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  1. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Love that Arsenal kit — exactly what a road kit should be; traditional with their colors, but putting a little extra spin on it.
  2. . or . : How Many Spaces After a Period?

    One space. I used to do two — from middle school on, probably — until I started writing, first for the yearbook, then for a newspaper, which brought actual style guides into my life. Similarly, I don’t typically write with the Oxford comma, simply because AP style says to omit it. Now that I’m an editor, both of these things are the banes of my existence, because they’re silly and dumb.
  3. A Question for Premier League Fans

    The historical background is that there wasn’t this huge gulf between English and Scottish football (on the whole) way back in the 1890s when all these things were settled. When the Football League was established, it was deliberately made the Football League — not the English Football League — because the founders wanted Scottish clubs to join. But they didn’t, and only seemed to give a once the money in English football and the quality of it grew that much higher. Funny how that works.
  4. Vandalian Football League - Harbour Square F.C. (4/18)

    Harbour Square F.C. Place: 16th Victoria Cups: 3 (last 1954) Location: Fort Nassau, Orange County Elected to VFL: 1924 Rivals: Chatham A.C., Forest Park A.F.C.,other Fort Nassau clubs Nickname: Jacks Our first of five clubs from the country’s largest city — and the birthplace of Vandalian football — is struggling this year, having recently dropped into the relegation playoff spot with a couple bad recent results. Harbour Square are an old club, founded in 1897, and have three Victoria Cups, scattered throughout a 20-year period in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. The club is located in the Harbour Square district of the city — the old, original port area — and holds a fierce rivalry with Chatham, the closest club both geographically and in size to Harbour Square. They’re nicknamed the Jacks because of their proximity to the city’s historic (and still active) port, and their bright kitswere inspired by Watford’s 1930s turquoise kits — just with Harbour Square opting to keep the colour instead of dropping it. The crest is pretty simple and minimalist, with the three circles representing the three Victoria Cup crowns. They play in an old stadium in an old part of town, with a solid charm about them. For the kits…
  5. Vandalian Football League - Harbour Square F.C. (4/18)

    Easy answer is that I (1) haven’t labelled rivers or lakes on the map and (2) that none of the county boundaries rely on them. Harder one is that the “Urbanization Act” of the 1950s created districts for municipalities (cities, towns and townships), with them being setup by a 1x1 grid. Getting back to this project with a new post in a second…
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Also, “GOP” is fewer characters than “Republicans,” which means it would’ve been preferred back in the day of true wire services as it was more concise and cheaper/quicker to send. EDITish: Also why AP Style doesn’t use the Oxford comma
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    The initial thing around FC Cincinnati reminds me alotof the buzz around the Eleven two years ago — especially with that “random people talking about soccer” idea. Biggest difference is that FC Cincinnati plays in a much larger stadium; I think those early Eleven attendances would’ve hit 15k at the very least if the facility was there. It’ll be interesting to see how well it holds. My gut is that they’ll drop to around 8k or 10k, but we’ll see. Still really cool to see.
  8. 2015/16 International Football

    that guy. Funny that the two guys on this squad who grew up Villa fans — him and Agbonlahor — are by far and away the most hated two players at the club. Neither should be allowed anywhere near the shirt ever again.
  9. Vandalian Football League - Harbour Square F.C. (4/18)

