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  1. Right, I hate Toronto just as much as any other self-respecting Canadian, but I am a die-hard Blue Jays fan.
  2. Agreed, anything other than a bit of rub or Montreal steak spice is overkill.
  3. I hate that they use NP as a monogram from time to time. I always read it as "no problem".
  4. Colour me excited. Looks awesome, and I'm not a huge X-Men or Wolverine guy.
  5. What a weird jersey. I had never thought about it before but yeah, the first 10 years or so of the Preds' existence seems fake.
  6. I'm not a soccer fan. To me, the old Juventus shields look like they could be literally any other European soccer team. This new one though, it stands out, it's recognizable to an outsider as being different. I think that's a good thing for their worldwide brand.
  7. LOVE the name and number, clever.
  8. I dunno, I don't hate it. It would work a lot better as a secondary logo, though.
  9. Blue Jays sign an old, declining, slightly injury prone slugger DH to a 2 year 37 million dollar contract to play right field every day. Ho hum.
  10. Agreed on the second two. Zeppelin rules though.
  11. Those are absolutely incredible, I love every bit of it. As much as I love this year's NHL ASG jerseys, these are 10x better.
  12. Absolutely gorgeous. As has been said before, best since 2004.
  13. Is that... Tom Hanks?
  14. I'd be okay with Anaheim going orange at home if it weren't for the Oilers doing the same thing. Two orange-first teams in one division isn't great.
  15. I don't have a problem with the Oilers changing things, they need their own look for the McDavid era, I can appreciate that, but I just don't like the orange jerseys. If they don't make a matching white I'll start cracking heads.