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  1. 2018 MLB Season

    The Tribe will settle somewhere around 87-75, I think, by the time it's all set and done. I think they've lost a little more than you've let onto -- specifically in the bullpen, where they let two key arms (Shaw and Smith) walk without replacement (they also lost Jay Bruce from last year's team), but it's still the same core of players that probably would've won the World Series in 2016 if not for some awful injury luck. That said, the Indians' problems can best be described by the fact that they're in the AL Central, and that ownership knows it could get away with letting players walk and saving until August without any repercussions. They'll make deadline deals again to trade away unimportant prospects for a bat and a couple relievers on expiring contracts, and they'll suddenly look like a 95-win team again. At this point, they're going to be the No. 3 seed in the AL no matter what they do, so there's no need to do anything for two months.
  2. 1 - Different people, from the same broad group, can have different opinions. The "hockey fans" in this thread are not the same "hockey fans" that authored the articles you've posted screenshots of. 2 - This goes for all members in the thread, but please focus on discussing viewpoints and opinions, not on insulting other members.
  3. Jackets were forced to protect Dubinsky, Foligno and Hartnell because of NMCs. They opted to protect Atkinson, Jenner, Saad and Wennberg (all of which were better options than Karlsson). In hindsight, they should've just bought Hartnell out before the expansion lists were submitted, which would've let them protect Anderson, too. But at the end of the day, I think they still would've made a deal with Vegas for them to not take Korpisalo -- maybe with Anderson off the board, it would've been a third instead of a second (keep in mind the first was for VGK to take the Clarkson contract), but a deal still would've been done for Vegas to take Calvert or Karlsson. They had 8 forwards worth keeping/they had to keep and only really had the leverage to keep 7 of them.
  4. I mean, if you expected the Knights to be as bad as the expansion Blue Jackets were, that's on you. Columbus had to split everyone's fourth-line forwards and third-pair defensemen that Nashville and Atlanta didn't want. Vegas got to select from everyone's third-line forwards and second-pair defensemen and didn't have to share the player pool with three other expansion teams. I dunno, clearly I didn't expect Vegas to be as good as they've been, but I think possible playoff contender -- in a league prone to randomness where having a good goalie is pretty important -- was a reasonable preseason expectation. It's clearly a group of guys over-performing expectations in a market that had to go through something really awful before the season started, and it's all a bunch of stupid fun, so in that sense, it's cool to see. It embarrasses the league too, which is also kinda neat. When LeBron was in Miami, I always lamented that as a Cleveland fan, I couldn't really appreciate what he was doing down there, and in some sense, I feel the same way as a Jackets fan with Vegas. If I was a fan of any other team (perhaps Florida aside?), I'd be 100% behind Vegas -- but it's a little frustrating seeing a team keyed to success by a player who was part of your team's long-term future (and then seeing people make the argument that VGK is a team full of guys whose teams didn't want them). I don't really know the intricacies of the roster situation for other NHL teams, and the short- and long-term importance of the players they lost, but I know the Jackets were put in a bad situation where they effectively had to lose a guy under 25 who would've been a top-nine forward this year. So it goes. I didn't want Vegas to suck and hoped they'd get off to a good start and be competitive within a couple years -- because I wouldn't wish what Jackets fans had to go through to even get to now on anyone other than a Pittsburgh NBA expansion team -- but it's a little annoying to watch as a fan of a team that's drawn the short end of the stick in two expansion drafts, their own and this one. tl;dr -- I guess I'm fine either way with what happens. If Vegas wins, it's pretty funny, a neat story for the city, and proof that hockey is stupid anyway. If they lose, I don't have to watch a player my team wanted to keep, but was effectively forced to give up, hailed as a key player on a Cup winner.
  5. International Football 2017-2018

