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  1. I don't know why we got rid of the red helmet with the Bulldog on it. I love the throwback helmets and the white ones look decent, but I don't see why we need blue unis. I guess they forgot, we call ourselves the RED wave.
  2. On the bright side, I just switched my Bucs mask w my Falcons mask, on those 2 mini helmets. Now I don't have to buy new ones. Chargers, Browns, Rams, Patriots, tba.
  3. We are going either this year or next year. I hate flying, we're gonna drive and stay at my cousin's in Milwaukee.
  4. I've liked the Packers since 1989. I am a die hard, as I have posted pics of my NFL den and Packers shrine on here before. Enjoy looking up at us, like usual. That's on your GM for not drafting good QBs. I didn't feel the need to use proper grammar when chiming in about you being a hating bears fan, earlier. Grammar Nazi, dork.
  5. I'm a Packers owner and I wish that for you, as long as it's not against us. I'd go for you in a Super Bowl too.
  6. when they lost to the Rams in 79 to go to super bowl 14? That's as good as it got, but i love the creamsicles.
  7. The white or light blue would be yellow if it was real. They won't do blue and white as their colors. Royal and yellow or navy and yellow
  8. You've seen this board right, we have never all loved anything. And yes I will buy it because I have a hat and shirt of every NHL team, but I don't have to like it. I've never worn my Kings hat/shirt once.
  9. I'm guessing no Metropolitans, because a team in a city w the Mariners doesn't want one of the their other teams called the Seattle Mets. Also the Metro conf in the NHL. It would be weird if the Nationals were in the AL and I don't think they'd go w Nationals if they were. So being named after a conf that isn't yours sounds wrong as well.
  10. nope, too late I already imagined glitter and spirit tentacles.
  11. the Packers name will always work here in the central valley w/ all of our fruit/meat packing facilities. Our pop warner team is the Packers.
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