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  1. Congrats! Take however long you need. She’s the priority.
  2. JG36

    NHL Super-League

    Obviously if the creator hasn’t posted anything in over a month, it is dead. End of story. I’m also pretty sure you’re not supposed to bump dead threads.
  3. JG36

    2018 NFL Season

    I don’t even know what they’re doing with him still there. He has gotten nothing done for them, except delaying their return to relevancy.
  4. JG36

    NHL City Edition - Montreal added 01/15/19 (13 of 31)

    While I think it looks good, I think there would be an issue with the coyotes logo looking too similar to the Islam logo. Is anyone else seeing this?
  5. JG36

    with teaM I AM Invincible: Miami Heat Rebrand

    Of course it’s up to you to decide what you like best because it’s your concept, but I wouldn’t mind the 1st 3rd or 4th one. The last one reminds me of the cavaliers a bit too much. However, the 2nd one I think would be a winner if you used the brighter pink.
  6. JG36

    with teaM I AM Invincible: Miami Heat Rebrand

    I agree while the logo is fantastic, the maroon and orange don’t work for me with pink, I think it’s the dark and bright being the same hue.
  7. I probably should mention a bit more about the island nation. Aribo virtually takes the place of the Azores. As it is an island, fishing is a prominent in every coastal city. Cities in the central part of Aribo were part of the Industrial Revolution of the 1800-1900s, and that will be evident in some future teams’ identities. Turland and Centerton’s teams (Not gonna reveal identies yet) are huge rivals, and to make it worse, Centerton has beaten Turland on the road the past 5 matchups (Turland has been able to win in centerton quite often as well. Despite the recent head-to-head dominance by Centerton, Turland won the league title over Centerton by 1 point in 2015 when Centerton lost 3 straight games at the end of the season. Elsewhere, many of the rivalries are between primarily Spanish cities and primarily English cities. New Bristol’s team and Annesburg City F.C. fight over the Golden Goblet, first awarded in 1972. If one team wins both matchups or has the goal advantage (If they split), they keep the Goblet for the year. In 2001 Annesburg players drove around in a truck through New Bristol, showing off the goblet they had won the year before. This was after a 5-1 road win in New Bristol, and players thought it would stay in a Annesburg yet again. New Bristol players took offense, winning the next game 3 weeks later in Annesburg 6-1 to steal the goblet and stun Annesburg. Any other questions or comments would be appreciated
  8. Another difference is it took 13? Years before miami made the finals, instead of the panthers who made it immediately and haven’t been back. Also, there is again no Tampa team, who is also more succesful than the panthers and were announced as an expansion before the panthers were. And when will Portland be relevant, much less mediocre even?
  9. JG36

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (California added)

    While I agree they should be swapped, I think Houston and Outer Space and Dallas and Western is a little cliche.
  10. JG36

    NHL Color Explosion Series

    I wouldn’t be able to make out what San Jose is if I didn’t already know. I now realized how hard it is to make a logo or uniform with no white. Maybe their orange or silver would work?
  11. JG36

    MLB Celebrates America's 250th Birthday

    I’ve never really looked at the Keys logo in-depth, but I’d say it’s kinda bad. The baseballs are just lines.
  12. I don’t think I’ve realized how Ceres has barely been a factor as some expansion teams have more titles and playoffs than them.
  13. Still no C+C or comments? Oof. But let’s keep going! Annesburg City F.C. Anne City wears a three-toned Aqua and Navy set with teal accents, with the Navy top half being separated by waves from the Aqua bottom half. The clash is a clean black and white kit with black lining on the shoulders. Kits by Nike and the sponsor is Quickdog, a fast-food hotdog chain. Any C+C?
  14. JG36

    MLB Celebrates America's 250th Birthday

    I see that too actually