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  1. Chargers get yellow facemask, w powder blue uni. I now need a yellow mask for my collection of current and 80s mini helmets. These guys know more than anyone else about stuff like that. I ask them, they showed me, i bought the mask.
  2. thank you guys. Now I don't have to spend $26 on a new helmet or buy paint and paint the mask.
  3. any of you know where I could buy just the riddell mini qb facemask for my mini helmets? Ebay doesn't really have many. I need a yellow one to slap on the Chargers helmet. If not what do I use, model paint?
  4. Is there any other team other than the Padres back to brown rumored to change next year. Like Milwaukee to royal or Philly to Maroon/Light Blue not just as alts?
  5. it doesnt feel weird if you cut where the seam is in the back, turn the sweatband inside out, cut the sweatband on just the side that folds back to the hat and pull the foam out. It will feel close to what it does w the foam in, just far less pressure on your head
  6. I have 1 low profile, 2-3930s, 5-5950. I have used a spary bottle of water then hair dryer to shrink hats. I'm 7 1/8 in new era but 7 1/4 in top of the world, zephyr college(I have 75), except zephyr nhl for some reason those run big and I'm 7 1/8(I have 33). I've also cut out the sweat band but hollowed it out so you can't tell. You cut just the non visible side and pull out the foam.
  7. why can't they just spray paint the helmets for the kelly green gm. Don't they spray them every wk after they get scared up. And lol that it's okay for the 18-23 yr olds to use 2,3,4 helmets but the grown men can only use 1 for safety reasons. Just fit them all for 2 helmets during training camp.
  8. I think the helmet should be kelly green, that looks awesome w/ the sun glaring off of it. We have 5 teams w white helmets and only 1 w green.
  9. current Flames jerseys suck, just go to the Retro already or something similar w a red jersey w the white C, w yellow stripes
  10. Puck for the eye of the pacman style orca how do I insert my own pics from my saved files w/o having to send it to my wife on fb messenger 1st?
  11. I see they use the D-II map I update for D-II, I also do it for D-I. I updated them both 2 days ago. Just found out today that the Staten Island Dolphins are moving from D-III to D-II, joining the ECC. Here's the wiki list of all the college bball conferences/schools
  12. Too bad George didn't come up w the cool base technology we have now
  13. That's the dumbest part of their current jerseys. So that's something
  14. We changed again huh. When I was on the grounds crew the 1st 2 years, we were Giants which made sense since everyone is a Giants or Dogders fan here w a few A's. We should be the Tacos full time. It fits our area and everyone loves that gear.