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  1. So this certainly isn’t my conventional way of posting a concept, but I redesigned the Magic’s set in NBA 2K and decided to post a few screengrabs. I’ve reverted them back to their previous primary logo (2000-2010), and used this cool shell/wipe sublimated design on both uniform sets. I’ve converted them to Jordan brand and removed advertising from the front of the jerseys (also please excuse the Finals patch on the jersey backs). I think I’d like to either replace the Magic word mark on the roads with “Orlando” or make a black alternate. Not sure yet. C&C welcomed!
  2. This is a super rough mockup, but getting rid of the patch, switching Bone to white and using the home sleeves makes a huge difference.
  3. I think this implies alternates coming in 2021 and 2022?
  4. More photos at https://ramsnewlook.com
  5. Well, at least the Falcons don't have to worry about having the worst look in the league. Holy god, these are terrible.
  6. Thanks! The red alternate is there for two reasons: the fans in this area keep clamoring for it, and it's a more prominent nod to the Pat Patriot era garb in the 80s. They'd sell like wildfire if the team ever made one.
  7. I think the font represents something different to me, being from the Boston area. It’s not even about the aesthetic, it’s the run of excellence that went along with it.
  8. Versus the one they unveiled? I respectfully disagree. I personally would have stayed with their previous set, for the record, though.
  9. I know this isn't the Concepts forum, but it really upsets me that we could've had this, and don't. (I know that there's no true Color Rush option here, but you get the point. Add some red pants.)
  10. It looks a LITTLE plain/empty, but overall, this is really well done. Love the italic numerals, along with the smaller numerals returning to the helmet.
  11. That's SUCH good news. Is that white around the numbers instead of silver? Or just the lighting?
  12. There's a very strong possibility of that being the case. They weren't changing anything major during the Brady era.
  13. Here's what the corrected stripes would look like with a navy middle stripe instead of white.
  14. If they did indeed unveil incorrect pants, and are using the ones on the mascot/in the style guide, that *greatly* influences my opinion of these things.