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  1. Lucky they're the only team that has the depth to replace Kershaw, then.
  2. The Dodgers were a very good team last year and they now have a second baseman and a righty bat. They should continue to be a very good team this year. Kershaw doesn't hurt, either.
  3. Oh oh oh I think about this all the time! Singer-Freddie Mercury Guitar-Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page Bass-Mike Dirnt Drums-Dave Grohl
  4. I really love the smell of gasoline, as long as it's not too strong. Am I crazy?
  5. It wouldn't even shorten the game! There'd just be more scoring, both teams would likely just score that runner inning after inning forever instead of score no one inning after inning. It's dumb.
  6. That is an absolutely massive logo.
  7. Yyyyyyuuuuuuupppp.
  8. Julio Jones is okay I guess.
  9. This is where it starts.
  10. Stop it. There is still a quarter left and Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, no matter the score. I will never count out the Pats. EDIT: I didn't expect two sacks though.
  11. Rise. Up.
  12. This set is my all-time favourite Canucks look, and that extends to this jersey. I should hate it, it goes against everything I stand for, but damn I like it.
  13. Hell yes. Love it.
  14. In the same vein, I now live with my dad in the same house his friend lived in as a kid, and his work desk at school belonged to his old teacher, that same friend's stepmother.