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  1. I look at the standings, and I see the Sharks are still in second place in the Pacific. This brings me a momentary glimpse of Sharks-related joy, one I know will be crushed by the remainder of February, briefly resuscitated for March/April, and finally shoved into the wood chipper in the first round, probably by the Ducks (The Six will probably deny this, but then again, we both have a habit of underestimating our teams). I will then look forward to another offseason without rebuilding, wondering why this team doesn't go the Oilers/Sabres route of pure tanking to heal a gangrenous farm system. Comfortable numbness with Everclear as your companion is the fate of all Sharks fans. Well, that or hunting/eating raccoons.
  2. Here's a bump, and a huge overhaul of one of my previous sets! MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES: UPDATE While I do like my first Timberwolves concept, I felt like it could use some "freshening up." Namely, I wanted to update the template to more resemble the more modern style and to shift the color scheme away from ultramarine/kelly/silver. I decided upon using a forest green/slate blue (a color that the Wolves can really own in the NBA)/light kelly green/silver pallet. This would make them a primary-green team (which all leagues need more of) and would keep the value/color balance of my previous concept. Aside from the color change, I've also flipped the wolf-ball logo to go left-right, as I felt it worked a little better with that alignment. The court from the first concept has been updated as well, with the round key circles from the classic court and more spacing between the trees. UNIFORMS Here's where I got a bit more creative. The template now reflects more modern styles of paneling, with rounded side panels that contain the tree pattern and flow with the solid arm trim. The top panels also have a hidden "w" in them, while the lower panels hide an "m" within the pattern. It's a fun little bit that adds to the cohesiveness of the uniform, and to the color distribution throughout the set. The home uniform now bears the "Timberwolves" wordmark, as I felt it would be nice to have at least one uniform with the team's full name. The collar is now a v-neck with the tree pattern (to make it look a little more modern). I also kept the waistband striping/pattern, to tie it in with the collar. The alternates are tributes to previous uniform sets that the Timberwolves have used, with the slate "Wolves" alt emulating the classic Garnett set (and carrying over my original concept's template, which I liked), and the light green alt updating the inaugural look, in a new color scheme. This second alt would be more of a rare-use alt, i.e. a St. Patrick's Day alt. C+C is greatly appreciated!
  3. Well, I would have been happy with any design that eschewed the Ballard Leaf, but this design is especially pleasing. I like how it calls back to the team's past, while updating the font/veins/edges to fix the original's issues (even if those issues are somewhat due to poor research by the NHL's heritage collection). I do hope the 1967 set comes through in some regard, i.e. the use of a textless '67 Leaf on a shoulder patch or the Northwestern stripe pattern, but I like what they've got so far.
  4. Well, if they'd just used a logo featuring the Johnny Canuck design from the start (like the one used by the Western Hockey League team in the sixties), they would have always had an easily-comprehended identity. It would have saved the team so much trouble in the long-run, and it could be put in any of their color schemes. Seriously, take this guy: Give him a bit of a clean-up, and BAM, you've got the perfect logo for the franchise. The Millionaires would be fine for a pre-1967 team, but the NHL Canucks aren't that (nor should they ever be). Also, don't repeat any of the "cartoon logos have no place in hockey" malarkey, as the Skating Penguin has proved itself to be a great logo in the long run, and both of the Johnny Canuck logo currently used by the Canucks could easily take the orca's place as the primary.
  5. All of these endzone options really illustrate why the Panthers' logo needs a keyline (not as many as the old one, but something to help the light blue/black stand out).
  6. The purple/yellow LA Kings. While I do like black/silver for them, the original color scheme looked fantastic and suited the team well. Sure, it was piggybacking off of the Lakers, but both colors fit with "royal" imagery (purple being associated with royalty/elite going back to Roman times, and gold being gold). It's a shame they did so little while wearing both of their purple/yellow sets.
  7. So, will avatars carry over through forum upgrade?
  8. I wouldn't mind this being an alternate (mostly because I like Colorado's primary set):
  9. Thou shalt become numb. Comfortably numb. Come drink with me... They did just win a home game, but the problems are still there. The team needs to rebuild, but that won't happen. I know it won't, even if they miss the playoffs.
