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  1. “Cumberland” starts with, uhh, a three-letter combination in it that, uhh… I’ll let you look that one up yourself. Teambuilder’s always had that filter at the start of team names for “inappropriate” words. So you can’t have F***o University just because you tacked an “o” on.
  2. I think I’m fine with this. Kinda feel like I did with the Johansen/Jones trade; I really hate losing the player the Jackets traded, in this case Saad, but think the new guy, Panarin, is more what this team needs. Jackets need that type of guy who has top-level offensive skill.
  3. What Bayern’s done is a moderately common thing in Germany, though. In England, most teams wear the same kit combo every season — United is red/white/black, Liverpool is all red, etc. — where in Germany, it’s much more centered around a club “owning” colors, with the design being pretty malleable. The last three years, Werder Bremen have had white/green hooped, green w/white sleeves and solid green shirts; Bayer Leverkusen have worn solid red kits, solid black kits and red and black hoops; Dortmund go between solid yellow shirts, striped shirts, black sleeved-shirts, etc. Not every club does, of course, but Bayern isn’t an exception to the rule. (Frankfurt, however, kind of are.)
  4. I hadn't thought about it until I saw a playoff graphic where the Blue Jackets were the only team represented by a navy color, but I'm still shocked that the NHL only has three teams that use navy as their primary color. Hell, the AL Central itself has three teams that do.
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned (and sue me if it has, I'm in phone), but shoulder patches look awfully close to the collars on Nashville and Columbus’ jerseys.
  6. I wouldn’t have minded the Jackets going in a bit of a different direction, but have no real qualms about what they’ve done. Wish they would’ve corrected the piping imbalance between the sleeve and hem, though — that’s always bugged me. Looks like the collars should actually work the same, though, which I like. Wish there was a thin white stripe there, too. I’ll miss the wonky numbers we’ve had for years. Copperplate was a terrible number font, but I have a really strong fondness for whatever that name font was. Goodbye, old friend. I echo most sentiments on the other two out; hate the Blues with white numbers and wish they would’ve corrected the striping not lining up between the yoke and the rest of the sweater, wish the Predators had a bit more going on.
  7. Was the groom @RyanMcD29? Regardless, darts (and specifically, the crowd) is incredible fun.
  8. Handball is one of a few sports that’s both super entertaining, and ones that the United States could play at a high level if it wanted to. See Australian rules football. Handball’s super cool though, and it’s kind of disappointing we only really get to see it during the Olympics.
  9. I mean, that’s the problem. You can’t put together a team that will, at least on paper, seriously compete with the Warriors, because the rest of the NBA won’t have the luxury of the situation the Warriors had in July. I mean, just think about everything it took for the Warriors to get Durant: Durant, one of the best players in the league, had to be a free agent in the first place. Steph Curry, the unanimous MVP for the previous season, was on a four-year, $44 million deal because he had ankle injuries that caused him to miss most of the 2011-12 season. A new television contract was kicking in, causing a salary cap leap of around $24 million from the 2015-16 season to the 2016-17 campaign. The Warriors had five players on expiring contracts they were able to let go, freeing up cap space. If Durant doesn’t become a free agent during the one summer a move like this would’ve been possible, he can’t go to Golden State. He couldn’t have left in 2015 for the Warriors, and wouldn’t have been able to leave in 2017 if he stayed in Oklahoma City one more year. That’s, I think, the problem a lot of people have with the Warriors winning this title. They found a once-in-a-generation loophole that no other team had and exploited it perfectly, without ever really planning for it to happen. For everything any other NBA team could do right now, there are two that stand a chance of competing with the Warriors next season: Cleveland and San Antonio. And neither of them have a way to get significantly better in the short-term.
  10. Eh, I hated The Decision and everything, but this type of false equivalency bothers. LeBron was in Cleveland with a team that had fatal flaws, then moved to Miami to, as you said, “form” a superteam — one that was far from perfect itself. Durant was in OKC with a team that was five games away from an NBA title, then moved to a Golden State team that was already a superteam, one people were calling the greatest team in NBA history just a month earlier. He joined a team that had won 73 games, that had the unanimous MVP, that had won the year before, etc. There are similarities, sure, but we saw why it was foolish to think LeBron would effortlessly walk into championships in Miami. KD walked into a situation where his team would be expected to effortlessly walk into a championship, and largely, they did. Blame the stupid rings culture before you blame any move that was a byproduct of it.
  11. And that’s just one of a number of things that helped put the league in this state. If Steph doesn’t have his injury that leads him to getting a lesser deal from the Warriors, they don’t have the cap room. If the owners win out and we get cap smoothing instead, the Warriors don’t have the cap room.
  12. Here’s my thing re: Durant For winning, and maybe for the ability to be the best version of himself as a player, moving to Golden State was absolutely the right move. Instead of only playing with, really, one other guy defenders have to key in on, KD moves somewhere he’s often surrounded by three other guys who are big threats. He’s in a perfect setting to showcase his talent. Yet KD (and his team) also proved jack :censored: by winning this championship. They did what they were supposed to. I like Conrad, and his view is (1) the same as mine and (2) better articulated than I would, so:
  13. remember when kevin durant committed what was a flagrant foul friday night for what should have been his third foul? that was neat
  14. Yeah, I kind of really liked the U.S. kit tonight. Would obviously prefer a return of the hoops, but this might be the first time I’ve liked this kit.
  15. The average NHL team (Predators included) doesn’t crack 20% on their power play. Sure, Nashville had four opportunities on the power play tonight, but we’d expect them not to score a power-play goal in more than 40% of games given four power plays. That isn’t some grand failure — it’s a very reasonable outcome, and we should recognize that. Also, a good goal that doesn’t count is a huge deal, especially when it’s the opener, and I don’t see how you could really argue otherwise. Just the same way that a bull goaltender interference call that takes what should be a 3-3 game and makes it 4-2 is a huge deal. (Yeah, I’m not still bitter or anything.)