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  1. woody86

    Redesign of the Miami Marlins Redesign

    Yep. That's the stuff.
  2. woody86

    Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    Amazing job! Love the symbolism in the logos. My only critique is the palette feels a lot like the Florida Panthers. Aside from that, great work!
  3. woody86

    The Battle of Seattle

    Would you mind putting it up against the other greenish teams ( stars, wild, sharks) to show contrast? I'm having a hard time not seeing forest green. Thanks! Aside from that, the color scheme is great!
  4. woody86

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    It's looking better! Have you tried similar shadow effects with the letters too? Perhaps that would add overall consistency, in particular now because with the grey ball outline (which is a plus) the three objects act more like one object to the eye. Or maybe try removing the shadow on the ball to see how it all looks together.
  5. woody86

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    I'd be curious to see this concept applied to the Redskins, seeInfo they're in need of a name/identity change. I think this is definitely an idea that has legs (or wings for that matter). as for basketball, I'm not sure that the Wizards, who already in their history very intentionally changed their name/identity, would be ready to make another change. But I could definitely see something like this (maybe with less bright colors) applied to football. Great work and great ideas!
  6. woody86

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    I'm wondering if you re-thought it in more baseball terms, if it would work. Specifically, what if you had the D and C on a diagonal, but in stead of interlocking with the existing Nationals alternate logo, separate them such that the seams of the ball occupy the bottom right portion of the D and the upper left portion of the C? This would likely require a different font, but for sure look less generic.
  7. What about when the giants almost moved to Tampa?
  8. woody86

    Expansion Team Original Six

    Awesome! I'd love to see you reverse the entire NHL, with the style being from the corresponding era. Great work!!
  9. woody86

    Oklahoma City Thunder by Scheuer: Mark II

    I love the inspiration and direction. I agree with other posters about business. And love the uniforms
  10. Very cool! This may be nitpicking a bit, but if you're going to use an indigenous element for Australia, it'd be better to use aboriginal elements over Maori. The Maori are much more heavily associated with New Zealand.
  11. i think the coloring looks good, but the "s" is off. It will look better if the apex of the s is parallel with the line the f makes. The knee of the s should be parallel with the vertical line the back of the f makes. I think you're definitely on to something! Keep it up!
  12. woody86

    Braves Alternate Hat

    And not to make this even more not about Hunt's concept, but it must be said: we on these boards are often too rigid and stifling of creativity. I get so frustrated with getting beaten over the head by yet another concept series that pays way too much homage to tradition and not enough credence to true design or original thought. And that's why I will stand by this silly 'B' situation...Hunt should be applauded for trying something so simple but yet so rarely (if at all) done.
  13. woody86

    Braves Alternate Hat

    I think they look great. And bonus points for doing something I haven't seen before. I'd be interested to see one with lettering, no outline, blue brim, similar to the cap they have used in recent years. I'd also like to see the font just a skoche thicker. Again, great work!
  14. woody86

    NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    I'm curious how you will "sansify" logos that don't have type (e.g., sharks, predators, red wings)...will you always use an alternate logo with type as available?
  15. woody86

    Braves Alternate Hat

    Exceptions to this include the A's, Angels, White Sox, Orioles alt. So some precedent. Also more if you include batting practice lids.