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  1. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  2. The rear of the plane is actually a pretty decent start. There could be a some better depth and color balance though. I would lose the thin white outlines separating the stabilizers and fill those with a solid color. You could also exaggerate the engines a bit as well. The way the green and yellow meet and mirror each other in the body of the jet gets a bit muddled when you scale down the logo and you lose some of that perceived dimension.
  3. The NFC North may already be the best looking division in the NFL, but all of these concepts and fantastic improvements that I would love to see implemented by each team. The Packers throwback is exactly what they should wear instead of those gaudy blue uniform, tan pants, green facemask eyesores. Great call on the single thick outline on Chicago's wishbone C and I'm really digging the orange over navy alternate. For the Lions, I think the blue facemask was the right call. Also, I see on the photo-realistic mock ups that there isn't that extra blue outline on the logo but on the 2D templates there is. Personally, I like the single white outline. Love the updated Vikings logo. It's amazing how a small change made the old logo better and then you've stepped it up a notch to produce a really fantastic looking logo that doesn't lose any of the old-school grit. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the number font. I've just always fount it odd looking.
  4. I like the color scheme. The logo could use some work, though. For such an iconic and badass looking plane, the perspective you've chosen makes it look very static. It could still work, however, if you add some more detail. As of right now, it reads as a silhouette with just a few highlights. It doesn't read as an F-14. I'd go with a white helmet, too. The logo gets a little lost as is.
  5. I'm going to preface this by saying that, from what I've observed over the last couple of years, there are fewer and fewer members actually giving constructive criticism/comments. I'm not trying to backseat mod or come off as pretentious, but constructive criticism is really important if we want to see better content being and/or assist a designer in improving his/her work. I stopped posting for a while (not because of the aforementioned, life just kinda blindsided me) and I've been slowly getting back into my hobbies and interests so I've been back in the concepts threads and this is just something I've noticed. But enough on that. This concept, honestly, it just doesn't work. I get that you're trying to combine the vintage logo with the pewter classics, but there isn't enough of a change that marries those two eras together into a cohesive look. For one, as stated above, Bucco Bruce really gets lost in the pewter. While an outline would help, it would still look way out of place with all of the other elements of the uniforms. To be frank, there really isn't a lot going on here. The concept is essentially Bucco Bruce on the helmet of the late 90s/2000s uniforms and then the throwbacks. The all red uniform is too close to the Chiefs "blood clot" unis as well. If you want to use Bucco as the primary logo and the red and pewter uniforms as a base for the concept, I'd suggest playing around with those colors, implement them into the vintage logo, and then create a uniform set that works to bring all of the elements together as a cohesive look.
  6. I really hope they bring Bucco Bruce back in some capacity. I don't remember the era when Tampa used Bucco and the creamsicle uniforms, I was about 5 or 6 when they switched over to the pewter identity, but ol' Bruce and those bright orange jerseys are actually what got me interested in sports logos and uniform design. I have only one customized NFL jersey and it's a creamsicle. @McCarthy as others have clearly expressed, your concept is awesome. I was scanning this thread for the first time in a while and among all of the variations and color schemes, I think that the one you put on that white helmet a couple pages back works best.
  7. Kinda sucks that you're hardly getting any comments or constructive criticism on these. From what I see, there's a lot of promise in these concepts. I'm far from an expert, but I've been here a while so I can try and do my best to give you a few pointers. First of all, I want to say that many of these have a really decent idea behind them. You wordmarks are pretty good, but the logos do need a bit of work. Yours, as they are now, look more like illustrations than logos. Logos tend to be simpler with thicker lines. Think about scaling the logo down to something that would fit on a business card or a polo shirt. Will all elements of your logo be able to stand out? Would the colors bleed? Another thing to consider asking yourself: Can the logo be printed in stark black and white? These are all thinks you must think about when designing. Like I mentioned earlier, all of your logos show great promise. I love the idea behind all of them. Even the weird Iceman, dude. The idea is there, but it needs a lot of work. I can't for the life of me draw faces any humanesque type of logo, so I can't give a whole lot of help here. Basically, just follow the guidelines I mentioned above. Thicker and fewer lines and I would try to limit it to about three or four colors (including black), right now, if I'm not mistaken in my count, you have 8 colors going on in the iceman logo. Speaking of colors, I'd also mess around with different pallets. In a few of your concepts the colors seem muted or muddied, others simply don't use colors that are attractive together. For instance, I really like the logo for the Neptunes, but the blue and gold bleed pretty bad. It's actually a really nice shade of blue, but with that dark and saturated of a gold, it looks more green that it actually is. On top of that, I see 6 different shades of gold in the 'N', way too many. A couple things, and these are less important to your improvement in design, but, I think a better template would work in your favor. When you zoom in you can see many lose pixels around the lines of the template. Also, I mentioned above that I really liked the wordmark logos for each team, but the actual number fonts are quite boring. I'd find and download some different fonts to try out. I hope some of this helps and I'd love to see a few updates. These definitely show effort and potential.
