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  1. The LPI Midseason Draft kicks off at 10:00 AM EDT on Monday, and you've got the first of four compensatory selections (due to the departure of Guarín to :censored:ing China). If you will not be able to make a selection from 10-12 Monday, send me your desired selection ASAP. Otherwise, please just remember to PM Dave once you've made your pick. :)

  2. This is pretty much a perfect look for the Leafs. Hockey is a sport where you can get away with more detailed logos and if there’s any team in this league that should have a classy, retro-inspired logo, it should be the Leafs.   A much, much better fit IMO for the franchise than the Ballard leaf ever was.
  3. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    It really means very little (determining one county delegate is effectively insignificant in the overall delegate count), but hey — keep ranting about this as if it meant something.     Last night went about as poorly as it could have for the Democrats and I hate it. Bernie isn’t winning the nomination if he can’t beat Hillary in a state that‘s overwhelmingly white and whose Democrats are, all things considered, pretty liberal but he‘s going to do this thing where he stays in the election long enough to make Hillary look bad.   This is dumb.
  4. You answered your own question there.
  5. Rob Manfred: BLASPHEMER!

    1. I prefer the NL rules despite being an AL fan.   2. If you’re looking for a compromise, I really do like a modified version of the way high school does it — you can “pinch hit” for a pitcher, but the pinch hitter’s done for and you can only do it once.
  6. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    Aside from the whole “they led after three quarters” thing, uhh… sure? I mean, there’s a difference between “Clemson was never really in a position where you thought they could win” and “Alabama pulling it out felt inevitable.” You’ve surely felt the latter. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a damn good game. Of the last 10 played, it’s probably the third best title game? Behind FSU/Auburn and Auburn/Oregon. I don’t know how you watched that game and wasn’t entertained. Sounds like you’re being your typical non-sequitur, complain for no reason self.
  7. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    The “LA” mark is fantastic. Still not 100% sold on how it fits in with the badge, but I think I like it.
  8. I really like this trade for the Jackets. *fades back into darkness*
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    Nah, they’ll probably be able to expand and keep playing. IIRC, it was a three-stage process — they can probably construct Stages II and III during successive seasons while USL play continues, I’d imagine. San Antonio and Sacramento look like they’ll both be in at this point.
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2015

  11. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    The fun thing about metrics like strength of schedule or strength of metric? They each measure different things — for the same reason the BCS used six computer rankings, we should use multiple SoS rankings. Let’s look at the possible contenders’ SoS as judged by the Sagarin ratings. Sagarin loves Stanford’s body of work, but S&P+ ain’t a huge fan… at all. Michigan State has a top-15 SoS in the S&P+ rankings but is outside the top 50 in Sagarin. And obviously, Michigan State is a weird case. They’ve played three really good teams — Oregon, Michigan and Ohio State — but a lot of bad conference opponents otherwise. How do we rank that against Alabama, who’s only played (and lost to) one really good team — Ole Miss — but has beat a lot of solid conference opponents. At the end of the day, that’s why I don’t have an issue with Alabama being where they are. Their collective slate has been much tougher than Oklahoma, Clemson and Michigan State, all of whom have played a series of cupcakes during the year. Of Alabama’s 13 opponents this season, 11 of them will go to bowl games. Contrast that to Oklahoma (8/9 of 12), Clemson (7 of 13) and Michigan State (9 of 13). Of course, Clemson and Oklahoma would have three wins better than any single ‘Bama win and Michigan State would have four if we go chalk this weekend. But it’s tough to talk about “strength of schedule” because it isn’t a specifically-defined metric in and of itself. We use a lot of different estimators for it, so we shouldn’t talk in absolutes of, “This team has the #1 SoS.”
  12. North American Pro Soccer 2015

    Oh it’ll be lit alright. But from the traveling support. Timbers Army sold out nearly 900 tickets today within 30 seconds. For a game 2,000 miles away. On a week’s notice.
  13. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    Clemson doesn’t have one, you’re right. It has two. Both Notre Dame and Florida State are top-10 teams in the AP and Coaches polls and I’d be very surprised if they weren’t both there Tuesday.
  14. 2015 NCAA Football Thread

    If Notre Dame being an independent is such a great advantage, why aren’t more teams leaving their league to go on their own? Or maybe it isn’t? Notre Dame has entered a cycle of playing 9 power-five schools, Navy and two other “Group of Five” schools each year — it’s purely coincidental Temple is good this year. That sounds like a pretty similar slate to most big-time programs.
  15. EURO 2016 Kits

    Spain’s classic home kit features royal blue shorts and navy socks. These are all really solid on the whole — good stuff that could very plausibly be, well, championship kits.