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  1. Just saw the the new Imperials look, and I like the fact it's a simple clean up of what they used in the past.
  2. Great work here. I love the ideas & how a lot of these could make a great secondary or tertiary logo. I personally wonder what you could do for the Raptors. Our current logo is so bland & looks like fruit.
  3. Still no pictures of the Oilers roads?
  4. Looks like OG Anunoby will wear #3 with the Raptors:
  5. Okay, Carolina. You tease use with an amazing home sweater, and decide, eh... why not keep keep the away? TBH.... even adding the subtle Hurricane pattern to them would've been a a better move than this. But hey.... your loss. As for the Avs, the away really needs some blue. It's too bland without it. So were just waiting on the Oilers now.....
  6. Is Antetokounmpo really that hard to spell? Albeit, I kinda like your version.
  7. We almost have a proper MINOR LEAGUE. YAY!
  8. A lot of people/fans that aren't jersey seem to hate Vegas's jerseys. I just don't get it. Those uni's are stunning & unique.
  9. So nobody here wants to talk about the expansion draft?
  10. How..... what.... why..... I am so confused.
  11. @Flames1fan is a poster to watch with all the broken english.
  12. Also... the Flames side panels got worse.... look how high they go now!
  13. I'm taking it all in, but I need to see in game pic before I can safely say what looks good and what looks bad. I'll admit, my fave jersey of the night goes to the Avs. Congrats you guys.... now I hope you can succeed moving forward.
  14. I need more than waist shots.... please.
  15. People I'm showing these to don't like Vegas..... they feel the red is an afterthought & looks out of place.
  16. Have the jerseys been "officially" released yet? I want to see better pictures!
  17. Hearing feedback from people who aren't jersey freaks in a chat I'm in: -Carolina should've tried to embrace black -Vegas & Nashville are awful -Jersey is passable
  19. We got an hour... might as well.
  20. That definitely San Jose.... and the teal is much more vibrant. I like it.
  21. The Panthers new logo was leaked.
  22. Why do I love the idea of seeing this as a sport for the Paralympics?
  23. Today will be a great day here, but it's be nice to see some form of a stream. Why charge fans?
  24. Delete this post.
  25. How do I embed a Twitter post? I have one I want to post in here.