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  1. Dear NBA. Why must you have Game 6 between the Bucks & Raptors starting at the same time the Raptors 905 are playing the RGV Vipers for the G-League Title? What about those who would like to to watch both games? I know I'm not the only Raptor fan who enjoys watching the D-League team play.
  2. Of course they are. These readers are my age, and think a man like this is hilarious. It's not about the content, it's about the persona. The sad thing is, this persona is the real Tnak & these people are eating all of it up, making him feel like he accomplished something. But to be honest, he's the most gullible & naive person in the room.
  3. It's probably the same reason guys who come over from the KHL to play in the NHL do so well. Matthews was playing against older talent and it allowed him to grow his game. It's not just a matter of him having natural talent, it's also that he was playing against tougher competition, was training his body to play against older men & he was working with bigger ice, which allowed him to be more creative and pick up a few tricks.
  4. I agree with @Morgo, New York doesn't seem 90's to me. The font does, the idea of updating the Rangers classic look does, but the side panels feels more like late 2000's than 90's. However, that font choice & the yoke looks great. I just feel the striping & panels need to look more like the Rangers.
  5. I love stuff thta's zany, ridiculous & fun. This thread is full of great looks and I can't wait to see more. My fave is Columbus. It's a design that shouldn't work but does. Are there plans to do defunct teams after every NHL team is done?
  6. THERE WE GO! That's a great new identity and I love the look now. The new "LA" looks great & I like both helmets. This is a look I can get behind, and you hit a grand salami with this one. I do think that the Comets could wear white & purple pants as well depending on which helmet they wear.
  7. Speaking on the G-League, Game 2 of the Finals between Raptors 905 (just saying it makes me wanna puke) & The Rio Grande Valley Vipers is on at 7 PM EST on FB Live. It's a best of 3, so RGV has a chance to win it all.
  8. Having absolutely no money for the next couple of days & my last article of food is Peanut Butter. I hate eating the same food multiple days in a row.
  9. The main reason minor football doesn't work is that guys who can't get a NFL job tend to go to the CFL.
  10. Norman Powell. That is all.
  11. How was this allowed? This might qualify for worst matchup of all time. These two jerseys are way too close to one another for this to work. This is why teams need custom shades of colours, IMO.
  12. My Finals prediction is alive and well (Never said it here, but I got a Caps-Ducks Final). Feel bad for the Leafs, but this team is young and the core is growing. Just wait till next year when you're stronger & hopefully wiser. Now it's time for the Leafs fans to become fake Raptor fans again. Yay.
  13. And we are tied up once again, this time at 2-2. Demar played amazing today.
  14. Anyone watching this Raptors-Bucks game? This is how I felt the series would've been, a grit & grind effort.
  15. I could see NBA Jam on the list as they did have a sports game on the NES Classic in Tecmo Bowl.
  16. Right as you begin reading, Tnakisms just POP right off the page. The run on sentences, the grammar errors, everything. Just read the first paragraph with me. How it should be with a few grammatical fixes & proof no-one at Barstool is checking his work: It is a well-known fact that New Jersey Transit is the absolute worst. They are totally incompetent as it seems like they experience weekly shutdowns at Penn Station, snarling the entire rail system into a never ending series of delays. The dark rail tunnels and cramped nature of Penn Station creates a dungeon like experience, as a lack of seating creates a sea of humanity with most experiencing stress and discomfort. The whole operation is giant fiasco, leaving some to wonder how anything can function like this? TBH, Public Transit itself no matter where you are has problems. It's how you deal with them that makes it work for you.
  17. Barstool Sports tries to get my demographic to go to it, and yet I never used it. I stuck to Youtube, Bleacher Report & SB Nation for my news.
  18. That's the 26-27 jersey. I said I remember us wearing those, but I also remember a white St. Pats jersey that we wore in the early 2000's.
  19. And the Raptors slug out a rough game to tie this series at 1.
  20. I've gone back to read a few of these..... one that I remember complete distaste for that hasn't been brought up is the Carolina Hurricanes current jerseys. Every one thought they were bland, boring & unimaginative.
  21. I... like everything except for the font. The rounded font just doesn't work for me, and I vastly prefer the previous font. The new logo & uniforms however are a great look. I feel the Comets are the 49ers in terms of looks in the AFA, and this is too different from what was a very classy look. How would the new uni's look with the italicized numbers & old LA logo used somewhere? I feel like a hybrid of the two is needed, and that this font is way too drastic of a change for a team that doesn't need much tinkering. In addition, the jersey striping could use a little white given the socks are white & white was featured quite a lot in the old set.
  22. I have one: I remember the Leafs wearing white St. Pats jerseys before the ones they wore this year in the early 2000's. I'm not sure if it was just warmups, but I remember them looking similar to the ones this year except it was Toronto arched and ST PATS underneath, much like this, only the jersey was white: I know we did throwback to the 1926-27 jersey however.
  23. Technically speaking, shouldn't the Senators moniker fall under the same scrutiny? If it worked for Ottawa, why wouldn't it work for Seattle?
  24. Now this.... this is how you do a redesign. The merging of a basketball hoop mesh with the Brooklyn Bridge, the unique shape, the font..... it all works. I'd love to see jerseys done, as I can see a few directions here, all simple & classy. Are there plans to do more than one team?
  25. I got a Toronto-GSW Final myself. People don't realize how defensively strong this Raptors team has been since the trades for Ibaka & Tucker have happened. I think they've flipped a new switch with Lowry being back & they have shown they have some of the best depth in the NBA with our 3rd stringers destroying the Cavs 3rd string players. Honestly, I see the Raptors getting past Milwaukee & then surprising Cleveland in the 2nd round, leading to a Raps-Celtics ECF. The Cavs are tired. It's showing on their faces that they've run out of gas. Lebron is no longer a young man..... he's in his 30's & with his hairline, he looks like he's in his 40's. That's stress for you. As for what happens in the Final.... the Raptors have the best core to handle the Warriors, even with Durant. PG: Lowry/Joseph vs Curry/Livingston (EDGE: Toss up) SG: DeRozan/Powell vs Thompson/Clark (EDGE: Toronto, thanks to Powell) SF: Durant/Igoudala vs Carroll/Tucker (EDGE: GS.) PF: Ibaka/Patterson vs Green/Looney (EDGE: Toss up.) C: Valanciunas/Poeltl vs Pachulia/McGee (Edge: Toronto by a long shot) The Raptors have the ability to go big or to go small, have shown that they can play lockdown D & have the better bench of the two. I think GS wins in 6 unless injuries happen on either side. The biggest factor if a Raps-GSW Finals does happen is JV..... & we all saw what he did last playoffs, right?