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  1. Re: the helmets, yup your right, I forgot they enlarged the logo. Thanks for reminding me.(I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot about that). I agree. Blue over white is the look.
  2. If they fix the logo size and helmet stripe, yeah. Blue is the way to go. I just prefered the white because cause of those elements. But you’re right. They are the “double blue” they should have a blue helmet.
  3. Agreed 100% but we'll take what we can get. I'm also really disappointed that the Argos dropped the white helmet. Hopefully they'll make the logo on the blue one a little bigger and update the helmet striping pattern.
  4. So any day now we should have the announcement that CBC will be broadcasting a "game of the week".
  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you can see, just in your sentence, how that would be a misguided opinion.
  6. Any chance they just move the game indoors to U.S. Bank stadium?
  7. @steve61 posted some really detailed pictures of the shirts in this thread. They highlight some of the less obvious details. Worth checking out.
  8. I don’t mind them, but I can see why you’d say that. I guess I like the “different-ness” (if that’s a word)
  9. So....quick thoughts while the stream is going. I think I like the white York 9 shirt the most. But overall complete look is a tie between Hamilton and Pacific. I don’t think there’s a bad look in the bunch.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. Came to post that picture too I'm most excited for Pacific's look. If I'm seeing this correctly it looks like they have a purple shirt and a teal shirt....both unique looks.
  12. Sorry for spamming the thread....but it just seems like a CPL day. Anyone following this thread may find this podcast interesting. At the 26 min mark they talk a little about the uniforms but don't really give us much other than "they look better than MLS"....sadly.
  13. Nope. TSN has been rumored since day 1 but that was also when the rumors were that each CFL owner would basically own a team. Mediapro has since come in and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a "game of the week" kind of deal on TSN and the rest of the games are streamed. Hopefully we find out more soon, we're just over 3 weeks out from the start of the league.