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  1. I don't like soccer as much as as other sports but this concept series is very well made. Will we be seeing an American league?
  2. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    You forgot, A double is a cruiserweight and cruiserweights cannot match up with heavyweights. wwe logic
  3. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    or Enzo's certificate of G
  4. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    My Backlash review: JINDERMANIA, BROTHER!
  5. MLB in 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies (19/30)

    those pinstripes.
  6. Switching allegiances?

    My NBA fandom is all over the place. I will always be a Sonics fan but other than that I have been a fan of the Cavs, Heat, Thunder, Warriors, and Rockets. Hoping for an expansion to Seattle so I can finally have one favorite team
  7. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    If I was Chris Jericho, the PPV name Great Balls of Fire would... make the list!
  8. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    what a GREAT ppv sarcaism sarcaism
  9. hawks got beat in ot in the conference champonship boo hiss
  10. Obscure Country Basketball Concepts (MS Paint)

    completely serious tryin to keep a straight face
  11. Obscure Country Basketball Concepts (MS Paint)

  12. NFL 2 - Team Finals - BILLINGS

    those tan jerseys are beautiful. Gives me a WSU cougars vibe
  13. WWE Payback: April 30, 2017

    thats what im thinking