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  1. By the way, I am on a laptop (and I never really view the site on any other device), so I could see some problems being on mobile that aren't on the desktop version
  2. I honestly kinda like this design over the previous one, I just wish their was a more accessible way to upload images from your computer
  3. I don't know if it's only me, or if this is even the right topic to post it, but did anyone else have their interface completely change today? I cant figure out how to insert images now so I can't even show what it looks like
  4. Unpopular opinion, I love this helmet. Having a color swap with a green shell and white jets would look beautiful.
  5. I agree with what you say here. 1. Pistons: I was actually thinking of them when I wrote this, and I agree, I love their uniforms. It would technically be a recolor of eachother, becuase you could just recolor one the the side panels to make them look the same. 2. I agree. 3. Basically what I was trying to say, lol. 4: I could definitely see the uniform change period increasing, I was more thinking 2 years for any alternates, and maybe like 5 years for the home and away jerseys. 5. I know that Nike hasn't supplied sleeved jerseys yet, but I don't want to give them any ideas.
  6. Super America gas station, based pretty much entirely in Minnesota. Was a subsidiary of Marathon, so the logo might be familiar. Anyway, the story is is that Marathon sold Speedway, another Midwestern gas station brand, to the parent company of 7-Eleven, for $21 billion dollars. Seven & i Holdings, the parent company, turned all the Super Americas into Speedways. Overall, SuperAmerica had some fairly mediocre gas stations.
  7. What I would do to improve the NBA Uniform System Limit teams to 4 uniforms all season (with an exception): And while you're at it, get rid of the stupid Icon/Association/Statement/City names. How I would have the uniform system be. Home & Away:: Must be exact recolorings of each other, spare for wordmarks or outlines. Home must be white or a very light color, light enough that it contrasts with every dark uniform. (like silver or cream) Away must be a primary team color. Alternate: Must tie in at least a good amount to the standard uniforms Clash: Can either be a second alternate or a city edition-like uniform. Throwback uniforms also fit this category Example: The Phoenix Suns would hypothetically wear a white home, purple away, and orange alternate. Say they want to wear a BFBS alternate that keeps the same design as their other 3 jerseys. Under the current system, they couldn't, unless they made the playoffs and got an earned uniform. But with the new rules, they could wear the black uniforms as their clash uniforms (That would mean they couldn't wear a city-like uniform) Other teams can choose to continue with a city-like uniform instead of opting for a second alternate. Special: Must be given permission by the NBA to have a 5th uniform. Example: The Denver Nuggets in this scenario have a white, navy, yellow, and deep red uniform. With permission given to them by the NBA, they could wear a sky blue uniform, that is sorta like a throwback to the Carmelo Anthony days. This acts like a second alternate uniform. Must tie in at least a good amount to the home and away jerseys. Additional uniform rules: Combination of Alternate/Clash/Special Uniforms are limited to ~20-25 times per year max. Must get special permission from the NBA to defy this rule, like the Lakers wearing purple for example. Limited to twice during every series in the NBA Playoffs. Color vs Color uniform matchups are allowed. However, they must contrast enough so the viewers can tell each team apart. Teams can only change a uniform every 2 years. This does not mean that they have to change every uniform at a time. What it does mean: Once a uniform design is made for game-usage, it is set in stone for at least the next two years. All the rules above apply when getting new uniforms Teams DO NOT have to have all 4 uniforms! Say a more storied franchise wants to limit itself to just a home and away uniform with no alternates. Or say a team only wants one alternate uniform. These are both perfectly acceptable under the new rules. Teams DO NOT have jersey ads!! The NBA and its teams make enough money already. There's no purpose in jersey ads beside making more cash, while ing all over tradition No sleeved jerseys!!! They look stupid. With that said, these should be the NBA Uniform Rules!!!!!
  8. The uniform unveiling is most likely on Saturday, April 17th, judging by the terms of the giveaway to the #NewStripes event the team posted.
  9. Judging by the MLB's new program, eliminating the one-helmet rule would inevitably bring city jerseys into the NFL. I just wish the NFL could limit alternate helmets to team colors.
  10. My helmet choices if I were in charge of the league: (Helmet Color/Facemask Color) Cowboys: White/Gray Giants: Blue/White Eagles: White/Green Washington: Burgundy/Yellow Bears: Navy/Navy Lions: Silver/Silver Packers: Yellow/Green Vikings: Purple/Purple Falcons: Black/Black Panthers: Black/White Saints: Gold/Black Buccaneers: Pewter/Pewter Cardinals: White/White Rams: Blue/Blue 49ers: Gold/Gray Seahawks: Silver/Navy Bills: Red/White Dolphins: White/Aqua Patriots: White/Navy Jets: Green/White Ravens: Purple/Black Bengals: Orange/White Browns: Orange/Brown Steelers: Black/Black Texans: White/Navy Colts: White/White Jaguars: Black/Black Titans: White/Navy Broncos: Navy/Navy Chiefs: Red/White Raiders: Silver/Silver Chargers: White/Powder
  11. It's a shame that UA is falling out of the sports market. It's my favorite of the big 3 brands (Nike, UA, Adidas) and I think it's wildly underrated in the athletic wear culture
  12. I think a fun idea for the Washington Football Team would be the Pigskins. It ties the [mod edit] name, the Football Team name, and the Hogs nickname all at once. The Skins ending carries over from the [mod edit], a Pigskin is a term used for a football, which relates to them being named the Football Team, and the Pigskin moniker also ties into the Hogs nickname of the 80s [mod edit] that they were at their best. Maybe it's too cheesy, but I think it would stand out.
  13. I like these so far, they are very out there considering the teams you are dealing with, while also still looking like professional hockey uniforms.
  14. I like it, the consistency is nice, and it reminds me of the 70s uniforms but more updated. Good work!
  15. I'm not a huge fan of these, if I'm being honest. It's just too plain. I suppose it would look better with TV numbers, but there's just not much happening, which has its pros and cons. They also look too much like the bears now
  16. I realized I was thinking about Wayne Gretzky in my head, so it was much bigger news for me, but its still sad either way.
  17. Walter Gretzky died? That's sad. RIP
  18. Was a wonderful game for someone who loves electric orange like me lol. But yeah, that was an awful contrast.
  19. Wanna see what Super Bowl 50 would be like if you stylize it as Super Bowl L. Trophy behind the L? Looks like it says LI? IL? But these are pretty funny.
  20. Do you ever plan on making alternate uniforms?
  21. Unpopular Opinion Time: The Jaguars should wear teal jerseys and teal pants as their primary uniforms. It creates a nice symmetry when with the black socks, and honestly, I'm a big sucker for the teal they use. Here's what I think they should wear, all with black socks. Teal Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~4 home games a year Teal Jerseys/White Pants: ~2 home games a year White Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~6 road games a year White Jerseys/White Pants: ~2 road games a year, maybe at home but the teal is light enough to be worn in warm weather Black Jerseys/Teal Pants: ~2 home games a year Black Jerseys/White Pants: Never, its too black heavy. Burn the black pants too.
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