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  1. My facebook memories reminded me that I almost froze to death 6 years ago today....
  2. For some reason, I always thought the Lightning "Victory Stripes" (in the armpit) were kinda cool. I never knew they existed until I actually saw a Lightning jersey in a store.
  3. The name is stupid, but that's the best Brandiose identity in a long time. Those logos are fantastic.
  4. Easily my #1 answer.... But both of these resulted in me shouting, then pacing around my living room.
  5. Looks like a view of the [mostly or entirely unchanged] wordmark at the end...I'm so pumped!
  6. The D-Backs new stuff isn't bad by any means, but I really wish there was teal in more than one of the uniforms.
  7. #19 on the 1991 Phillies was John Lindeman (never heard of him?), so yeah, no idea why Krukker changed to 28. Also, looking at the '91 Phillies on Baseball Reference really brought out some names I completely forgot about, most notably Bruce Ruffin and Randy Ready.
  8. It's really weird seeing a Canadien #11 that's not Saku Koivu. It just doesn't look right.
  9. A few questions.... - Based specifically on the Blades jerseys, was this around Kansas City? - How many non-local teams' jerseys did you actually sell? I used to work at a Finish Line, and we only got local teams and superstars...and Matt Ryan because he was from the town I worked in. - What happens to all the jerseys you don't sell? Like, where did all the Joe Smith Warriors jerseys end up? I'm guessing thrift stores, but I don't know how this stuff works. - Do you still have any Burger Kings' jerseys? - Can I have one?
  10. Granted, I was 5 in 1991, but I really don't remember him wearing #28. Was it for the full season? I think the only way I remember 11 and 19 is because I had those cards. I tried to look it up, and all I see is that he traded #28 to Mitch Williams, who was acquired at the beginning of the season, for two cases of beer. That's fantastic!
  11. Worse! Better! Mostly because he wore 47 for the Angels, Phillies and Dodgers before the #4 and #12 nonsense in DC. AND LOOK WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED!!
  12. I'm not entirely sure what the deal is with the song itself...I think it's a Korean thing that eventually caught on as a "challenge" on youtube. I know it's popular among kids, and, based on what my co-workers with kids have said, parents seem to hate it? But for the Nats, Gerardo Parra used it as his walk-up music in June, and it stuck around.
  13. Holy crap. (It took me this long to calm down after Howie's HR)
  14. Well, this isn't good. Scherzer's scratched from the Game 5 start.
  15. I thought the rumor for favorite for the Mets was Eduardo Perez, although I've also seen Tim Bogar as a potential candidate.
  16. - The Jon Paxson game-winning three against the Suns in 1993. I was 7 years old and in Disney World, and it ruined my vacation. - 2009 ALCS. I could've seen my favorite team (Angels) play against my hometown team (Phillies) in a World Series. It would've been great, and I wouldn't have had any friends afterwards. - Most days as a Detroit Lions fan, but specifically when the Eagles crushed them in the '96 playoffs. Wasn't a fun time at school the next day. - Eagles Superbowl victory. I hate the Eagles, and I had to design Superbowl Champions banners and signs for the parade the day after (I work for one of their sponsors). We had Eagles themed parties at work, and "wear your [terrible chinese counterfeit] jerseys to work" days. But hey, the Red Wings have been pretty good to me. I missed the '09 Stanley Cup game 7 against Pittsburgh for a bachelor party.
  17. There was a stat the other day that since the start of the 2017 season, Howie Kendrick has the highest batting average in baseball (with minimum of I think 850 PAs). He came up as a guy who was "going to win batting titles", which he hasn't, but he's always been a solid hitter. I'm wholeheartedly admitting some bias here, as he's been my favorite player for a decade, but his performance this postseason hasn't been that much of a surprise. It's been awesome to see though.
  18. Not the point I was trying to make...I completely agree with everything you said here. I was merely trying to say that it was frustrating that they couldn't find the endzone. I was worried that all the drives stalling and ending in 3 points instead of 7 could come back to haunt them.
  19. It sucks that officiating had such a big impact, but it doesn't negate the fact that the Lions couldn't score a damn touchdown to save their lives. One would've put this game away.
  20. It's so sad...and I feel like the ugliness might just be beginning. It seems like either Kay or Mead isn't being 100% honest here, and it's possible that the team could've just turned a blind eye to Skaggs' addiction. Awful. Also, they mentioned 5 former Angels also being involved in this...part of me wonders if one wasn't Tommy Hanson (who died of a drug overdose) or Josh Hamilton (who was basically kicked off the team due to relapsing).
  21. The wordmark, too. And what the hell...the afro, too (RIP Oscar)
  22. Just got done celebrating Howie's grand slam. I was so pumped! (For those unaware, I'm likely the world's biggest Howie Kendrick fan)
  23. One minor gripe...on the alt logo, the lines on the ball get kinda awkward where they meet the outline of the "76". Like the little piece right by the top of the 6, and how the center line of the ball is thinned out. I do love how clean the uniforms and wordmarks are.
  24. Happy 1st birthday, Gritty!!!