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  1. Not crazy about the name (I don't think it's that bad, either), but goddamn, those jerseys are incredible. I haven't bought a new hockey jersey on years, but i might need that white one.
  2. I picked the Angels and Lions because they're my favorite teams. The rest are mascots I really like.
  3. This particular instance is also seen in an episode of "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"...
  4. Not sure about hardcore Bears fans, but in another episode, Steve, Grandma and Carl go to the Bears game in their Bears gear (Steve has a sweet hat that's a stuffed bear). Eddie's a peanut vendor at the stadium. Hilarity ensues. Edit: Carl DID NOT have Bears stuff on. Continuity! And just to throw another Family Matters sports reference in there....
  5. There's a Family Matters Halloween episode where Carl's inexplicably dressed as Emmitt Smith. At least his jersey included the 75th season patch. Eddie also had a Cowboys poster in his room in that episode. It was confusing, and a little disappointing. Also, I think Home Improvement is most closely related with the Detroit Lions, but let's take a look at the Toolman's glorious collection of Motor City crewneck sweatshirts....
  6. Sweet intro videos and songs. Also, I miss getting the Starstruck catalog with all the minor league baseball hats.
  7. Agreed 100% on the current look. And I agree that the Mullin era is the best, but I'm also admittedly a fan if the Jason Richardson era jerseys, too. I'm well aware I'm likely in the minority there.
  8. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't think this is a top 10 jersey in the NBA right now (even with the font upgrade), let alone 27th all-time. But I guess if the team is good, they must have classic uniforms, right?
  9. Well, for one, I wouldn't have knocked over a lamp as I jumped for joy when the Angels won.
  10. I'll save you guys the's not baseball playing monkeys.
  11. I had the Samsung Lions and Dinos game on yesterday afternoon while I was working, and I enjoyed it. It's obviously not quite the same for many reasons, but it was nice to have baseball to watch. Also, let's go Giants! (I'm rooting for them solely because former Angel Hank Conger is their catching coach)
  12. The 80s gave us Steve Jeltz, the greatest French born baseball player of all time, and his glorious jheri curl.
  13. Not a huge fan of the all pewter look, but these are perfectly fine.
  14. Somehow, it's taken me 15 years to do a real concept featuring my namesake on here, but I've got time to work on stuff. I hinted at it in a lounge thread, but I actually cleaned it up a bit. I'm not crazy about his legs/treatment of fur just yet, but I figured I'd share where I'm at for now. My plan is to do a legit logo set for the Orbiters. FYI - The Orbiters are a real(ish) thing, used in trading cards and merchandise, which is why I chose red. Still working on this script.
  15. I worked from home today knowing that I was supposed to have the day off to drive to Baltimore to drink beer, eat hot dogs and see the O's get clobbered by the Yankees. It most definitely wasn't the same.
  16. You're right in feeling this way. Now, I love Darius Slay, but he definitely took a step back last year. I'm glad the Lions weren't going to pay him what he was asking. However, he clearly lacked motivation last season. His interview today clearly demonstrates that he just didn't like Patricia (and deservedly so, if everything Slay says is true. And based on what every departing Lion says, I feel like it is.). A new home could do some good, but it's still probably too much money to throw at a guy who's likely declining. That said, Slay has to be an upgrade for the Eagles secondary, no? I feel like the secondary's something my friends are constantly complaining about. Besides, you know, everything else
  17. Yep. It's almost entirely based off of the Padres logo. It's actually based off of/traced from a concept I did almost 9 years ago (wait, NINE YEARS?!?) on here. The feet, arms and bat are straight from that concept, which was kind of my intent. I freaking love the swingin' padre. So there is a literal connection.
  18. I don't have much to say about this one. I wanted new shirts for my softball team. I love the Big Lebowski and the swinging friar logo. This is what I did with rather than sleeping last night.
  19. Seeing all the games on the screen makes me so happy today
  20. I've never been there (although it finally might happen this season), but I've seen multiple people bring up helmet nachos on an Angels reddit. I feel like you almost have to get them in order to add to your collection.
  21. Agreed. Gordon's last dunk, while it's impressive how high he can jump, was essentually just a two handed dunk. Granted, I say this not able to touch the rim, but I don't think that dunk is anywhere near a 50.
  22. Shibe just opened up a retail store in the King of Prussia Mall, too. I love the look of most of their stuff.
  23. I know there's also these two for Philly...I have a Gritty shirt from Veterans Shirtium.
  24. As someone who loves wearing sports themed shirts, but doesn't always like to get things from Fanatics, I've found some great things from "local" t-shirt and apparel companies (as well as Homage, which I've been supporting for a few years now). For example, there's The Mitten State, who carries all Michigan-themed shirts... And Charlie Hustle out of Kansas City.... Anybody know of other types of sites? I'm mostly interested because I love these types of shirts, and also because I live in Philly but follow teams nowhere near here. Not entirely sure if this belongs in Sports in General or not, so mods, feel free to move if necessary.