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  1. Not matching every single element =/= bad design
  2. Depends on the team. The cowboys don't, and several of the southern teams wear white at home early in the season due to heat.
  3. Didn't see this until now, thanks a bunch for the tips! It's funny, I actually learned most of my design skills by tracing logos, but for whatever reason I never thought of doing that with fonts and lettering. I also tried out VectorScribe, and it is absolutely fantastic! It's definitely made designing more efficient, and helped with a few of my weaknesses. Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate it a lot!
  4. How is it ignorant or a lack of football knowledge to examine past evidence based on literally every other league and see that this structure they try over and over and over and over won't work? Literally every single alternative football league does the exact same thing and it fails every time. There are hurdles they can never overcome. 1) The talent isn't there and never will be. The AFL pulled it off because they had money and there were only 12 teams in the NFL in 1960; the talent pool still had plenty of options for elite talent. The USFL sort of pulled it off for the same reasons, but even they had to sue in an attempt to stay afloat. These alternative leagues are worse than college football because it's filled with college level talent and literally none of the dynamic NFL caliber players that are exciting to watch on Saturdays. At best you're getting a single player who makes the jump and succeeds, but the rest of the XFL players will be guys who would be lucky to be depth talent in the pros. Combine this with the fact that any college football weekend there are 4+ games on at any time, and you can find an interesting game to watch (This is likely a big reason why people like college football more than the NFL). With the XFL you'll have 4 games in one day, and maybe you'll get to see 1 or 2. And you're stuck with it no matter how bad the game is. 2) These alternative leagues have zero historical significance to rely upon. Again, overall NCAA talent is worse and more diluted, but people love it because they have emotional ties that can last generations. Millions of people attend colleges and universities, and have family who attended them (This is the second reason I think why a lot of us prefer college football better than the NFL). College football digs into that sense of being the way that pro sports did during their formative years. The Seattle Dragons, a team created a month ago owned by an unlikable multi-millionaire will create no interest or bond for a vast majority of people. 3) Leagues nowadays have insane upkeep costs. The financial structure just isn't there to allow them to survive. The AAF had hundreds of millions invested and it collapsed within two months. Every single year makes it even more difficult to meet these financial burdens. Especially when an entire league has less funding than a single NFL or top college team. Quite frankly, it's ignorant and lacks football knowledge to put one's faith in any of these leagues surviving beyond one season. It still blows my mind the UFL made it four seasons before folding.
  5. Please, for the love of god. Can someone post anything about any other team? Just one. Doesn't even have to be current or relevant.
  6. Nike likes to save that sort of thing for college.
  7. MLB the Show has reached a point where its aesthetic issues are just unacceptable laziness. Not a uniform issue (I've already talked about those pretty extensively), but I was playing as the Astros in franchise. In a game against the Yankees, the announcers talked about how this was a potential World Series preview. That means they're using audio clips from 2013 at the most recent.
  8. It's over... It's finally over... He's gone... Jeremy Jacobs is no longer the owner of the Boston Bruins!!! WE'RE FINALLY RID OF HIM!!! Aaaaaand the team is now owned by his six children. Good thing the children of former owners NEVER fail. Good thing having a bunch of owners NEVER leads to destructive power struggles.
  9. ". . . The logo uses a traditional woollen shawl with “swooping curves” meant to represent desert dunes in the shape of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, an infinity symbol, and the number eight." Oh off, FIFA
  10. We here at the CCSLC like to refer to it as “the concepts section”
  11. I think the worst part is that it just looks like a worse version of that old Blackhawks concept that was everywhere during the late 2000s
  12. I don't think they were trying to go bland, I think they were trying to stay as close as possible to the previous name. Hawks already has a known link to Native American iconography in hockey with the Blackhawks. It seems to me like this was meant to hint at that connection while not being in violation of NCAA rules.
  13. If I were in charge anyone who referred to a logo as “clip-art” or a “Madden create-a-Team logo” would be immediately banned for life. On topic, both the Fighting Sioux logo and his new Hawks logo are awful.
  14. The social scientist in me wants to scream right now.