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  1. Jesus ing Christ, Ernie. Perfection REQUIRES that your pants are at your KNEES, not your shins, and your sleeves should be at your elbow joints! YOU'RE A ING MESS, ERNIE.
  2. Yep. It's clear watching that gif that Pavelski's skates are both off the ice and he's falling straight back before Stastny even makes contact with him. He was going down hard.
  3. The NHL has been a majority-US league for 93 years. 10 American franchises have been in the league longer than all but Montreal and Toronto. Hate to break it to you, but the NHL has almost never been Canadian league in terms of franchises.
  4. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! When the 4th line and Rask play like they did tonight, they can beat literally anybody. Columbus is gonna be tough, but this team can definitely win, especially if Kevan Miller can come back and replace John Moore. Any Islanders fans around? How does getting farther than Tavares feel?
  5. I loooooooooove that the Bruins just forget how to play hockey when they take leads. I love it soooooooooo much. John Moore is the worst player on the Bruins playoff roster since Kaspers Daugavins
  6. Seattle also uses silver trim as well.
  7. But... We have actual photos of what the Rams would look like in yellow jerseys. And they look nothing like those Saints uniforms at all.
  8. Can we just save ourselves the trouble and make it written law that the Bruins and Leafs must play 7 games whenever they play in the playoffs?
  9. I was honestly shocked to learn the logo in its current form has only been around since 1999. Obviously 20 years is a long time, but this logo looks like it was designed in the damn 70s. Fun fact, it's somehow not nearly as bad as the original version of the logo. (This appears to be a somewhat sloppy recreation of the actual logo, but I haven't found any actual image of that more than 100 x 100 pixels. It was still a sloppy mess.)
  10. Quick update for you guys, I made the ears smaller, and a bit higher. I've also included two versions, one with the original 80% black fur, and one with what I'm calling 75% black. I dunno, I still like the original color better, but let me know why I'm wrong about that. I figured I'd also address each of these suggestions, because I did attempt each behind the scenes originally and decided against them for various reasons. 1) Removing the mouth connection on the left side ultimately returned me to the problem of the dreaded mustache that plagued my earlier versions of the logo. I've been trying for literally half a decade, and the attachment is the only way I know how to avoid it. 2) The mouth connection on the right side completely interferes with the established shading and lighting of the rest of the logo. That was extremely important to me, because I wanted to create a natural update to the actual Maine logo, which features that light/dark split. I did also try the right side connector, but a darker grey, and I just didn't like it. There's something I just love about the negative space there. 3) The white spot on the nose is there to add a subtle layer of depth and follows the lighting scheme. I did originally go without, but the nose just felt like a flat shape. Also, the top of bears' noses tend to look lighter than the front due to sunlight, so this was a subtle way to add that as well.
  11. Yeah, I was debating on whether to go with 70% black or 80% black. I’ll go back and take a look again. In regards to the ears, I probably won’t make them THAT much smaller, simply because black bears have big-ass ears as is, but thanks for the C+C on that. Yeah, I think what they were going for was the tongue? It really is a complete mess. For me it’s the unnecessary grey outline everywhere. The single color logo looks so much better because it’s not muddling up the whole look (still not good though) Yeah, I’m on the exact same page as you on going more Hockey East teams. I imagine you’ll see more soon. I actually did a providence logo awhile back. I also did UNH, UML, and Merrimack logos, but I’ll probably redo those first before posting.
  12. Sweeney and Neely need to go. — David Backes was signed for $6 million for 6 years as a 30 year old THIRD LINE CENTER when we desperately needed defense — Zboril and Senyshyn as you mentioned. — Frank Vatrano became a 40 point scorer, Colin Miller is a solid defenseman for Vegas, Dougie Hamilton has been solid in Carolina, Reilly Smith has regularly scored 50+ after his Boston career ended. — Charlie Coyle has been fine, but not worth being a rental for another talented young player with tons of potential. Johansson has been terrible, the Bruins traded a first for the miserable Rick Nash experiment. The boys club needs to be completely purged.
  13. Almost exactly five years ago, I was still relatively new to the world of designing non-soccer logos, and I decided to redesign the logo for my home state college hockey team, Maine Black Bears. Maine has a pretty awful primary logo that I for some reason list as one of my favorites. I've always loved the idea, and have plenty of nostalgia for the logo, but the execution fails big time. So, as noted before, I went about redesigning the logo. The design process was a pretty interesting ride, starting with a pretty out there interpretation and ending nearly a year later with a logo I thought was pretty good, besides the eyes. Eventually I moved on to other designs, and began improving my craft at logo design relatively rapidly, but I never came back to this logo, being pretty satisfied with it for awhile. Recently, I decided to take a brand new crack at it, similar to my redesign of a Northeastern logo I also did in 2014. Below is what fresh eyes and five years of learning and improving my skills came up with. Key Features/Changes: The logo actually looks like a bear, a much more realistic design compared to the previous two. The snout and nose area is the biggest difference, with me dropping the 'stache look and designing a much more realistic nose. Incorporation of the lighter grey also made the logo look more like a black bear, whose snouts are light brown in real life. I finally figured out the damn eyes. Bears have small black eyes, and I finally figured out that the best way to do them was to simply place the irises on the black background. Actual incorporation of both team colors. While I did dabble in a more team color-centric design at all stages of my design process, it just felt wrong not having the bear be grey and black, since I wanted to keep the heart of the original design. Ultimately, I decided to simply make the tongue dark blue. This incorporated the color with the added benefit of keeping the tongue from being too distracting. That's pretty much all I've got, hit me up with that C+C! Also, if anyone has any work that demonstrates their improvement over time, please feel free to post it in this thread, I'd be more than willing to change the title and make it a community thread.
  14. I'm not saying I dislike powder blue, I'm just saying those uniforms are sloppily put together and ugly. The shoulder stripe area is massive and gets all pinched in the armpit area. None of the lightning bolts used are consistent with one another, you've the legs with tiny little spikes, the shoulder being fat with massive spikes that meet at a weird point at the top of the shoulders, and then the helmet stripe, which is good. On the helmet you've also got the helmet number in black which matches nothing from the set at all. I like the idea of the uniforms, but the execution is absolutely abysmal.
  15. That was so much more on the defense than it was Rask. The two goals at the end were Chara and Carlo leaving Matthews wide open on the doorstep, and Acciari deflecting in a shot fromthe point. if anything will prevent the Bruins from winning the Cup, it’s the Backes/Johansson line. Almost guaranteed, when the Leafs had extended possession in the zone, that line was on the ice.