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  1. instead of putting the blue jackets alt logo on the side of the helmet, perhaps put it on the pants?
  2. i don't want to be greedy
  3. all I want from wrestlemania is for the universal championship to die, Rusev to get put through the announce table, roman to get decimated, a cruiserweight ladder match with actual cruiserweight wrestling, kendo stick moments, and balor to return.
  4. "panda" by desiigner kevin gates assorted wwe themes
  5. That you can have title v title matches on wwe 2k17
  6. I think that after roman beats taker at mania, roman should get cursed by taker and go on a six month losing streak
  7. i laughed so hard when i heard the browns signed oswieler
  8. can you do the deer park (wa) stags? here are logo, home, and away
  9. The best match of the card is going to be Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal said no one ever
  10. Zips is an eastern Washington, western Idaho chain its not bad
  11. for the thunder to get a logo that is non generic
  12. ^^^^ that sounds promising for a hardys return
  13. cinnamon frosted flakes for days
  14. disregard this