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  1. Speaking of Milwaukee I love this concept flag for Milwaukee made by Robert Lenz. Here's some more information about it.
  2. Here's mine from a few years ago.
  3. Indianapolis Colts Tried to make shoulder stripes look better. Got rid of gray facemask. New number font.
  4. Houston Texans Tried to modernize their look. Went with white helmet.
  5. Green Bay Packers Experimented with white pants. Went to an older striping style to create less clutter.
  6. Detroit Lions Got rid of black and unnecessary outlines. Nothing too exciting.
  7. Denver Broncos A return to the old color scheme because there's too much navy in the league, plus royal looks better. Put a little bit of a modern twist on the stripes and made them taper. This is one of my favorite looks in the series.
  8. Dallas Cowboys Cleaned things up, only one shade of blue and silver. Switched to old block font. Unified the striping pattern.
  9. Cleveland Browns Just a return to what were perfectly fine uniforms. Tried an orange jersey, but wasn't a fan.
  10. Cincinnati Bengals Since the last concept was so boring, here's a more exciting one. For the Bengals I decided to focus on orange since you know...tigers are orange. No more white pants. I'm not too sure if this is too close to the Browns now, but I made this anyways. I tried to update their look and make it less clunky. Threw in the throwback for funsies.
  11. Chicago Bears Didn't do much to my beloved Bears, as they have one of the best looks in the league already in my opinion. Brought back the rare all white uniforms as the main away uniforms. Added the old orange alternate back into the mix and kept the throwback. (You can tell I made these a while ago. Matt Forte )
  12. These would all look incredibly dope on a hat.
  13. G: 2 S: 15 B: 11
  14. G: 4 S: 2 B: 15
  15. G: 13 S: 1 B: 2