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  1. CFB Interactive Concepts (ACC Atlantic 10/22)

    ACC Atlantic Boston College Nothing too wild here. Went with a classic and timeless look. Kept the options for pants and also a gold jersey that should never be worn with the gold pants. Clemson Got the pants stripe to match the helmet. Added a white helmet because I thought it didn't look terrible. Florida State Got rid of the neck pattern striping, there was too much going on. Added back the short-lived white pants. Kept the "Unconquered" set because I actually like the look and it serves its purpose as a once a year uniform well. Louisville No more chrome. No more bird wings. I feel like they deserve a more traditional look. So I went back to their previous striping, but flipped the colors around some. NC State Another traditional look. Included the option for a blackout since that is actually one of their colors. Syracuse Emphasized orange. Got rid of weird striping. Fixed absurd number font. Wake Forest Love their current look. Got rid of the collar stripe though, the sleeves are enough to make this a good look.
  2. CFB Interactive Concepts (ACC Atlantic 10/22)

    SEC East Florida Made sure all the striping was consistent. (Orange jersey). Also made the white helmet have the F logo on both sides and fixed that helmet striping too. Georgia Changed facemask to black, to better balance the color with the rest of the uniform. Added a silver helmet as well. Figured there is a history with the silver helmets, but I wanted to execute it better than these monstrosities. Kentucky No more chrome. No more BFBS. No more gray. Missouri Attempted to simplify their striping pattern. Cut out the gray, it was redundant and took away from what a great color scheme they have with black and gold. Ditched the oversized logo helmet. Also tried to cut white out as much as possible in the black and gold uniform pieces. South Carolina Never been a big fan of the gamecock on the helmet, however I am a fan of the interlocking SC. I went for a simple look. I didn't match the helmet striping to the rest because for some reason, it didn't look right when it matched. Tennessee Dropped the 'smokey grays'. Fixed their weird collar situation on the road jerseys. Added white to sleeves and collar for the home jersey. Added an orange helmet, which would ideally have a satin finish. Also reverted back to their old number font because it fits their logo better than the current one. Vanderbilt Ditched the anchor theme, I found it tacky. Changed to a number font that matches the wordmark instead of that weird Agency FB type thing they have going on now.
  3. CFB Interactive Concepts (ACC Atlantic 10/22)

    @Danny the Sheeb Thanks for the feedback! For Alabama I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite for not changing their pant stripe, but it just looks right to me the way it is. For their TV numbers, I decided against it since they have the numbers on the helmets. There actually are road versions, and alternates for some, just click on the team name in the first post, or in the other post!
  4. CFB Interactive Concepts (ACC Atlantic 10/22)

    SEC West Nothing too crazy that you'll see here. The SEC should be traditional in my eyes. Alabama Nothing changes too much here. Arkansas Tried to emulate a tusk with the jersey striping. Didn't want to go traditional because I feel their old look was too similar to Oklahoma. I got rid of the gray/black/anthracite/whatever it was as well. Auburn Nothing crazy here either, matched pant stripe to rest of striping. Contemplated an orange alternate, but decided against it. Let me know if you think I should add it. LSU Went with a more traditional number font. Tried to unify the striping patterns. Got rid of the cuff striping because it cluttered things up too much. Tried a more traditional looking shoulder striped. Mississippi State I love the addition of silver to the Bulldogs identity, so I expanded on it. Unified striping once again. Added a silver jersey just for fun, definitely shouldn't be worn with silver helmet or pants. Maybe to be worn in Egg Bowl for a color vs color match up. Ole Miss Went all in on the powder blue, it's a unique color scheme in college football. Went to traditional block font. Texas A&M Got rid of the awful bevel. Standardized striping on pants. That's about it.
  5. This idea has been brewing in my head for a while now. My inspiration for this project is some concepts that @wyopokes2 did back in the day. He used an interactive uniform picker that I thought was a great idea. So I tried my hand at making a website and putting my concepts on there so that people can mix and match uniforms as they please. I would appreciate any C&C for the uniforms and also the website as I am not savvy at all with creating a website. Thank you. CLICK ON THE TEAM NAMES TO SEE WHOLE CONCEPTS ACC Atlantic: Boston College | Clemson | Florida State | Louisville | NC State | Syracuse | Wake Forest SEC West: Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Mississippi State | Ole Miss | Texas A&M East: Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Missouri | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt
  6. Fun With Flags!!!!

    Speaking of Milwaukee I love this concept flag for Milwaukee made by Robert Lenz. Here's some more information about it.
  7. Ottawa Senators Concepts Collection

    Here's mine from a few years ago.
  8. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Indianapolis Colts Tried to make shoulder stripes look better. Got rid of gray facemask. New number font.
  9. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Houston Texans Tried to modernize their look. Went with white helmet.
  10. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Green Bay Packers Experimented with white pants. Went to an older striping style to create less clutter.
  11. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Detroit Lions Got rid of black and unnecessary outlines. Nothing too exciting.
  12. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Denver Broncos A return to the old color scheme because there's too much navy in the league, plus royal looks better. Put a little bit of a modern twist on the stripes and made them taper. This is one of my favorite looks in the series.
  13. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Dallas Cowboys Cleaned things up, only one shade of blue and silver. Switched to old block font. Unified the striping pattern.
  14. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Cleveland Browns Just a return to what were perfectly fine uniforms. Tried an orange jersey, but wasn't a fan.
  15. Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Cincinnati Bengals Since the last concept was so boring, here's a more exciting one. For the Bengals I decided to focus on orange since you know...tigers are orange. No more white pants. I'm not too sure if this is too close to the Browns now, but I made this anyways. I tried to update their look and make it less clunky. Threw in the throwback for funsies.