  10. When the Minnesota Wild released their stadium series uniform, I thought it could be the excellent basis for a new set. I removed the white yoke (which really doesn't look good for the Wild, no matter the precedent), used the red number/white outline arrangement, and added the stripes to the pants. The white version has a green yoke, for better color balance. The other change I made will probably be controversial, namely the removal of the wheat color. I like the way in which the green and red contrast with each other, and I've always felt that the wheat color muddied it up. White makes it look sharper to me. It may be a departure from tradition for the team, but I think it works. This may be the first of a new series for me. C+C is greatly appreciated!
  11. Sure he was good, if you like poor defense (remember, the Giants' defense is one of the biggest reasons why they've won the series in each of their past three trips) and being a dunderhead on the basepaths. Sure he could hit well, but then he got injured and his hitting never recovered. I was glad that they didn't bother giving him a new contract. I'm holding out hope for Alex Gordon, but I'm not sure that's happening. If anything, some journeyman outfielder will get signed by the team, put up career numbers, and then go back to being terrible the year after that. It's the way of the even-year Giants.
  12. Since there's no "bad uniforms/logos made classic by mediocre/sorta good teams" thread, I figured it was best to post this here: I get that this logo has a classic appeal, and that it is certainly unique, but I've never been able to really like it.
  13. I can do you one better, Admiral: In all seriousness, the below picture is a damn cool photo. Who else could look so unfazed by their messed-up face?
  14. Can we just get the creative team that did the 2012 Blue Jays redesign to update the 1969-71 Padres identity? I think that would produce a result that would tastefully use the brown/yellow color scheme while adding a bit more character to the look.
  15. I gotta go with this: While I like their current look more, as well as the royal/yellow color scheme, this really was a great identity. It's a pity that the Warriors did so little while wearing it.
  16. Senators in Rome (and the Senatorial class of Rome as a whole) would have participated in Rome's military. While not all Senators served in the military during their senatorial terms, some did. If I recall correctly, about 80 Senators/magistrates died during the Battle of Cannae. While I do agree that it is a little tenuous, I do think it makes a little more sense than the example you provided. Still, barberpole is the way to go if the Roman theme can't be done right.
  17. This brings up the problem I have with the Senators' Roman logos on the barberpole template. Namely, the gold/laurel leaf pattern sticks out like a sore thumb. If the Sens went towards a barberpole design, the Roman logos would either have to shed the gold, or the barberpole would have to incorporate gold. Ultimately, a logo based around the "O" (either a basic "O" or the Peace Tower "O" logo hockey week made) should be paired with the barberpole. While I like the Roman theme (and the old black third), I admit that using it as the basis of the team's identity was one long mistake that the team only began to rectify after the Edge disaster. Once they eliminated the one good Roman uniform and removed the updated 2D logo, a lot of the reason for sticking with it went away. Unless a design based on the old black third came out and looked fantastic, barberpole is the way to go.
  18. While I don't think that this image is an indicator for upcoming changes, it does reinforce the belief that the Nationals' road uniforms would look better with the red cap. As for the blue cap, it probably should be limited to the blue alternate, so that it stays in the rotation.
  19. If the Senators made red and white versions of this sweater, they'd never have to change uniforms again. I stand by my opinion that this is one of the best uniforms in NHL history, and it should have been the basis for the Senators' first edge set.
  20. The Knicks wore their 1940's throwbacks yesterday: In spite of the mismatched number font, I like this look. I wouldn't want the Knicks to wear this full-time, but I still think it's a good set.
  21. Well, I do have three proposals regarding the Mariners' script situation. Note, these all feature a brightening of the shade of teal, so that it contrasts more with the navy blue. - the top option would involve thickening outlines and removing the silver/white outline (which is probably my preferred choice) - the middle option has the thick outlines and the silver/white outlines (which do clutter the look a bit) - the bottom option features teal scripts with navy outlines (which I also like, as it refreshes the set while keeping visual continuity intact - and would ensure that both the home and road uniforms would use the teal-billed cap full time)
  22. In entirely unrelated news, Brandon Crawford clears room on his shelf for more Gold Gloves. That trade will also bring the Angels' top two pitching prospects (Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis) to the Braves.
  23. Amidst Lebron tearing off his sleeves, the Pacers unveiled their Mel Daniels memorial patch: ...and here it is on the uniforms: