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  1. It's pronounced Handy Nasty. (At least it is when we order food from the nearby Chinese restaurant with the same name)
  2. Yikes. Where to even start...
  3. 1. It's hard to believe that it's been TWELVE years since I lost my numbers. 2. Lots of great former CCSLCers from the past in that old thread.
  4. Rob Ducey played in all 3, including both Canadian MLB teams. Way to go Rob!
  5. Road uniforms are fantastic, but these are a swing and a miss. They'd be so much better with a yellow script and no extra outlines on the numbers. Also, does this mean the yellow throwbacks with the black pants are gone?
  6. My friend and I were talking about this earlier. It's a little surprising to me that literally only one player ever is a unanimous Hall of Famer. Like, how did Mays, Aaron and Ruth not go in unanimously? Hell, even more recent guys like Tony did someone, let alone 13 people, not vote for him?
  7. Not a huge fan of the navy, honestly. I get that it contrasts better, and the color is technically in their logo, but I don't think it's necessary. Royal blue letters/numbers and a white-paneled royal blue hat would've been perfectly fine.
  8. There's some neon green going on the Eagles's probably nothing, but it seems to come out of nowhere. The NFC East Champions logo also had neon green (at least the ones I saw* did). I thought it was just the theme for this year's playoffs, but I can't seem to find it on any other team's website. Like i said, probably nothing, but maybe neon green could work it's way into the current scheme? I kinda like the double green, honestly, provided it's used sparingly. I'd still prefer kelly green. *To clarify, I have absolutely no inside information, but I work for an Eagles sponsor and received the division champions logo to create signs and web banners etc.
  9. Not sure if it means anything, but in everything I've seen, they're exclusively wearing those. They'd be a welcome upgrade over the current home uniforms (which look even worse with the swoosh on them)
  10. I'm still amazed that former Detroit Lions WR Josh McCown is still in the league.
  11. I actually really liked Tulane's look, although their color combo is easily one of my favorites in sports. I get your stance that they should be wearing the color in their name, but in general, their uniforms looked pretty solid. Not a fan of the camo in the helmet logo, but I guess we definitely have to honor america somehow. It's not that noticeable from a distance, and we've seen worse uses of pointless camo.
  12. The all caps olde english is atrocious, but these are quite nice Also, I've been clamoring for years for a pro team to pick up Tulane's dark green and light blue color scheme. The closest we have are the Daytona Tortugas.
  13. If that doesn't sum up the 2019 Packers in a nutshell, I don't know what does. I'm not gonna complain about a 12-4 season, but good luck explaining how in the bluest of hells this team continues to pull wins out of their a--. It also sums up the Lions, who blew TEN leads this season. I'm perfectly fine losing the past few weeks, but it'd be nice to be playing for playoffs, rather than draft position, every season.
  14. The Packers went 2-0 against the Lions this season without leading either game for a single second.
  15. More the moment than the photo itself, but still memorable....
  16. Favorite: - Returns to retro/retro inspired looks (Oilers, Sabres, Blue Jays etc.) - Unique Minor League baseball identities - Certain throwbacks finally made a return (Whalers! Expos!) Least Favorite: - So. Many. Alternates. - MLB Special Occasion Uniforms - Stance's MLB socks (some of the normal stripey ones are ok, but overall, they look awful) - NFL Color Rush - Sponsors and sleeves on NBA uniforms - Stupid Minor League baseball names
  17. I'm pretty sure the Vet had troughs, although I was only at your namesake a handful of times. My first Eagles game was at the Linc, but I went to a few Phillies games as a kid. They even referenced the troughs on an episode of The Goldbergs.
  18. If I recall, Ford Field had the trough when I was there in 2010. Very odd, considering it was built within this century, and literally the only trough I've pissed in other than at The Vet when I was a kid.
  19. Clearly you're not referring to streaking Gritty, are you?
  20. I'm more intrigued by the bottom half of the jersey and sleeves...did they just add extra material (that doesn't match) because Zdeno's so damn tall?
  21. Can't wait to see who the Angels panic sign/trade for. I'm just just hoping it's not 2010 again, where they missed out on Carl Crawford (which is good in hindsight), Adrian Beltre, and Cliff Lee, then stupidly traded Napoli and Rivera for Vernon Wells. That said, I wanted Gerrit Cole in Anaheim, but that money could be spent better for the Angels. One dominant pitcher's not fixing that rotation.