 and in my senior year of high school, when my school (enrollment ~280) played in the basketball state semis in front of ~7,000 people in one of the country’s largest high school gyms. We lost by 3, but it was dope as hell.
  10. I’m still not a huge fan of this, given we don’t have to go too far back to find that 8-5 Wisconsin team that won the Big Ten. That was aided by Ohio State and Penn State being ineligible for the postseason, sure, but I’d rather not see even most 9-3 teams that make their way to conference title games have an automatic in.
  11. I’m not sure what exactly this is, and it’s not in the right spot anyway, so I’m gonna lock this.
  12. I’ve thought for a while now that Clemson is the only team that really stood a half-decent chance of beating Alabama. Let’s see what they’ve got.