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  1. I couldn't make it over to St Pete tonight. Are they rolling with three options this year? I'd have thought the green secondary would be gone. I like the new one. Gives a different look to the mandatory green and gold.
  2. Saw Logan today and enjoyed it, so my simple standards were met. This may sound funky, but over the past 24 years or so I never really gave much thought to the fact that yes, his main fighting style is close up brawling with knives on his hands. The R rating really brought the character into new light for me as you could understand better the damage inflicted and received. I found myself thinking about a few other X-men and how they would play out in a "realistically" depicted fight.
  3. Oof, fact check to aisle 5. Habs apparel was banned from the most premium club seats (not much hockey apparel there at all, but I digress), not from the building. Generally speaking, the ones who come down here rival the degenerates from Philly and Boston. That's why. I can see both sides.
  4. I don't know who your "we" is, but I would like to see the kids on the Leafs get some playoff games. Though that is null and void if my "we" (Lightning) are able to climb all the way back. That is doubtful.
  5. I do. Don't have it with me or I would take some pics to go with the info to follow. The one I have is a blank, but clearly a team issue, given the differences between it and a 'normal' retail 2.0, which is rare anyway. I believe the team wore them numbered and everything for a casino night or similar event and those ones were auctioned. I don't know the timeline, but at some point they were way beyond being merely considered for use, as enough team stock exists to make up a solid 'Set 1'. Most teams use 2-3 sets of each jersey for a regular season. Whether the batch that mine came from went with the numbered ones to constitute a set or is a separate run, I'm unsure of.
  6. So the past two weekends I've been to two separate teammate's/friend's engagement parties and wedding receptions. Same girl was at both and tonight we made plans to see each other again, just the two of us. First girl that's been more than a hookup since my last girlfriend about two years ago so I felt good enough about it to post here at 1 in the morning.
  7. All I see is a PITA to customize correctly. No one is going to have big blocks of Edge material like that available.
  8. Wow I love those new Rockie tops. An NHL team needs to get back into a vibrant purple NOW!!
  9. After reading the past few pages, I feel compelled to state that I can't help that the first decent looking green hat the Rowdies have had available has two dated stars on the side.
  10. I love Bishop, Puppa was our first legitimate goalie, and Roloson had a stellar, small, peak but the Bulin Wall begins and ends the discussion of all time Tampa goalie. Smith was always a bit of an enigma here, flashes but then injury. Played great in his last few appearances in Lightning colors in ECF. The backup on that theoretical all time team? Shady 80. Awesome dude. edit: Sean Burke completes a Tampa-Phoenix goalie hat trick.
  11. I like it. Although not shown, I'd imagine green helmets too. Maybe Andersen will have another crazy digital print 1S set to go with these too.
  12. Couple different eBay sellers have them. Just be careful and ask for a pic of the actual product on a custom font team, as some are pretty far off. Also if it comes with a nameplate they tend to be hideous shiny twill things that look out of place on a jersey. If 100% accuracy (or even 75% on some) is what you want, they're probably not for you.
  13. The lines on the Red Bulls kit are particularly jarring as the sponsor logo is so symmetric. I can't shake the feeling that the wearer's right side is heavier than the left because of those lines.
  14. Don't have anything official and it's not a huge surprise, but expect Minnesota to wear green for the playoffs and have "a green home jersey" next season. When asked further, individual I quoted didn't know if the name jersey is the same green one as this year's alt or something different.