    Gonzaga Academical F.C. Place: 16th Victoria Cups: 2(last:1937) Location: New Mantua, Georgian Isles Elected to VFL: 1924 Rivals: Edwardsborough Rovers F.C., Jonesborough United F.C. Nickname: Accies Like Hamilton Academical in Scotland, Gonzaga Academical’s club derives from one of a university. The story goes back to the 1800s, when Jesuits established Gonzaga College on a small, largely-uninhabitedisland in the Georgian Isles. They named the school after St. Aloysius Gonzaga, the city that grew around it New Mantua, after the city in Italy the Gonzaga family controlled, and the island it was on was renamed St. Aloysius Island by the end of the 19th century. As was mentioned, the Accies grew out of a school team from students at Gonzaga in the late 1880s. They were successful in various tournaments and competitions throughout the northeastern part of the colony early on, and when the Alexandra Cup — the national amateur championship —was introduced in 1901, the Gonzaga College team thrived, winning six titles in the first 15 years. After World War I concluded in 1919, the school took the club professional,quickly finding success in the Victoria Cup, winning the Georgian Isles championship and a berth in the final stage for three consecutive seasons. This success was quickly realized and the Accies were snatched up by the Commonwealth Football Alliance in 1922, and when the CFA merged with the VFL in 1924, Gonzaga was elected to the League and they haven’t left since. The Accies were wildly successful early on, winning promotion in 1926 and winning two Victoria Cups during a 21-stay in the top flight, taking home the title in 1932 and 1937, when they became the first club to win after being the No. 4 seed in the playoff. Since their relegation in 1947, however, the Accies have largely been an “elevator” club, just making the playoff once in 1971. They’re a club with a proud history, and their crest reflects that — the bird on the crest comes from the Gonzaga family coat of arms, while the eight-pointed star reflects the eight times GAFC has won the biggest prize it was competing for, the two Victoria Cups and six Alexandra Cups. The Accies enjoy fierce rivalries with Edwardsborough and Jonesborough, and are constantly proud of their island identity. An unofficial flag, based on the quartered element in the middle of the Gonzaga coat, is often used and highlighted on the kits. The club is fully supporter-owned, and the kit sponsorship from Football Manager reflects that. They’re currently sitting 16th, in line to partake in the relegation playoff, but have a favorable run-in that could see them completely safe by April 23’s final day affairs. It’s one of my favorite concepts, so I’m looking forward to seeing how y’all receive it! Home kit Road kit
  10. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    It’s a good, solid update though, so I’m more than fine with this.
  11. Vandalian Football League - Harbour Square F.C. (4/18)

    Edwardsborough Rovers F.C. Place: 17th Victoria Cups: 1 (1968) Location: Edwardsborough, Lancaster County Elected to VFL: 1924, 2003 Rivals: Jonesborough United F.C., Gonzaga Academical F.C., Silver Creek Rangers Nickname: Blues Also not enjoying a particularly great year is Edwardsborough, who sits 17th and three points from safety with just three matches to play. Rovers are a historic club; they were founded in 1894, where they dominated the Lancaster County scene for years,and rose to national prominence in 1915, when they reached the semi-final of the Victoria Cup, the only non-VFL or SFA club to do so since the founding of either league. Rovers parlayed that into election to the SFA in 1916, when the VFL’s Scarborough merged with the SFA’s Williamsport, and were among the 18 CFA members that merged into the VFL in 1924. For the next 40 years, Rovers spent a majority of its time bouncing between the First and Second Division as a “yo-yo club,” often spending no more than a few years at each stop. However, in 1968, the club soared up the table, finishing third and going on to win its first, and only, Victoria Cup — they remain the only club from Lancaster County to ever win the Cup. Fortunes turned sour though, and after a prolonged spell near the bottom of the Second Division in the late 1980s, the club was voted out of the VFL in 1991, when Trafalgar Beach was elected, and spent 12 years reorganizing itself at the amateur level. The move was a blessing in disguise, however, as in 2003, Rovers were one of four clubs elected back to the League permanently, quickly rising to the First Division in 2008, where they’ve remained since. That tenure looks likely to end this season, though, with most Rovers supporters surely willing to play in the relegation play-off this year. Kits are all-blue with orange accents, inspired by Edwardsburg, a nearby high school to South Bend. The crest is a little non-sequitur and not important, and is a re-worked version of something I did for a Miami MLS club a couple years ago. Couldn’t think of anything really, so went with that. Sponsor is Edwardsborough National Bank, because I figured a couple clubs needed “local” sponsorship in this league. Home kit Road kit
  12. Vandalian Football League - Harbour Square F.C. (4/18)

