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  1. https://twitter.com/patriots/status/955824742266736641 Team confirms it, with pictures.
  2. Red Sox just changed their road set after winning a title last year.
  3. Unwind


    I appreciate your efforts. That said, this is a collective forum of creativity. When posting a concept, you need to adhere to two things: make it original, and listen to feedback. Otherwise, there's no point in posting your work here. Respectfully, scrap this series and start a new one with fresh concepts.
  4. Honored to be nominated! Good luck to all.
  5. Can you post a larger version of the logo?
  6. What a shame. They have such an engaging primary logo, and it goes to waste in this boring, uninspired set.
  7. Please leave. Inappropriate on a number of levels.
  8. It wasn't a huge change -- slightly darker as I felt the blue was too bright.
  9. After receiving positive feedback from my update to Detroit's road set, I decided to expand this into an entire Tigers refresh. Let's get to the changes I've made and the reasons behind them: Navy has been darkened. Gives a crisper feel in contrast to the orange. The orange is a bit bolder as well, to serve as a more outstanding accent color specifically in the absence of white on the traditional road set. The home "D" on the jersey now matches the "D" on the cap. I felt this was a necessary change to maintain uniformity throughout the identity. Both road jerseys feature piping around the sleeve cuff and "V" neck, in contrast to the current piping down the center. I felt this showed a genuine contrast between the home and road sets, but not enough to break the uniformity of the entire identity. White has been eliminated from the primary road set. I never liked the "double stroke" look around the wordmark, nameplate and numerals on the current roads. It looks outdated and crowded. A simpler navy with orange stroke shows a modern, clean, respectful update to one of the league's most revered ball clubs. I've added a road alternate set, for use during away games only. The Tigers' home whites are the only jerseys to be worn at Comerica Field, to maintain the club's traditional appearance. The navy roads may be worn on Friday or Sunday road contests. This navy jersey is a recoloration of the updated roads, featuring orange piping on the sleeves and neck. All three jerseys feature no sleeve artwork. This is to further maintain the cleanliness of the entire identity, and leave room for patches dedicated to special occasions. That about does it! I'd love to hear feedback from you all. Thanks! (Edit: I noticed I accidentally omitted the MLB logo on the back of the jerseys. Please ignore that small note.)
  11. I think the uniforms could use a slight bit more green, perhaps just as a subtle addition of piping here and there. Otherwise, this set is outstanding and seems like a huge upgrade over the Mavs' current look.
  12. Is the football silhouette in the middle taken from the NFL logo?
  13. The Panthers' blue looks to be a bit lighter/brighter.