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  1. Not necessarily, no. They could still rock the blue pants: ...but yeah, the shorts would make it so much sweeter.
  2. Red for the Pats' facemasks definitely made more sense in the past, given that the uniforms had so much red on them: Consider how the current set is mostly just navy blue and silver/grey, the red just stands out too much.
  3. I really like the identity you've assembled for the Clippers. You've not only differentiated them from the other r/w/b teams, but you've also grounded the color scheme in the franchise's/city's history and used an appropriate font for all of the nautical imagery (I really like the way the "L" underlines the letters next to it in both wordmarks). The only recommendations I have would be to reverse the coloration of the script and numbers on the blue uniform, but that's neither here nor there. Well done!
  4. Wowzers! Things are starting to get wild here in the 1970's! I really like the pinstripe look for Japan, and the Puerto Rico and Venezuela sets offer up great visuals while remain period-correct. The only complaints I have are that Canada still has a button-front placket, and that the Dominican Republic should only have a chest number or pants numbers, not both. Other than that, I like where it's going, and I can't wait to see how the series becomes less restrained as the 1970's progress (which I assume they will)!
  5. Absolutely. And yellow doesn't look good anywhere on a cream uniform. And it's silly to put a blue outline around the yellow outline. To me, the only redeeming quality of these is the great, underused color scheme (sans cream), but the Mariners found their true color long ago and shouldn't go back to these. The Brewers, on the other hand, have meandered in other colors and should return to royal blue and yellow. Agreed. The only change the Mariners need to make is to make their teal-billed hat the primary hat on the home and road uniforms, now that teal is much more prominent in the design.
  6. So they really stole that Ben Frankin logo from SFGiants58? No, the logo was released to the public last year. I brought it into my concept, and switched the blue from the light royal to the dark royal (which I like more). Conrad and I were able to predict the cleaned-up ball, though our logos do look a little bit cleaner because we made the "76ers" word mark smaller, so it doesn't interfere with the ball lines.
  7. I'd make one exception: I know its a bit gaudy, I know that the gold pants are controversial, but I just love everything about this uniform. It also helps that the A's equipment managers made sure the jerseys were cut like actual vests instead of the sleeveless look.
  8. Stuff like this is also why sleeveless jerseys fell out of fashion: Redundant sleeveless jerseys and fake sleeveless jerseys (regular jerseys with colored sleeves) are exactly why this trend needed to go away. Hopefully, if vests ever do come back, they'll be done with a proper cut (where more than just the sleeve on a set-in sleeve jersey gets removed) and in a more tasteful fashion, like so:
  9. I really like what you've done so far. The uniforms all seem appropriate for their time period (in both templates and fonts), and you make great use out of national colors! Well done! P.S. Seeing as how the Castro regime took over Cuba in 1959, how will this affect their participation in the tournament?
  10. I say the Mets should chop the tail and white outline off of this script, and they'd be good to go (even if it is a reminder of the years immediately after the "worst team that money could buy" era). The 1987 version is also great, but I like that this one matches the home script a little more:
  11. I hate to be pedantic, but the Reds only won the 1990 World Series with that block font. Per Game Worn Jerseys of the Double Knit Era, the Reds used that block font variation from 1985-1998, on both the last of the pullovers and the first pinstriped set. They used a bold variation of block standard in the 1960's-'70's (much like the one the Royals wear on their home uniform now): However, your point still stands about unique block fonts and how much better they are than proprietary fonts for some teams, especially for classic franchises like the Reds. One of the things I like about the NHL's current state of uniforms is how many teams use unique block variants for their numerals, like the Devils, Flyers, and Blackhawks.
  12. Well, I'll take "inconsistent" over "just plain terrible" any time of the week.
  13. I rather like what you've done so far, especially the plaid on the Loggers and the whole stripe system/vests of the Captains (I enjoy the Seattle Pilots-inspired look, as well as the attempt to tie undershirt stripes to sock stripes). My only real criticism would be that you should rethink the headspoon piping on the Loggers' home and road uniforms. Would it not look better if the piping matched the outline color, or if the outline color matched the piping? Nevertheless, I really like what you've done so far, and I can't wait to see more.
