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  1. Do you plan on doing defunct team as well? These look pretty good so far, but I would suggest using the team abbreviations from broadcasts rather than randomized ones.
  2. Looks great. Is it just me though, or is the 9 taller than the 1 on the home jersey?
  3. I actually really like these. Other than the helmet logo not having the Jet striping and green socks with green pants, these are good. They could have been terrible, but I really do think they stand out amongst the rest of the league.
  4. Agreed. Although I'd keep the white jerseys exactly the same, but switch the black and white on the home uniforms to match the trace amounts of black on the road.
  5. I agree. I just wish the lines and everything looked smoother. Right now it seems kind of jagged and a bit pixelated.
  6. Definitely spending part of my next paycheck on this. Great job on them for keeping the stripes.
  7. I like it. It's simple. It would definitely be better if they stacked all three parts though.
  8. Went to the Lightning game against the Penguins on Saturday. These uniforms looked very dull and the "silver" is just a flat grey. The contrast with the brightness on the Pens' road uniforms certainly wasn't great either. Could be a decent alternate if they add blue and something on the hem.
  9. Well, it's been a long time since I've posted a logo concept on here. Now, I have a semester-long project in my project management class and I chose to put an NBA expansion team in Pittsburgh. The name I chose is the Pittsburgh Peregrines; named after the fastest flying animal on the planet. I am not the best at drawing, so I traced over the picture of the peregrine you will see below. I know right now it looks more like an illustration than a logo, and that's what I need your help with. What can I do to make it look more like Boston College's Eagle or UTSA's Roadrunner? Any help would be appreciated. I will also be posting other alternate logos and uniforms eventually. C&C much appreciated!
  10. I saw last year's AC Milan home kit at a thrift store a few weeks ago and now I'm disappointed I didn't buy it. Really love the new ATL kit and I'm excited to buy it since I still don't have one yet.
  11. Great job on all three. Really like the Yankees style on NYC. I must say though that if the NJ logo were released today it would get flack for having the same striping as Atlanta.
  12. Take your time on this, no rush for it. Thankfully you've already done most of these jerseys lol. Steelers Home #19 Pittsburgh Pirates. Include the black shirt underneath Current Penguins Home Miami Hurricanes Football Away #9 Atlanta Hawks Home #20 Atlanta United Home Stetson Baseball #37
  13. Here's your signature @HereComesThax @theshawncox Do you want me to wait 2 weeks for yours since the Pats (unfortunately for everyone else) are playing in another Super Bowl?
  14. Sorry to keep you waiting @IndianapolisCubs2009 . Here you go. I will get to the other 2 tomorrow. Been pretty busy this week with school starting back up.