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  1. The socks are kinda nice on their own?
  2. I'm pulling for Washington to be that team.
  3. I also have an invite expiring this week.
  4. Stance makes Maryland flag socks, too. Surprised they didn't wear those to complete this awful minor league look.
  5. Hard pass. I'll also pass on Steve Finley, Gary Matthews Jr., Vernon Wells, Matt Harvey, Matt Joyce and, in another year or so, Zack Cozart.
  6. While he clearly hasn't lived up to the contract and has severely declined, Pujols hasn't been quite as bad as it seems. He's put up 95+ RBI in 5 of the 7 full seasons (100+ in 4 of them). His average across the 7 seasons is just under .260, which again, is not the Albert Pujols the Angels signed up for, but not outright awful. Now, as an Angels fan, I'll 100% consider it a disappointment, if not a failure, but his down years are better than most players' down years. (Maybe I'm just trying to find some light in this whole thing )
  7. Albert Pujols is finally making his return to St. Louis tonight as a member of the Angels, which I'm actually pretty excited to see. During his press conference earlier, he said he's excited to see Mike Trout play in front of "real baseball fans".
  8. Camden Yards isn't the flashiest/modern place to see a game, but it's definitely a great place to see one. It's pretty basic, honestly. The warehouse has a decent bar (Dempsey's) and the team store, and Eutaw Street (where the warehouse is) has a nice standing area and Boog's BBQ that Crabcake mentioned. I can't remember if I've had that, or if I'm confusing it with Bull's BBQ at CBP. Crabcake also mentioned the crab fries, but I'll admit that I like Chickie's more. I know they're famous for a softshell crab sandwich, but I've never had it. Tickets are generally pretty cheap, too. I was in the 5th row, 3rd baseline last night for maybe $40. Are you staying in Baltimore overnight? I've stayed at the same hotel a bunch of times (including last night) and can't complain. It's a very short walk from the stadium, has parking, and pretty affordable. I highly doubt you'll be wearing Toronto gear (Thanks, Joe Carter) but Baltimore fans are very easy going. Nobody said a word to me about my Vlad Jr. shirt or the billion times I've worn Angels gear.
  9. I completely forgot to recap my trip to DC.... - We ate at the Gordon Biersch Brewery near the stadium. I had no idea it was a chain, but my food and beer were good. There were plenty of restaurants and bars right around the stadium. Some of them I believe are chains, similar to a Chipotle as far as being not quite fast food. We ate at a Roti (mediterranean food) after the 2nd game, which I never heard of, but is a chain. It was pretty solid. - Ben's Chili Bowl was really good at the stadium. - Loved Nationals Park. It reminds me a lot of Citizens Bank Park (where I go pretty regularly), but much more open in the concourse and cleaner in general. - I really enjoyed the use of old school hip hop instrumentals between plays. Seriously, I loved it. - Howie Kendrick hit a game winning homerun, so that's a plus (I'm likely the only person on the planet with both a Phillies and a Nats Kendrick t-shirt). And, since I was just there last night, Baltimore: - Camden Yards will likely forever be my favorite ballpark. I go at least a few times a year (so far 3 times this season). - They added a "market" inside the stadium, where you can pick your own beers out of a fridge, and I think they have sandwiches and other things in there. I kept getting Steady Eddie (a beer with Eddie Murray on it). I liked the can. - Before the game, the bars across the street (Sliders and Pickles) are alright, although I'll admit it's better to hang outside rather than go inside. They're kind of crappy inside, and it's about a thousand degrees in there.
