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  1. It's called "pulling a Predators."
  2. At a presser today, Nelson Rodriguez stated that though the Fire are now out of their pact with Bridgeview, an arrangement to play in Soldier Field next season has not been finalized. Additionally, Rodriguez said there is no focus yet on getting the club a soccer-specific stadium. As for the on-field stuff, the Fire drew Columbus 2-2, conceding the tying goal in the 89th minute. That means they took 1 point from back-to-back home matches against the only teams below them in the East. Playing the attendance game, the Fire came into tonight's match dead last in MLS, averaging a team-reported 11,572 per match. Tonight's announced crowd was 7,482.
  3. Gimme that yellow Steelers jersey paired with black pants with a thick gold stripe. Solid white socks.
  4. Pace (suburban bus system) has run direct shuttle buses from the CTA Orange Line terminal at Midway to Toyota/SeatGeek for all matches since the Fire moved there. Soldier Field also requires a minimum of one train and one bus to access, or no train and two buses if a person doesn't live along the #130 or the #146. Every local street through Grant Park gets closed off for weeks at a time during the summer for Taste of Chicago, Lolla, and other events, pushing more traffic on Lake Shore Drive. Also, most summer weekends also feature concerts on the adjacent Northerly Island, driving more traffic to the area. It is a much more hectic area and more aggravating drive during what will be the peak of MLS season. If there's anything else you'd like to tell the Chicagoans in this thread about transportation options to and from the city's sporting venues, please continue.
  5. Oh, you would have loved Vince's original idea to name the Birmingham Thunderbolts the "Blast," then. Your next smart post on here will be your first. Maybe stop and just read for a couple months here.
  6. Let's dispense with the notion that anything about Clay Bennett moving the Sonics to OKC was "last-minute," shall we?
  7. If that were the case, they'd only sell out Soldier Field if they relocated to Mexico first. (And got ownership that wasn't enthusiastically banhammering the main Hispanic supporters group )
  8. You're reading the announced totals and not looking at the seats.
  9. Define "temporary." If you mean it in the sense of "nothing is permanent, everything dies," then yes, Soldier Field will be the temporary home of MLS Chicago. In true 2010s Fire fashion, they've bungled this even when they've seemingly gotten something right. The city's forthcoming mega-development on the Near North Side, Lincoln Yards, is Rahm Emanuel's final you to everyone in the city below the hedge fund class. Designed in the vein of up-and-running urban atrocity Hudson Yards, its original plan called for a 25,000-seat soccer stadium, with no apparent tenant. Eventually, Tom Ricketts put in for a USL club there, but as talks progressed, the stadium got scuttled. If the Fire had lined things up two years ago and announced their intent to move out of Soccer Glendale then, that stadium gets built and they get a sparkling new home in the city. There have been some discussions of building a new stadium on the old Michael Reese Hospital site at 29th & King. This was land bought by the city in a much different time, as part of a rabid-with-power Richard M. Daley's plan to win the 2016 Olympics. The site has been an undeveloped blight for over a decade, but with a new mayor voted in on being the antithesis of Rahm's neoliberalism on bath salts, and the huge financial problems both he and Daley left behind, the current administration likely isn't interested in giving away prime land for free or building another stadium two miles from Soldier Field on the taxpayers' dime. And so, unless Hauptman and his lackey Rodriguez depart the club, it's likely that MLS Chicago spends its years drawing 8;000 a night in a 60,000-seat stadium while scuttling along the bottom of the table. And I refer to that team as MLS Chicago, because when the first reports of leaving Bridgeview for Soldier Field surfaced, they included news that management wanted to drop the Fire name and colors for something in the vein of "Chicago City FC." You know, so they can pretend they're a new team, finally rid themselves of whatever shreds of the Wilt legacy remain, and also dump all those pesky supporters.
  10. Arena Football's Grand Rapids Rampage wore silver jerseys on the road when Russell took over the league in 2007.
  11. There have been multiple articles published that LFL players earn no money and get no health insurance. Mitch Mortaza, a man whose name practically yells "sweaty in a tracksuit in a lot of gold jewelry," has repeatedly said he couldn't afford to keep the league going if he had to start paying players. No, I don't know why anyone plays in it, either.
  12. The secret to the LFL as a going concern is that their players are all volunteers.
  13. This has all been so cosmically stupid, if Sternberg keeps it up, we won't be able to say OITGDNHL around here anymore.
  14. From the photos I saw at the game, it looks like they finally got the scrambled eggs on the bill right, or at least close to right.
  15. "Machined" is an excellent adjective for the Nationals' home alt script. I love it, but when you get in for a close look, you'll see that nearly every lowercase letter uses the same piece over and over to connect it to the next. When a script looks too "perfect," it ends up looking kind of wrong.
  16. I hope you start posting more in The Lounge so I can get Incel Bingo.
  17. Yeah, that gets the job done nicely.
  18. Montreal put so much effort into rebranding their team, they forgot to run it. The league just took over operations from ownership.
  19. If you think this change is underwhelming, just wait until the Senators put their old 2-D logo on their current jerseys and call it a day.
  20. Shades of the AAF there. Does the on-field jersey have those BC logos on the shoulders?
  21. Just came here to post the same thing. Yeah, that's just the lighting throwing off the color. It would appear the leaks are sadly legit.
  22. That's a great point by @G-tron. The CFL is the only football league that sells blank jerseys, with names and numbers as an upcharge. Who's putting out $130 for a blank blue shirt with "TORONTO" across the chest?