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  1. It's nice, but for whatever reason I still like mine better.
  2. I was wondering if any of the other fellow musicians out there would be willing to help me out with a drum track for a project I am working on. Right around the new year I sold a bunch of my gear because I was pretty much done with playing but I recently got back into it a little and I no longer have a drum machine (and was never really good with drums anyway). If anyone is interested could you please send me a pm? I won't be able to provide anything in return, just to save anyone's time. It's nothing complex, I just don't have the means anymore. Thanks for reading.
  3. The Vikings is a downgrade, the Panthers looks like a sock puppet, but the Cardinals is really sharp. Take the good aspects of what you did with the Cardinals and try to carry it over to the other two logos (as well as the rest in this series). Nevertheless, good work.
  4. That would be an amazing article if these types of digusting situations could be fixed with hugs and cupcakes. The ultimate truth to it all is; no matter how we (anyone who apposes monsters such as the IS) respond to their indiscriminate murdering of innocent people (bombs, hugs or marathon games of Risk) they will not stop, nor will they be satisfied, until their ideology runs "civilization." And I put civilization in quotes because there would be no such thing if the way of the world was by their way of thinking.
  5. We can't just let people have conversations now, can we? There are plenty of news site comments sections out there if you want to use this terrorist attack as a means to... argue a pro-gun control position argue an anti-gun control position trash a political figure you don't like call all religions evil That's true. I disagree. And I'll leave it at that. Obviously, I disagree with your point of view, but I respect it and I appreciate your respect toward mine, as well. Thank you. This is the simplest way for anyone to engage these types of things, really.
  6. We can't just let people have conversations now, can we? There are plenty of news site comments sections out there if you want to use this terrorist attack as a means to... argue a pro-gun control position argue an anti-gun control position trash a political figure you don't like call all religions evil That's true. I feel so sorry for the people of Paris; those who lost their lives, the loved ones of said victims, and everyone who have to live in fear of pedophilic barbarians bent on nothing but destruction and the degeneration of mankind, guided by misplaced beliefs and the magical flying spaghetti monster. Truth be told, if a person strapped bombs to their body, shot a number of people and then suicided themself in the name of the Lucky Charms mascot and his roving band of marshmallow bunnies they would be deemed insane. Do it in the name of a religious ideology and, whileseen as outrageously heinous by a majority of people, you find plenty like-minded individuals who find it perfectly acceptable because somehow their beliefs are less insane than Lucky and his marshmallow rabbits. In summary, these "people" sicken me. In a just world they would blow themselves up after leaping into an active volcano.
  7. How about something like this? (sans the alt, of course)
  8. Normal nameplate or white? *edit* or black, what the heck, or black!?
  9. Morgo, thank you for your thoughts. TheBearNYC, thanks a lot. MSO94, thank you very much. davidp94, it's the wave of the future! Transparent socks and equipment means less ink, less ink means less weight, less weight means faster players. Just ask the Sharks brass, they'll back me up. Also, I appreciate your thoughts, thank you. llfhockey, noted. I am toying with my crack a little bit trying to make it somewhat smaller. I tried P90X but I am beginning to think digital editing software is the way to go. jrcollis714, no no, there will be an entire set (pants, socks, etc), but I started with the jersey itself before I decide which way to go with the rest of the uniform. Pretty much know what I will do with everything aside from the numbers/names, though. Thank you for the comments. Canuckleball, would you like any sausage, bacon or ham? Also wheat or white toast? We also have a special on orange juice; order a large and you get one free refill. Thank you for your thoughts. Dan O'Mac, Haven't thought far enough for the numbers and nameplate, but I'm probably going to go with one of the double-white jerseys (since they've gotten the best response) and mock up some different ideas for numbers/name to see what the consensus on that is. Thanks for the reply. 1insaneguy, thanks for the comment.
  10. Silence of the Rams, just as awesome of you for noticing. wildwing64, Thanks for the comments, I will continue to tinker with that jersey, if not do something completely different at some point in time. As for the Sharks comment... D'oh! You're right, that one jersey does look a bit too similar to the previous Sharks jerseys. Good eye on that one.
  11. Trying to put something together as an alternate jersey for one of the many sets of Flyers jerseys I'm working on, but I can't decide on which version of this style to go with. I mocked up six different versions. Three with single white stripes and three with double white stripes. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated, please and thank you.
  12. Calgary is simple and classy. About the only thing I don't like is the square yoke. Other than that they look great. I like the font you used for the numbers as well, can you tell me what it is?
  13. For the sake of seeing the alternates that I mocked up I have included the four five of them alongside the primaries to get a feel of what the overall set might look like. Personally I still like my original idea with the simplified alternate, but my opinions are as valid as anyone's. Ultimately we all have different tastes. However, it was fun playing around with the ideas offered and trying to keep the feel of the alternate the same while including the various ideas suggested. I would love to hear your thoughts. Episode I - The Phantom Yellow Menace Episode II - Attack of the Golds Episode III - Revenge of the Yellow Sh... Stuff Episode IV - A New Logo Episode V - The Number Color Strikes Back
  14. wildwing64, thank you for your thoughts, they're much appreciated. I laid out a few ideas for the alternate that I will be posting after I do my replying and would gladly like your thoughts. Morgo, I loved the original Ducks jerseys, but the gray triangle in the home logo always bugged me. Glad to see I am not alone in that. Thank you very much for your reply. Roger Clemente, thank you very much for your comments. There is actually no yellow in the shoulder logos of the alternate jersey. The stick color was swapped from yellow to gray for the specific purpose of avoiding that issues. Now while the issue could be raised that "well now you just have the problem with gray, instead" I see it as more of a neutral color rather than something as jarring as the gold. As mention in my reply above I did throw together a few ideas based on the feedback I got and would like to hear your thoughts. (posting them in a bit) jrcollis714, I don't hate the current colors so much as I just happen to like the unique look of the eggplant and jade of the Mighty era. As mentioned on my blog I altered the hue of the colors for something a little different from the original colors. Thanks for the reply. flyersfan, Thanks a lot for the reply, I really appreciate it. TRoyConcepts, I'm not a huge fan of the webbed "D" either, though I do think it plays a good role as a secondary logo and possibly (as I used here) an alternate jersey logo. Like mentioned in some of the other replies I did mock up some ideas based on comments, once of which uses (in a way) one of the logos you suggested. Would enjoy your thoughts. Thank you for your comments. Zeke Goldsmith, Thank you very much for the comments. It's funny because I was actually trying to make the alternate a bit more simplistic, but based on the current trend of Stadium Series jersey I can definitely see where you are coming from.
  15. But all those stripes will make them skate slower!!!