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  1. Two goals each from Mark Letestu and Adam Larsson, and a 1-0 series lead on the road against the Ducks. Awesome.
  2. Kris Bryant, the Cubs' homes are of course better but I've always been a fan of the current greys It's a shame Kevin Kiermaier plays for the Rays, cause DAMN that is one good lookin' dude
  3. Jays win? Ryan Goins and Kevin Pillar hit homers?? Pillar has homers in two straight games??? Pillar has an 11 game hitting streak????
  4. You guys' avatars are too similar.
  5. So far, only one of the teams I had coming out of the first round has actually won their series. That either means I'm bad at this or these playoffs have been weird.
  6. If the Flames and Oilers situations were reversed? You bet your ass I'm cheering against the Flames. F*** 'em.
  7. You'd think there'd be a clause in his contract against such activities.
  8. 17. Should have said all my hockey watching life, but the point stands. Not like they were really a powerhouse in the early 2000s anyway.
  9. All this is why I'm trying to enjoy these playoffs as much as I can. The Oilers have been ass for all my life and so finally getting somewhere and being able to enjoy it before the inevitable jaded playoff mindset develops is nice.
  10. As a short french kid, I enjoyed watching the short french guy win it. That may have been the best period I've ever watched, Jones was infuriatingly incredible. One more win and we're off to Anaheim.
  11. That shot was 100.5 mph. Klefbabe.
  12. Could someone please tell the Oilers that penalties are bad?