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  1. Nice choice to go back into the Braves history on the logo side of things, and I like the fact you explained the reason for a navy/white alternate.
  2. The Cavs have no defense whatsoever, and the Pacers continued to prove that with how close each game was. If we do what we did in Milwaukee, in which we allowed Antetokounmpo to get his while stifling his teammates, I see no reason as to why the Raptors shouldn't move on. Lebron is amazing player, but the mileage has to start showing up at some time. Why not now?
  3. Why does that gear grind you? Some people are night owls. Deal with it.
  4. That's 90's as hell & I love it. It makes me wish the league would do a Zany 90's Night given nostalgia is in right now.
  5. I just got a used PS4 today for 209 bucks (it's a 500 GB model & the disk drive doesn't work, hence the lower price). I'm looking at getting a game, but my budget isn't amazing atm after this purchase & rent. So I'm looking at demos for now to try out a game and see if I like it.
  6. To be honest, the NBA is keeping it afloat as all G-League games are being streamed over it.... and the quality as well as the buffering issues happened all season long, which was very very annoying. But hey, FB gets revenue for a minor league that gets only a couple thousand views at best.
  7. If we keep up the ball movement and attack Cleveland where needed, along with keeping up the tight defense we've displayed.... the Raptors could easily net this series. There's no way you can stop Lebron, so don't focus on him. Focus on Irving and Love along with guy like Korver & Frye, and we'll see another series win. P.S. If the Raptors beat Cleveland, I don't think anyone else can beat them. Washington lacks depth, Boston has struggled against Chicago of all teams & if Atlanta somehow made it.... I could see us sweeping the Hawks. This Raptors-Cavs series should've been the ECF once again.
  9. And yet, we hold on & get both W's! That was a roller coaster at the end there, but I'll take it. Also: Every Bucks fan who chanted "USA" at the end of the game can go themselves. Most of the Raptors players are American & your best player is Greek.
  10. Dear NBA. Why must you have Game 6 between the Bucks & Raptors starting at the same time the Raptors 905 are playing the RGV Vipers for the G-League Title? What about those who would like to to watch both games? I know I'm not the only Raptor fan who enjoys watching the D-League team play.
  11. Of course they are. These readers are my age, and think a man like this is hilarious. It's not about the content, it's about the persona. The sad thing is, this persona is the real Tnak & these people are eating all of it up, making him feel like he accomplished something. But to be honest, he's the most gullible & naive person in the room.
  12. It's probably the same reason guys who come over from the KHL to play in the NHL do so well. Matthews was playing against older talent and it allowed him to grow his game. It's not just a matter of him having natural talent, it's also that he was playing against tougher competition, was training his body to play against older men & he was working with bigger ice, which allowed him to be more creative and pick up a few tricks.
  13. I agree with @Morgo, New York doesn't seem 90's to me. The font does, the idea of updating the Rangers classic look does, but the side panels feels more like late 2000's than 90's. However, that font choice & the yoke looks great. I just feel the striping & panels need to look more like the Rangers.
  14. I love stuff thta's zany, ridiculous & fun. This thread is full of great looks and I can't wait to see more. My fave is Columbus. It's a design that shouldn't work but does. Are there plans to do defunct teams after every NHL team is done?
  15. THERE WE GO! That's a great new identity and I love the look now. The new "LA" looks great & I like both helmets. This is a look I can get behind, and you hit a grand salami with this one. I do think that the Comets could wear white & purple pants as well depending on which helmet they wear.