  8. 5-10 for the blackout. And currently in last place of all that have completed each week thus far. Ouch. Oh well, here goes. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay
  9. Schenn signed an 8-year, $52 million contract extension with the Blues yesterday. Makes me think that Pietrangelo will be with someone else next year.
  10. LA Rams vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh New England vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. Oakland Minnesota vs. NY Giants Jacksonville vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Denver vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Dallas Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. San Francisco
  11. A field goal from 50+ is not a guaranteed 3, though. Through the first four games this season, 36 attempts have been made from 50 yards or greater. 21 were good and 15 were no good (58.3% success rate). Last season, 63.8% of field goal attempts from 50 yards out were good. From the 2015 season to present, 63.6% of field goals from 50+ were successful, with an average length of 53.1 yards. They're not necessarily gimmes. Kicking a 50+ yard field goal or trusting your offense to go down and score a TD makes for different styles of play and coaching, adding more risk since there is now an element of choice of how to win the game. Especially when you consider how good a team's kicker is compared to their offense. A couple of close 4th quarter game scenarios: (Note these all depend on time left in regulation, timeouts left, etc.) Team A is down 3 late in the game (around 2 or 3 minutes) they have the choice to try a 50+ yarder just to tie, or go down and win the game with a TD. If Team A crosses midfield too quickly, do they sit on the ball for the chance to tie? Probably not. Most coaches would push for the game-winning TD. Even if Team A decides to attempt the field goal, and it is good, Team B in some cases may have a little bit of time to get the ball back and score. Team A is down 7 and the 4th quarter is more than halfway over. They're going to need the touchdown, obviously. Say Team A marches down inside the redzone but can't punch the ball in. Depending on how much time is left in the game, Team A can opt to go for the touchdown to tie or kick for a point and hope that they can stop Team B from scoring with enough time left on the clock for them, Team A, to try again for the TD (which, assuming the PAT is good, is the game-winning touchdown). EDIT: You mentioned a team running backwards to get into 3-point range. All the NFL has to do in that case is apply a "back field violation" penalty for any team inside the 15 yard line from intentionally running backwards.
  12. Does anyone else think that because of the internet and all of these excellent designs, teams are weary of making any changes even slightly resembling a concept posted online? The original Baltimore Ravens logo lawsuit doesn't help either.
  13. I understand that it is different, but I'd argue that it isn't completely different seeing as whichever team scores 6 first does, in fact, win the game. Beyond neither team scoring a TD on their first possession, the game winning field goal does make sense in an effort to keep OT shorter on the basis of a 15 minutes period. The 10 minute period, I feel, is too short. And yeah, it was probably being discussed beforehand but I just thought it to be coincidental that the rules were tested the next season. At the time, I personally had not heard of any overtime rule changes being talked about.
  14. Not sure if serious or not. But regardless, I have an interesting anecdote related to Goodell and rule changes. To preface, this occurred the season right before the overtime rules were changed, or, at least tested in the playoffs. I was on NFL.com one day and noticed there was an upcoming "Chat with the Commissioner" live event. The chat was that day, and I had had this idea for new OT rules for a couple years now, so you can basically see where this is going. Long story short: I mentioned in the chat that the overtime period should simply be: the first team to score 6 (obviously, a touchdown or two field goals). The next season the rules were tested in the playoffs and then put into full practice the following year. So, maybe the internet may have some pull. I do wish Goodell would have commented on my post as he did many others. At least to say, "Hey that's not a bad idea" or something. (And if you really are serious about sending this to the commish, let me know and I can edit this part out). ----- I like both ideas. Narrowing the goalposts, IIRC, has been brought up before by the NFL but obviously we haven't seen any indicators that that will happen in the near future. The point change is a little complex, but it makes sense. I've often thought that it would be interesting if field goal points were based on distance. It's a little more difficult to scale now that an extra point is ~33 yards, but I think it could still work at some capacity. 20 yards or shorter = 1pt, 21-49 = 2pts, 50+ = 3pts. That would definitely up the risk taking for going for the TD.
  15. Glorious. I too am confused as to why the 2013 Blackhawks were awarded the Stanley Cup.