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  1. Just shooting a guess but that looks like it could be an off-ice officials jacket. I worked for an ECHL team a few years back and our off-ice officials were given branded jackets in a similar style jackets.
  2. As a young kid just starting to follow baseball, I remember seeing those Coke and Bud ads and thinking how lame it was they open a new park and have this old time feel. Now I really appreciate what they were going for. While we're on it, your picture below has one of my favorite aspects of Cameden Yards, is the little old-timey curly do-dads (yes, that's the technical term) in the corners of all the field signage. I think it's a great touch that add that old time feel and makes all ads uniform, which I really like. Totally unrelated, but as someone who has worked in ticketing, I have to image that little pie slice of seats are obstructed. I can't imagine you can get a good view of home plate from the first six rows or so. Finally, I have nothing as far as that Twins logo goes. #camdenjacked
  3. n/a
  4. Both look sharp and the template/presentation is fantastic
  5. I had forgotten about the NY on the shorts. As a kid, I always thought it was weird they basically had the Yankees logo
  6. I used to love going to Portland Rage games. Started a life long love affair with roller hockey and hockey jerseys. Those jerseys were so perfect for the times.
  7. The layout is interesting given that home plate area is in the endzone, it allows for the sliding pit. The mound appears to be placed on top of the turf too, so I'd imagine that ties into no sliding pits in that the Vikings didn't want the turf cut anymore than it has been to remove the center logo.
  8. Someone was watching The Bachelor......
  9. I've dream of them having this cap, but with a solid navy bill to go with the "Astro navy" alternate jerseys for years. This is just great!
  10. I agree and I feel the same about the Eagles offering. Not NFL related, but when the University of Washington updated their uniforms and introduced the "iconic jaws of Husky Stadium" they changed the helmets to a satin gold with anodized purple face mask. Those lasted for two years. I wasn't really ever a fan of the white or black option they intruded with the set and thought if they did a satin purple with anodized gold face mask, it could be a good alternate helmet to be worn once a season or so. After seeing the Ravens helmet, I'm less convinced I had a decent idea....
  11. I love those 94 throwbacks for the 49ers. I really hope they bring them back in some form and the white pants look great with both sets. Looking at this image, i find it interesting that Elvis Grbac has an old logo and font on his hand warmer with the new uniform. That wouldn't fly in today's world.
  12. This is a great series. Love the execution. I'm with Senor Clement, I'd love to see how you do UW.
  13. I guess I hadn't thought that Oregon would need 3 different numbers with that set, but it makes total sense thinking about it. The army numbers reminded me of the Vikings new numbers in that there are multiple of each number depending on placement, which I like the added detail but hate that it's only on one of the numbers in the Vikes case.
  14. Looks like you're correct. An article I found from Aug 2016 says the navy is switching back to desert camo after 10 years of the blue berries.
  15. This was lost a little when they made the changes last year, but at the time they noted that the blue camo and brown camo would be rotated year to year, with one being the dominant then the other the next. They used the marine camo twice last year for specific military days/birthdays and from what was said last December they will wear the blue ones once or twice when they honor the Navy, etc. " They will appear 11 times during the 2016 season. The Padres will wear the Marine digital camouflage jerseys that debuted in 2000 on two other Sundays: U.S. Marine Corps Appreciation Day and U.S. Army Appreciation Day. Beyond next season, the Marine and Navy jerseys will remain in the Sunday rotation, alternating each year which will be worn most often." San Diego Tribune, Dec 1 2015.