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  1. If the picture resolution is good enough, a tell on real authentic vs retail authentic is the shoulder dimpling. The one ice Canadian made shoulders have a distinct lined pattern while the retail ones do not. The lines on the details don’t necessarily run straight with respect to the way they should when worn.
  2. twi

    NHL 2018-19

    I wonder if they’ll keep the huge numbers, they aren’t necessary when the fans aren’t seated far away from the action like in an outdoor game.
  3. twi

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    I love the idea of the Russian socks but unfortunately it’s one of those things that get ruined by the 10 field players wearing them about 10 different ways.
  4. twi

    Commemorative Team Patches in the Stanley Cup Final

    You could potentially have dueling speciality patches if the Lightning and their 25th anniversary logo patch make it through.
  5. A big part of the expansion draft that’s being unaccounted for here is that it was the first time the existing teams had to make a protected list with considerations other than talent. Previous expansion drafts didn’t have the added variables of no trade/movement clauses and the salary cap. The histronics going on here over what is supposed to be entertainment or a hobby is insane. It’s the new “worst look evar!!!!” we get whenever a team rebrands.
  6. twi

    The Sports Media Thread

    I’ve loved ESPN+ so far (Apple TV user) and feel that I get more than full value for the price, and that’s without ever planning to watch any basketball, football, tennis, or general ESPN shows. The IIHF worlds has been on, the MLS/USL games are great, and the international soccer planned has my interest. The only slight issue I’ve encountered is once or twice a game stream has failed to load but a simple menu out and retry has been enough to start it up.
  7. It’d be more fun if it weren’t so predictable. But still fun.
  8. twi

    NHL 2018-19

    Volt yellow has never been on anything remotely official. They keep stuff pretty under wraps with the current regime, but it would be a color out of left field, in that it hasn’t popped up at all in the 6-8 ideas I’ve seen or heard described.
  9. twi

    NHL 2018-19

    Haven’t seen an adidas catalog yet to comment on that specific image, but that’s the frustration of ordering this stuff. No idea what it looks like when orders due. Particularly frustrating for things like the Olympics, outdoor and event games, all-star stuff, etc. Heck, orders are due today or tomorrow for Conference and Cup champs apparel! $40 t-shirt that we only vaguely know what it will look like, weeeeeeeee!
  10. twi

    Lost Sports Logos?

    Speaking of lost logos, when the Orlando Solar Bears came back a few years ago they had a logo that I’ve only ever seen during their first announcement. It was a top down view of a polar bear head, the bear was swimming and positioned like you would expect an alligator to be. I thought it was a really unique use of the name and mascot animal tied in to a look the home fans would be familiar with.
  11. They're all terrible.
  12. twi

    Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    Was at the playground with my girlfriend and kids when a little boy around 8-10 struck up a conversation about the Flash, seemingly out of nowhere. Made more sense when we got to the pool and I took off my Lightning cap. Had a good 'aha' moment.
  13. twi

    MLB changes 2018?

    No, it is in fact MY opinion that is the unalienable truth!
  14. What I find most interesting about this jersey is the fact that it was paired with solid black socks in its first year.
  15. twi

    MLB Teams Wearing Easter Pastel Colours Today

    But muh pinstripes!