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  1. I like the idea, but not the execution. I think if the font was better/fit the Packers more, I'd like it more.
  2. Miami did downgrade in terms of being unconventional, but the new logo & unfirms looks great. I see elements of the real life Washingston Redskins in the design, and I really like it for them. I hope we do see the sun shoulders again one day, but these could carry the team until the mid 2000's, barring a few minor tweaks.
  3. Watching highlights as i had no idea it was going on today, and I gotta say it looks fun, exciting & the identities of the teams work along with the colours. I just need to see Vince Carter come here after he hangs them up... just so we can see more dunks.
  4. If those Hornet throwbacks are real... I might put money away and get one. That's how pretty those jerseys are to me.
  5. Instead of helping this man by giving him the skills to obtain a job working with trains or buses, you throw him in jail for years & keep doing it over & over again. I'm stumped they wouldn't go ahead and give him counselling & work on getting him a job with the Transit system. As someone with Aspergers, I understand his love of buses & trains.... it's a system orientated thing & we love routine.
  6. If you guys could invite a former CCSLCer onto the show, who would it be & why? What is your favourite cartoon theme song? What is the one thing you hate the most about fans of your respective teams? What is craziest thing you've ever eaten and enjoyed? What league of the Big 4 do you think will expand next, if they do choose to expand?
  7. Just saw the the new Imperials look, and I like the fact it's a simple clean up of what they used in the past.
  8. Great work here. I love the ideas & how a lot of these could make a great secondary or tertiary logo. I personally wonder what you could do for the Raptors. Our current logo is so bland & looks like fruit.
  9. Still no pictures of the Oilers roads?
  10. Looks like OG Anunoby will wear #3 with the Raptors:
  11. Okay, Carolina. You tease use with an amazing home sweater, and decide, eh... why not keep keep the away? TBH.... even adding the subtle Hurricane pattern to them would've been a a better move than this. But hey.... your loss. As for the Avs, the away really needs some blue. It's too bland without it. So were just waiting on the Oilers now.....
  12. Is Antetokounmpo really that hard to spell? Albeit, I kinda like your version.
  13. We almost have a proper MINOR LEAGUE. YAY!
  14. A lot of people/fans that aren't jersey seem to hate Vegas's jerseys. I just don't get it. Those uni's are stunning & unique.
  15. So nobody here wants to talk about the expansion draft?