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  1. The contrast stitching on Vandy's jerseys and pants just make it that much worse too.
  2. UNLV-Vanderbilt might be the worst looking game of the year.
  3. Love that new Brooklyn statement uni. Like others said though, the only thing hurting the look is the number font. Make it similar to the wordmark and outline it in black and you have a winner.
  4. Miami has new white uniforms. Probably going to have a new set based on this design. Personally, I don't think they're bad, but last year's set with the split orange and green look was awesome.
  5. I was literally about to nominate this game for best matchup of the week. Right now I'd give it a tie with Pitt-Penn State too.
  6. While I love this throwback look, I think South Carolina already has a really good set of uniforms that don't need much changing other than switching to the same font as the throwback.
  7. Northwestern @ Stanford is an amazing looking game. Easily top 5 matchup of the weekend. Seems like there aren't a lot of over the top combos today.
  8. While I agree with your statement, these jerseys still evoke the idea MLB was going for the last 2 seasons with the bright colors and all. At least they have some life to them y'know?
  9. They should've used "Steel City" if they weren't going to put Pirates or Pittsburgh on the jersey. Still better than the Players' Weekend uniforms though.
  10. Has anyone noticed the Rockies have a new pair of white pants they wear with their purple jerseys? They are solid white with a purple stripe down the leg. I like them better than the pinstriped pants for sure.
  11. Absolutely love this. The way the outlines on the numbers are make it look like the glow from neon lights.
  12. While I don't hate the Steelers one, it would look better if the white and yellow didn't touch like on the regular uniforms.
  13. I mean it makes sense, considering Dr. Phillips' name is plastered all over buildings in Orlando, but idk if it's a good idea to base a uniform off of.
  14. Okay, so here are versions with lowered and raised stripes. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the lower stripes, because the higher ones end up looking like this... But I'll let y'all decide for yourselves.
  15. After watching both our women's and men's teams play on Sunday, I kept getting the urge to make a new set for them. Looking at the "new" crest and the previous one, I'm surprised the teams never tried basing a jersey design off the stripes on the crests. Also being a huge fan of the waldo uniforms, I wanted to go with a similar look, but not an exact copy. I decided to do three uniforms, and feature some of the young US stars. So without further adieu, here is my first concept in quite some time. Hope you enjoy. Home Away The back of the neckline on the jerseys feature a vertical USA. The women's team will have 4 stars surrounding them, while the men's are (sadly) blank. Third C&C appreciated!