    Nope, both Atleti and Real are already going to qualify for UCL football through the league, so no additional spots given. The third-placed team from France (which could be Monaco, Lyon or Marseille) will qualify directly to the group stage as a result. The champion of the Czech league (likely Viktoria Plzeň) was bumped to the group stage since the UCL champion will have also already qualified for the group stage. The other beneficiaries of the Atleti result are the second-placed teams from Turkey and Czechia, which will each enter one round later than originally intended. Speaking of Turkey, there's a fantastic race going to the wire for both the league championship and the second UCL slot.
  6. Hall of Very Good

    Cleveland in the '90s had tons of Hall of Very Good players. You had Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance and Mark Price playing for the Cavs; Sandy Alomar Jr., Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle and (unfortunately, it appears) Omar Vizquel with the Tribe.
  7. International Football 2017-2018

    Wales is part of Britain.
  8. Uh, ok? I think the current Eagles set is aesthetically better than the original mid-90s version, but they're worse when I take the context into play. The Eagles wearing almost-teal during the 90s was normal, but they've had plenty of time to rectify the situation and move back to their traditional colors. I think Burger King is the worst individual uniform the Kings have worn, but we're talking about overall sets here. IMO, a jersey that was worn eight times isn't enough to drop the '95/'96 Kings set behind the awful current logo set. And I definitely prefer the purple/black era to any of their black/silver sets.
  9. Adding two to the collection, though each less egregious than the others in this thread:
  10. This discussion kinda came to a close, but it’s also worth noting the Jackets gave up the first to get out from under the Clarkson contract / offseason cap hit, and the second so VGK wouldn’t take Anderson or Korpisalo. It’d be pretty much impossible for them to sign Panarin and Bobrovsky to extensions without shedding Clarkson.
  11. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Approximately 0. This is a really bad take. The Cavs were the third-worst team in the NBA in both 2011/12 and 2012/13, but attendance never dropped below 22nd in the league. Each year, Cleveland outdrew three teams that made the playoffs. Did attendance drop? Absolutely. Attendance is going to drop in pretty much ever non-major city when a team goes from a championship contender to one of the worst in the league overnight. If you want to talk about the biggest bandwagon fans in the NBA, I'd suggest trying Indiana. The Pacers are consistently a bottom-10 team in attendance during the regular season, yet all of a sudden when the playoffs come around, it's suddenly a hot ticket and everyone here loves them.
  12. I'll submit the 1948 Cleveland Indians for consideration: The wishbone C is the best cap logo the club's ever worn, and it's a shame they went away from it, because now they can't go back. They stay consistent with navy caps and red bills (the best look) both home and away. Navy is the clear primary color here, while red is a prominent secondary, as it should be with the Indians (which is something really hard to balance). There's consistency between the jerseys -- the same gorgeous socks are used home and away, and the lettering is always red and outlined in navy (which also matches the cap). I'd love for them to bring this jersey back tomorrow, sans the original Wahoo logo on the sleeves. It'd fix a lot of the issues with the current set.
  13. The quote literally says (multiple times!) they didn't want to lose Karlsson, but they were effectively put in a position where they could either: Let Vegas take Josh Anderson, the third-best player from a four-player group of guys under 25 who were expected to be long-term key contributors on the team Work out a deal so Vegas took William Karlsson, the fourth-best player from said group, and at the same time, get out from underneath a bunch of dead money tied up in a player who will never play hockey again If the expansion draft didn't happen, the Blue Jackets were not going to be shopping Karlsson around on the trade market last summer. The point of the trade was not to get rid of Karlsson, but to keep Anderson around. That's a very important distinction.
  14. I can guarantee you the Blue Jackets were not thrilled about having to expose two of: 24-year-old Boone Jenner 22-year-old Alexander Wennberg 23-year-old Josh Anderson 24-year-old William Karlsson
  15. Nah, the Cavs' best set was their first one: If the 2010-18 Cavs set would've had side panels on the shorts like the 1970-74 jerseys they were loosely based off of did, it would've been the best in franchise history -- but the plain shorts really irked me.