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  1. Would be interesting for sure. If people used it correctly. That said, you're likely to run into people who will just start "downing" (is that the right word? you know what I mean) everything that someone they don't like says.
  2. Halifax reveals their uniforms tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, those didn't need to come back in any form
  4. I'd say 2 but I hear you. Torsten Frings and Danny Kovermans!
  5. Oh yes, look at how bad TFC was for the first 8 years.
  6. I admit I'm far from an expert on this but I do know this: Laval University has a successful program that seems to be popular but I'm not sure what that that really means. Their stadium is about 12,000. Not nearly big enough for CFL. In terms of population, the city is similar in size to Hamilton. So it could be argued that it's a big enough city (then again, Hamilton being so close to Toronto and the Metro area being something like 6 million people is always the counter-argument). End of the day; I don't recall ever hearing of someone with money trying to make it happen in Quebec City so I doubt it will happen. Again, I'd love it but I don't think it'll happen.
  7. Honestly, as a CFL fan, I'd love to see a couple more markets come to be but it's not going to happen. Assuming the Schooners happen that will be it. I can't realistically see another city coming into the fold.
  8. The Pinball/Flutie years were amazing and the nostalgia that would come from this would be great but I don't think it's the best look the Argos could put on the field. I also really love the football boat logo they used yesterday. It's just fun. The Argos have a number of really cool looks to go with but, as much as it wouldn't be my personal 1st choice, I think the current primary logo (the shield) is a very good logo and they shouldn't stray from it. It's sad that the uniforms this year are so bland. I don't get what they were thinking. I think they had it right in 2018. (Minus the white helmet, though again, I personally liked the white helmet it makes the most sense to stay to a blue one). The only thing I'd add is extend the pants stripes to the bottom of the pants.
  9. I always liked the New York/Orlando Titans logo. More great work, I particularity like the Chicago set.
  10. Why? (just curious, not trying to be stand-offish...if that's a word) Impact was a long established brand before Montreal was in MLS.
  11. I'd be very interested to see and MLS/English Championship tournament as well. Even a 1-game champion vs champion game could be fun.
  12. Sorry but I'm going to have to disagree. I don't care if it's a meaningless tournament or the most meaningful game in club history. It's not about what level of competition it was. You just don't say that kind of thing. He's a professional, he should be better.
  13. The irony is that they lost to a team that was largely made up of players that were either in the academy and let go or were from the academy catchment and were never identified.
  14. Man, I haven't had that in years. Love seeing the pink!