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  1. That's not Rajon Rondo, he wore #9. That appears to be Ben McLemore wearing #23
  2. Cardinals wore the Sunday caps for Game 4
  3. You're assuming that the average fan gives a damn about wearing the exact on-field product. While we on these boards might be perfectionists with regards to uniform details, it's ridiculous to expect average fans to pay extra money for such a detail as no player name on the back. Most fans are happy to have a jersey that they can support their favorite team/player with, regardless of whether it's a 100% carbon copy of the on-field uni. These fans aren't dumb (some may be oblivious to no name on the back of Yankees jerseys), they just don't value the absence of a player name as worth $50. Remember, these are average baseball fans and not uniform gurus, some may even LIKE having their favorite player's last name on the back.
  4. Players in the wrong facial hair
  5. I'm not sure if all-star game uniforms have been discussed yet, but an interesting find on Fanatics. Appears to be this year's all-star game caps
  6. Celtics had gold trimmed uniforms on opening night 2008 and the Red Sox had gold trimmed uniforms for their home openers in 2005 as well as 2014. I do not, however, recall a gold-trimmed uni for the Sox in 2008.
  7. I think that players can certainly have more than one "right" uniform. When I think of Roy Halladay, I think of both Toronto and Philadelphia. Likewise, with Igoudala I think of both Philly and Golden State. Denver, however, would be a wrong uniform in my mind
  8. I think they're kind of cool. Not feeling the pink helmet and the numbers are a little cluttered
  9. I think Kevin Harlan is awful
  10. Seems like it's just Ventura. This is the third altercation he's been apart of this season, don't forget him exchanging words with Mike Trout
  11. Going off another post further up, white face-masks are underrated as a whole. White mask on a white helmet is a really clean look
  12. Supposedly the G stands for "Greatness," however something tells me if the Packers were from Milwaukee, for example, they wouldn't have a G on their helmet..
  13. If the Celtics ditch all of their other alternates, then I'd be OK with an alternate that's essentially a grey version of the home jersey. I rather like grey uniforms. Something tells me that this "pride" uniform will be a complete mess, though.
  14. Swagger? Today is a proud day to not be a Brown's fan.
  15. Lmao I'm sure you are joking.While there's some creativity in the designs, that would make for one cluster:censored: of an identity