  14. I generally dislike doing shameless self-plugs, but I felt it was appropriate here: Just darken the blue to a navy shade (eliminating the need for black), then inject some kelly green where applicable, and you've got a stew going!
  15. I really like how you stepped outside of the "normal crest" box with this one. While I'm not entirely sold on the font and how the black text doesn't really show up all that well on the main kit, the rest of the crest is an excellent take on the boomerang art (especially with the kangaroo incorporated). The color scheme and the kits are top-notch, and add to the uniqueness of the look.
  16. I'm all for the Irish Rainbow, but Green/Red is the Bucks to me. Just updating the championship-era look would be great, with some lip service to the Irish Rainbow in the form of an alternate (which should not be red, as red really should remain secondary - like gold for the Pelicans). I think of the Irish Rainbow the same way I think about the Astros' Tequilla Sunrise - it's good in small doses, but really doesn't need excessive use like some people think it does. I don't care about the "LOL Xmas" connotations, or that the color scheme is the same as a Minnesota team. Green/red is simply the best color scheme for the Bucks.
  17. I'd say just keep a shade of teal and blow up everything else. I'd don't care if it is Original Six-Dress Up, just something that breaks away from the current logos entirely and away from black/orange (maybe even silver). Ideally, they would update their original look with a new logo (divorced from the triangle and the breaking stick) and new color scheme (something like the one Go Red Sox! made here), but that's asking too much of an organization that sits on its ass all day to keep a dying run of contention alive.
  18. That's a bit more of a 70's design. The 80's would give us these (which I like a little more in their 90's button-front/belted form): While it's still a little crazy, it's a reined-in version of a 70's look. Heck, one of the big aesthetics in 80's baseball was toning down 70's craziness while keeping some less-than-desirable elements around (i.e. pullovers, beltless pants, and powder blue road uniforms): Some teams went for button-front jerseys and belted pants, but still divorced themselves from traditional aesthetics (be it through fonts or shadowing): Of course, by the time 1987 rolled around, many teams began the shift towards more traditional looks and away from the 70's craziness. While some teams should not have deviated too much from their pre-70's aesthetics (i.e. Giants, Braves, Cardinals), I really wish some of that era's colorfulness had stuck around in some form or another.
  19. Impressive! The new crest is well-rendered, and the kits work well within the identity. I had some initial concerns about the clash using a template that is so similar to the standard one, but the clash's color balance is different enough to render that point moot. I really like what you've done in this series, and I look forward to seeing what you'll do next.
  20. The Sharks' nearly decade-long run of regular season dominance and occasional playoff competence is more than what some teams have accomplished, I'll give them that. A Stanley Cup would be nice and all, but I'm fine without one in this run. I've sensed a rebuild coming for a while, and this does seem like the perfect opportunity to blow things up and try again with a new set of players.
  21. If monkeypower doesn't mind me posting this: I've been toying with a concept like this for a while. I also don't know why the background is black. Really, all the Flames need to do is add a bit of SUBTLE black trim into their classic set, and they would be good to go.
  22. My word, that is a thing of beauty. I know some might not like the amount of white on that set, but it just makes the gold pop even more.
  23. I like what you've done with the Sixers, especially expanding the use of the Clearface font onto the logos, uniforms (the stars surrounding the numbers are also an exquisite touch on the uniforms), and court. My only real gripe with the set is the "modern" collar and arm trip that just stops before completing the loop, but that's really just a minor nitpick. Well done!
  24. I really like what you've done here, what with modernizing the 80's uniform set while simplifying it so that it doesn't look garish. White I do think it looks good with the your rounded font, the current fonts really make it work (they're just curvy enough to fit with the aesthetic). Well done, and I'm glad to see that you're back in action!
  25. So the Sharks have revealed an anniversary patch for next season: I actually kind of like that silver is prominent here, and the new rendering of the Shark is pretty good (swimming instead of leaping). However, the Shark also seems like an afterthought in the logo, given how it's off center and above the "25."