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  1. The 2-3-2 system favours the road team, who get three consecutive games with home field advantage. I know it's probably never gonna go away, just because of travel concerns, but I like the 2-2-1-1-1 system much much more.
  2. It's also worth noting that Schwarber and Contreras both came a few feet shy of homers, which would have made it a 6-3 game, and probably not even that because Joe would've been more aggressive with the bullpen had it been 3-2 late as opposed to 3-0. The Cubs are fine, they didn't win the most games in baseball by accident.
  3. Everyone calm down. This was the toss-up game of the series. The Cubs should have no problem with Bauer and Tomlin, then they get Kluber on short rest. Miller is basically relegated to one at-bat tomorrow, too. BUT, looks like a huge win for the Indians.
  4. I bought a bottle of Grizzly Paw Grapefruit Soda at the same time, and that stuff is usually nectar of the gods. Not so today. Bad, baaaaad mix.
  5. I'm not even a quarter of the way through this and I feel like toothpaste-flavoured death.
  6. The second one. I'm aware of the AL's superiority.
  7. The leagues are so close nowadays that they really should just do it best record. And quit it with the ridiculous 2-3-2 system.
  8. "Most teams have black"??? If all the cool owners jumped off a bridge would Bill Foley jump too?
  9. Oh, but how heartbreaking for LA.
  10. This is the first outdoor game I've been excited for in a good long while, and I don't even get to watch it! Also, this is already the 19th(!) outdoor game. Way too many.
  11. Cubs vs. Indians in the Workd Series. Wow. Go Cubbies!
  12. And Harry Caray!
  13. I ❤️ Javier Baez.
  14. Kershaw not looking very Kershavian tonight.