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  1. Albany-Schenectady-Troy media market has had many teams that have used regional names. The first was a phantom team, Tri-City Comets (Schenectady) of the ABA in 1974. It didn't become a team; the arena was never built. Glens Falls, a city 50 miles north of Albany, has used Adirondack: Adirondack Thunder Adirondack Flames Adirondack Phantoms Adirondack Red Wings Adirondack Icehawks/Frostbite Adirondack Wildcats Adirondack Lumberjacks Empire State Stallions Troy has used Tri-City (ValleyCats) and Capital District (Islanders). Albany has used Capital Region (Pontiacs) and New York (Kick).
  2. Most of us would have preferred Spiders, but the connection to the pre-1900 losingest team is what doomed it. I hope that the next logo - the one used feels so like a rush job but won't be used later - incorporates the four statutes.
  3. MLB will be okay, since there are more "college aged" independent baseball leagues that have sprung up. NHL still has the junior system, might increase. The NBA has the G League, with just one team for high schoolers to join. MLS has its own minor league opening up soon. WBNA might be hit the hardest unless they, too, get a W-G League. The NFL is the only league that will suffer. And good! That monopoly needs to be slapped!
  4. Rick Carlisle Terry Stots Scott Brooks All three let go from their respective teams, all have the Albany Patroons in common.
  5. Glad the goatee is gone. But still, makes the Crew look like the Cleveland Browns of MLS. Who thinks that's a go...nevermind.
  6. Caribous of Colorado midriff leather fringe. Leather. Fringe.
  7. *Capital District Islanders have entered the discussion*
  8. Schenectady NY The Electric Grinch was a bar with awesome food. They were literally down the road (Erie Blvd which was part of the Erie Canal) from General Electric plant #1. It was a joke name, with a purposely stolen logo. At least GE had a sense of humor about it. Seems the bar wants attention
  9. Some of us fans were pushing for Kansas City to be the host, and have the players wear Negro League uniforms! We should ask MLB to allow the players to do so in Denver!
  10. Actual Indigenous people have been behind the change for years! Not those who just claim to be "Native American", which was the sample group for the Washington Post poll. For example: Spiders appears to be the frontrunner on the sports nerd Twitter beat. Blues, Rockers are also up there.
  11. Orange and maroon from the Houston Summit Soccer? Baltimore Blast 1980-81 tequila sunrise?
  12. From NASCAR journalist Twitter, NASCAR may know who it is already and are looking to find him before Bubba's crew and others do!
  13. And on Twitter, a gas man said "Show me where there has been blatant racism in NASCAR. @BubbaWallace sorry this happened to ya bro. But this sport has never been criticized for being at all racist" And now, he doesn't want to talk about it,
  14. The stages are necessary because this aeropackage sucks! Clean air is everything. Yes, there are more passing overall, but it's all midpack. I believe that on road courses and the Roval, at the stage end, throw no caution, let them go.
  15. The US voted AGAINST having professionals in Olympic basketball competition. Olympic men's soccer is 23-under, with a couple of over aged players. Basketball should do this.
  16. To check tire wear, usually between 20 and 35 laps. It's a safety issue. When there's no practice, how are you supposed to know what the tire limits are?
  17. Competition cautions are used on "green tracks, ones that have not seen action at all or it rained since the last time the cars were on. It's to check tire wear.
  18. I miss the burned popcorn, soggy hot dog buns, and the ability to have a choice of Coke or Pepsi at a short race track.
  19. Competition cautions have been around since for as long as I can remember, and that's BEFORE 1979. The stages were designed to bring fields back together, mostly due to the fact that NASCAR paid engineers haven't a clue as to how design cars which can race without that damn splitter.
  20. I remember there being talk about having a 4 Ball league, only 4 players per team. That might work, in places like Nashville, Columbus, Albany, Anaheim.
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