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  1. Last I heard of Cheap Trick, they were opening for Nickelback. That can't be good.
  2. The album with Pink Houses and Play Guitar deserves better than this airbrushed mess.
  3. I thought that moment already passed.
  4. So Arizona got Hjalmarsson from Chicago for some prospects, and Stepan and Raanta from the Rangers for the 7th overall pick and a prospect. Not smart.
  5. Getting Chiarelli to make a dumb trade isn't very impressive.
  6. Jordan Eberle traded to the Isles for Ryan Strome. Don't like it.
  7. I'm fine with Minnesota mismatching, they've been doing it for years now anyway. It was worse before when none of the three jerseys seemed to have any common characteristics, but now I think it works, and they're both great jerseys.
  8. Those collars are horrendous, wow.
  9. Vegas looks alright, little dark for my tastes but maybe that'll change with a better resolution picture. Colorado looks absolutely fantastic. New Jersey looks absolutely awful. Minnesota looks good, but I wish that 1) the red stripe was on the chest stripe as well and 2) they'd match it to their away sweater. Very disappointed in Ottawa's lack of change. I actually don't hate Edmonton's, though their orange sweaters last year were much better.
  10. Don't forget Justin Smoak and Yonder Alonso setting the world on fire.
  11. Jesus Christ that's lame. Great start 🙄
  12. With this new info about real tennis, I now realize what that weird-ass gym with the funky walls and weird floor lines at a bible camp I went to when I was 10 was about. Huh.
  13. Fun Fact: I know two Jean-Pierre Lavoies in my town of 6000 people. French people are not very creative.
  14. Mike Smith on the Flames. Oh boy. Ohhhhhhh boy.
  15. The circle and the line aren't close enough to really read as a P for me. Even if it were more legible, though, it would be a downgrade.