    Lake Wonder F.C. Place: 18th Victoria Cups: 0 Location: Lake Wonder, Orange County Elected to VFL: 1987 Rival: Trafalgar Beach F.C. Nickname: Pirates It’s been a particularly bad season for the club that calls aresort city home. Lake Wonder is one of the newest clubs in the VFL, founded in 1958 and elected to the league during the 1980s, due to the nature of the city — the Wonderland resort opened in the 1920s, butgrew in popularity during the post-war 1950s to the point where Lake Wonder, its support city, started to pick up in population. Numerous pushes came over the years to elect the Pirates to the VFL, but a merger of two clubs in 1987 opened up the slot for Lake Wonder to join the league. During third-tier matches against Trafalgar Beach in the 1970s, the club’s supporters started carrying and displaying pirate flags at the derbies to work “against” the Admirals — it gave the club the nickname and crest it carries to this day. The quartered blue-and-whitekits also stem from the 1970s, when a former Bristol Rovers player crossed the pond to manage the side. Since election in 1987, Lake Wonder has enjoyed three stints in the First Division, however, it appears that this third one is coming to a close after a five-year period. A year ago, when the Wonderland Stadium hosted the Victoria Cup Final, the Pirates’ owners invested heavily into the squad, only to see them struggle to a 13th-place finish. Without the revenue to keep most of the players on high wages around, the team suffered in 2015/16 and has won just thrice in 31 matches. With three contests left in the season, the outlook is grim for Lake Wonder. Home kit Road kit
  13. I’ve been sitting on a lot of this project for a while now, and want to get it out there. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been captivated by the idea of “creating” my own country or whatnot — and that’s what I’ve done with Vandalia. Located off the coast of the Carolinas and named after Queen Charlotte, like the proposed colony of Vandalia, it’s an island nation that remained loyal to the crown into the 1900s, when it peacefully separated. The country was first settled under William & Mary in the 1690s, with the first settlement at Fort Nassau — still the largest city and metropolitan area in the country today. Other old, major cities are Stratford and Carsonville, both in the northwest, while Winchester was an important hub for many years. As industrialization came along in the 1800s, Marlborough, Darlington and Port Adelaide grew in importance, becoming the centers of industry in Vandalia. The colony’s capital was initially at Fort Nassau, but due to tensions between the largely-Catholic north and largely-Protestant south, was moved to Winchster during the early 1800s. It remained there after independence until a new, planned national capital was established in 1949 at Albany, just north of Marlborough. I’ve included a map of the country, with all seven counties and major cities, in the spoiler tag below. Because the country stayed with the United Kingdom into the 1900s, it developed a separate sporting identity from the United States, instead opting to focus on soccer/football, what became the most popular game in other places around the world — that’s where this series focuses. In 1898, the recently-formed Vandalia Football Association sponsored a colony-wide football tournament, open to all teams that entered. The tournament, an emulation of the famous FA Cup in England, was titled the Victoria Cup, after the reigning monarch, and still carries that moniker to this day. In fact, the first football league to span Vandalia wasn’t introduced until 1911 at the founding of the Vandalia Football League, where 16 charter members formed the league. The next year, the Southern Football Alliance, later the Commonwealth Football Alliance, formed as a rival league. The Victoria Cup, however, remained the highest honour in the land, and VFL members sought a way to unify the Cup with the League. The result was a 1924 merger between the leagues, and for the first time in 1926, the Victoria Cup was awarded through the VFL. However, the Victoria Cup Final had become such an important part of Vandalian football that a four-team, Page playoff system was introduced. When the top division expanded to 18 teams in 1971, that figure was expanded to a five-team setup, but the Page-McIntyre playoff persists to this day, with the Victoria Cup Final hosted at a neutral site each season. The VFL had traditionally had a closed promotion and relegation system between its second division and clubs in the third tier, much like the Football League in England, however, in 2003, a Third Division was introduced. The 44 teams in the VFL at that time were granted status as “permanent members,” meaning they cannot be relegated past the Third Division. A club can earn that status by spending 10 consecutive years in the top two tiers, which two sides have already done. You’ll see them later, but the most powerful clubs in today’s VFL come from the two largest metropolitan areas — Mariners FC from Carsonville and Royal Nassau from Fort Nassau are the two biggest clubs in the country — but due to the playoff system, there’s an increased diversity in Victoria Cup winners. Anyway, I’ll launch into the clubs competing in this year’s First Division in a sec…
  14. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Yeah, just… I dunno. Figured that after such a great match, they’d actually step up and cut that :censored:. As fun as that match was, why should I tune in to the next time she defends the belt to see the same ending I’ve seen enough already?
  15. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    steph <3