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  1. Not if the shades are distinct from one another. I mean, does anyone confuse the Cowboys & Lions with each other?
  2. I love the Blue/Charcoal...... but how about using a Silver with the shade of Blue from that set? Think a mix between Lions & Cowboys.... as Sharks are silver, not Black/Charcoal. This would allow for a silver shell for the helmet... and I'd keep the eyes/mouth black with that look.... meaning black could be added in the 90's along with the Shark fins. Just a few ideas & it allows the Gladiators to add more green down the road, something fans/nostalgia nerds will riot for as the 50's set is associated with winning. Also, make sure the arm stripes match the socks/pants. All 3 are different right now, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Either that or keep them in Orange/Maroon due to budget constraints.
  3. When the Jazz moved to Utah, why didn't they just use the Stars name again?
  4. The Raptors are proof teams need some form of three point shooting to be somewhat good. We have the defense, the hustle & grit... but we can't shoot right now.
  5. Keeping the Red & Maroon was a interesting choice for the Sharks, but I love it. The one thing I don't like the shoulder stripes. They seem too modern for a 80's team & stick out from the rest of the design, which is very sleek & classy. I'd rather see the sock stripe used on the shoulders until the mid-90's, where a shark fin design would look/be very 90's IMO. Also, I agree about the helmet stripe. Remove that thing.
  6. P.K. is going to be a great analyst once he retires. He's smart, funny & charismatic.
  7. My sports related wish: To see the Hampton Roads Rhinos prototype jerseys in any capacity, as I believe they got that far if a logo was made & shown off by the NHL as well as some memorabilia being made. Not sure though. But still.
  8. I've been going to a local burrito joint a lot lately. They also do their own corn chips & make all their dips on site. Great place, open till 4 AM Thursday-Saturday.
  9. Can we all agree Bettman should be canned?
  10. I said it before: Ho-Sang should be allowed to wear whatever number he feels like. I mean, it's not like he's the only guy to wear 66 since Mario retired. The only other player is T.J. Brodie, and he wore it for his rookie campaign. Yeesh.... 73 (Another unusual number) was only worn by Mike Ryder up until a few years back, not we have a few guys that wear it. Even Brenden Gallagher wore it until Ryder was traded back to the Habs, thus his switch to 11.
  11. That's the ticket. That helmet will never have to be changed. We might see a colour change (Like I said, I could see them replacing yellow with gold in the 90's, ala St. Louis/LA Rams.), but that helmet should never be replaced. Great work, @Veras.
  12. What if you did the old Bronze & Red colour scheme with the logo and jersey? I don't think Silver is right for the Oilers.
  13. Comparing P. K. Subban to Delonte West? I don't think P. K. would ever stoop that low. I think that the situation between Coach & Player was bad. It's sometimes easier to trade a player than fire a coach, and I assume this was one of those times even though said coach was eventually fired.
  14. That white helmet. I love it. It looks sleek, fun & creative. It feels like Rams/Bengals mash-up & they'll never need to change helmets after this. EVER. Albeit, I bet that will be a unpopular opinion. Also, it's not so much the shape of the Gladiators shoulders as it was the colours for me. And now that I've looked at it again, it's not as bad as I thought & looks fine. Sorry.
  15. Image from 1977, not sure when. Just had to get in a pic of one of the most underrated players ever in John Havlicek.