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  1. Recent history suggests otherwise. #basketballschool
  2. YSU’s biggest football rival is, and remains, Akron, playing for the Steel Tire. But Akron got tired of losing to a 1-AA team, so the rivalry remains dormant.
  3. So I’ve pondered this a fair bit, because for some reason, I still find the whole thing so goddamned funny. I think it has a lot to do with the people who took Harambe’s death actually über seriously — like, the people who tried to argue that, you know, risking a 3-year-old kid’s life was more important than saving a gorilla’s life — and took on a life of its own from around mid-June.
  4. Remember everyone, you can’t post a thread in the Concepts subforum without a concept in it. @DanDaMan13: Shoot me a PM when you’re ready to actually do that. If you want to talk realignment ideas, we have a thread for that.
  5. See, I’m not a huge fan of the Nice shirt, and it’s the same reason I’m not a huge fan of Hull’s this year (well, Hull’s just looks cheap, too, but…) — I just feel like the color balance is off with the prominent white collar and white cuffs when the shirt isn’t paired with white shorts. Throw white shorts with that and I’d love it, but the white collar stands out so much to me on that Nice kit when it isn’t really matched elsewhere.
  6. Today? A damn good day.
  7. Presser/event coming August 19th that should announce Minnesota as an expansion side for 2017, joining Atlanta.
  8. I mean really, if the IOC wasn’t so concerned with patting themselves on the back about holding the games in South America, we wouldn’t really need to be having this conversation right now. When bids were submitted for the 2016 Games a handful of years ago, the IOC Working Group rated Rio as the fifth-best of seven applicant cities, behind Tokyo, Madrid, Chicago and (yes) Doha. But because Rio got a score of 6.4 (contrast to Tokyo’s 8.3), it was allowed to proceed, with a threshold score of 6.0 being met. Realistically, we should probably be in Tokyo this year and Madrid in four years, and if that was the case (even given Spain’s economic issues), we probably wouldn’t be having an existential “crisis” of sorts about the Olympics. And as ltp74 points out above, there’s a really good chance we’re going to a city with a strong infrastructure in place for 2024. Los Angeles is the U.S. bid, with Paris and Rome also in for the games; only Budapest doesn’t have some of that infrastructure (from a sporting perspective) around pre-bid.
  9. Peaty’s win was incredible, more so than Ledecky’s, which was also incredible. Olympics are great. Related: POOL. DON’T. LIE.
  10. There’s also been, like, three particularly competitive elections (in the Electoral College, at least) since 1960; four if you’re going to throw in “Nixon only got to 301 in 1968.” Comparing what a map looked like when Jimmy Carter won in 1976 to today, 40 years later, isn’t particularly helpful. I agree none of them will happen because Hillary’ll take both states en route to a win in the 300s — and it’s not to say Florida and Ohio aren’t still important states — but they’re no longer “must-have” states for Democratic candidates. The GOP? Absolutely. But the demographics are much more favorable for the Democrats in Colorado and Virginia, for example, today than they were 15 years ago. And that’s shifted Florida and Ohio off the tipping-point line a bit.
  11. That’s not to say they’re unimportant states, but let‘s take your example with Michigan breaking for Trump. The issue for HRC isn’t that she lost Ohio, it’s that she lost Michigan. It’s a much kinder state to the Democrats than Ohio is on the whole — that’s my whole thing. Where you say she “has to have either FL or OH,” I look at it and say “she needed to get Michigan” instead. Obviously, any of those would work in the situation, I just think it’s most likely that Michigan has the lowest margin-of-victory in your scenario. As an aside, if Michigan’s in play, then so are Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the latter of which Trump likely wins, in addition to winning comfortably in Ohio. But the initial point is more that the maxim of of “win Florida and Ohio and you’ve won the presidency” doesn’t hold today like it did in 2000 and 2004. It’s not to say that HRC will win the presidency independent of her results in either of those states — Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine 2 and North Carolina, in addition to Florida and Ohio would put Trump at 270 — but even if she loses OH and FL, there are any number of paths to the presidency. Which isn’t often how those two states are treated. This “winding path” FiveThirtyEight visual does a good job of putting that idea into pictures, I guess.
  12. It’s kind of true, but… HRC can definitely win this election without taking Ohio and Florida. I’d argue Virginia is more the true “tipping point” state this year, which is a good thing for Democrats. OH and FL are what we think of as the key swing states, and clearly they’ll be more important this year, but if Hillary’s winning either of those states, she’s already won the election. Remember, you could’ve taken Ohio and Florida away from Obama in 2012 (the two states he won in the narrowest margins) and Obama still would’ve won with 285. Hell, take away Virginia, too (the only other state he won by less than 5%) and he still wins.
  13. That PSV set is pretty gorgeous. Looks much better than what they’re actually wearing for their home kit this year. (Though the change in sponsor does that pretty well.)
  14. See, this is when I wish PBS was a real thing on par with the CBC and BBC. I didn’t pay much attention to the NBC broadcast, but did they really show every country entering the Maracanã? It felt like they were still skipping over countries when they went to commercial.