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  1. I like them a lot more than I should. They shouldn't work but they both look fantastic.
  2. Those are gross.
  3. 2010 Winter Olympics. All of it, especially the men's hockey gold medal game.
  4. I know that seems like a massive overpay but Eaton just had a really great season and Giolito has never really put up very impressive numbers, his hype has been all in the stuff and not the results. So this might not be as disastrous for Washington as it seems. If they pan out, though... the ChiSox will be scary.
  5. It would look a hell of a lot better on the right side.
  6. Moncada's carrying tool is his speed, which is something Soler never had. I think Moncada is going to be the next Robinson Cano+speed, Michael Kopech is gonna be a lights out closer, Luis Basabe should be an average OF and the other guy's got velocity I guess. Plus Chicago doesn't have to pay any of Moncada's $31.2 million signing bonus. Huge prospect haul that was definitely fair but it probably won't be fun for Boston in about five years. Such is life under Dave Dombrowski.
  7. Sale and Price in the same rotation. Heh. That little pun is about the only upside to this from a Jays fan's point of view.
  8. Oh damnit I never realized that and now it will always bother me.
  9. I don't want either of those things for the Blue Jays. Just don't trade for Jay Bruce.
  10. Connor McDavid: 6 goals and 12 points in the past 6 games, 19 points in the month of November. He's pretty good.
  11. Every game should look as good as Dolphins-Niners. That was a gorgeous game.
  12. The Martian was entertaining, but it wasn't a very good movie.
  13. Claw-ball rules, I love the Raptors current identity. But Huskies would be a much better identity.