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  1. NHL: Canadiens, Red Wings, Blues MLB: Cardinals, Red Sox, Blue Jays NBA: Lakers, Celtics, Sixers NFL: Colts, Chiefs, Packers
  2. I voted for Lynx because I love alliteration and Lynx is an underused name in sports. Plus it's bilingual.
  3. Just saw his stats, and... Yeah. 5.18 ERA. You'll have to do better, Shapiro.
  4. I took this while on vacation in Lake of the Woods, ON.
  5. As if in response to my post, the Jays went out and turned the soulless husk of Drew Storen into Joaquin Benoit. Not too bad.
  6. NASCAR: Boring as all hell, still a sport.
  7. I'm not saying I disagree with acquiring him, and I do like how he was used tonight (pinch hitting for the offensively useless Pillar), but I just think there's better things to be looking at for this team. The bullpen is an absolute mess, and while Drew Storen is addition by subtraction, this team needs a relief arm in the worst way. I did forget about Saunders' injury problems and I didn't know about Colabello's crazy BABIP last year, not that I trust he'll be useful this year anyway. Between the trade and the Smoak extension, it's looking like neither Encarnacion or Bautista will be signed. If I were GM I'd sign EE and let Bautista walk, but Rogers doesn't seem to want to act like the big market team they are.
  8. I'm not sure what Upton Jr. is supposed to do in Toronto. He could push Bautista to 1B/DH, but Smoak, Encarnacion and possibly Colabello in the future already are entrenched there. He's an upgrade over Pillar at the plate but he doesn't play elite CF and Pillar is a fan-favourite. LF isn't an option, Michael Saunders has quietly been a stud there. I don't know, Toronto. Trade for a reliever.
  9. That one's just a colloquialism, out west at least. I hear cheese curds more often than squeaky cheese.
  10. Oh my goodness the Indiana State Warriors says "Warrior's". Good lord.
  11. With his reported trade to the Cubs, Aroldis Chapman in a Yankees uni fits here.
  12. Re: high schools I go to Glenmary Catholic High Jr./Sr. High School (long-ass official name, I know) and there's Peace River High School and Grimshaw High School in the area as well. But the school we were partnered with for our exchange trip to Quebec in grade nine was Coll├Ęge St. Maurice, so it may be an east/west thing, like bagged milk. Also, has anyone mentioned that we don't use freshman/sophomore/junior/senior in high school here? It's just grades 9-12.
  13. Ah crap, I knew that, too.
  14. I understand that those unis are gross, and I know they're probably uncomfortable to play in, but cutting them up is psycho.