  10. I'm by no means an expert on Pittsburgh, but I'll throw out a few suggestions, mostly regarding food 1. PNC Park is gorgeous, as is the surrounding area around Heinz Field etc. I'll admit that I've never seen a game at PNC (I've been to Pirates games at Three Rivers a few times), but I got to walk around the stadium for a while before a Pitt football game. 2. I'll always suggest Fathead's in the South Side for a place to eat and drink. It's been a while since I've been there, but it was always my favorite place to eat at when I visited the city. I'm sure locals will tell you more interesting (and probably less touristy) places to go to, but for beer and a really big sandwich, Fatheads is great. 3. If you're anywhere near Pitt's campus (Oakland), check out Fuel & Fuddle. Well, if you're in the mood for an incredible Meatloaf & Mashed Potato sandwich, that is. I've only eaten it once sober, but it was just as good as the number of times I had it not-sober
  11. Nobody could hit the Tanner Twister...except for Brett, of course.
  12. Is there a reason why ESPN has mentioned and cut-in to Manny Machado's "return to New York" multiple times during the Marlins/Nationals game? I get that the Yankees wanted to sign him, but really, who cares? There's nothing unique about a guy who's opposed the Yankees a hundred times playing once again as a visitor.
  13. 2,000th RBI for Albert today. Joining only 2 (or 4, depending who you ask) players ever. Guess who has tickets to see the Angels the next TWO NIGHTS. (It's me. I'm hoping I at least get to see Shohei hit his first HR of the season. I feel like I should get some sort of reward for sitting through a [likely brief] Matt Harvey start.)
  14. "The new icon was created to represent both home and heart, this shape also conveys motion through an infinity loop, reminiscent of one getting their arms around both home and life. The rings, like those of a tree trunk, show longevity. With home and heart at the center, the rings radiate and grow to encompass our broad assortment of products and services," Sears said, in a comment last week. Yep. Sears used to be my client at my old job, which I started 10 years ago this month (that's an unfortunate thing to think about). This is at least their 4th logo change within that time period, although I think the stores I did work for (hometown/hardware...they're separate. I could explain this, but I won't.) were still using the capitalized inline logo after it had been replaced. I don't know where this was heading, honestly. I did some design work for Sears a few years ago. That's all.
  15. I like that the Chargers are primarily powder blue, but I have to admit, I actually think the navy jersey is nicer in the current set. Love the new facemasks, though.
  16. I don't think we have a thread like this currently (I found one that's locked), but if we do, by all means, this can be merged or deleted. Anyway, I figured we could have a thread to discuss ballparks. I was going to open up one for the one I'm visiting specifically, but I think an overall thread would be helpful for those of us who check out different stadiums. So, I'm headed to Nationals Park next weekend for the first time. I'll be likely walking/ubering to the stadium from my hotel, so I'm not concerned about traffic, but I am curious as to what's around Nationals Park to eat/drink before the game, or any things I need to check out in the stadium. I've been to DC a few years ago, but I'm not at all familiar with what's in that part of town.
  17. While I'm not a Phillies fan, and I admittedly can't stand Bryce Harper, it was a lot of fun being at CBP for opening day and Sunday Night Baseball (even if I froze my ass off Sunday night). Going to a game is much more fun when the crowd is 1. actually there and 2. invested in the team. The buzz around the park was a nice change of pace. Traffic still sucks.
  18. I was at Citizens Bank Park today for the Phillies' opener. Harper got a MASSIVE ovation when he was first announced and for his first at bat. After starting the day going 0-3 with 2 Ks, people were booing him after his 3rd AB (2nd K) and when he came up for his 4th. Welcome to Philly, Bryce!
  19. As an Angels fan living in Philly, I'm so unbelievably happy right now.
  20. I think he was thinking of Mayor McCheese... ...or one of these guys
  21. Free agency has been going on for one day, and I'm already terrified at how optimistic I am for the Lions right now.
  22. I love just about everything about this. If I'm going to nitpick, I'd suggest switching the ALT Away cap to solid brown, and adding some yellow to the home cap. I'm a little unsure about the mismatched fonts on the primary'd read funny, but if you used the "Padres" font and switch the order (Padres up top, San Diego on the bottom), it would fit.
  23. As someone who occasionally (okay, maybe often) sports a Fat Boys t-shirt, I love this.