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  1. Cardinals wearing red pants again at home. I feel like this is a preview of when they change their uniforms, which could be as soon as next year, they will wear red pants often, which I'm not a fan of. The Gridiron Uniform Database has some extra combos listed in case they ever get worn, so they don't have to go through the hassle of making the uniforms moments before the game starts.
  2. I'd feel more inclined to listen to what Khan says if he wasn't such a bad owner...
  3. I feel like having known about the Rams uniforms since May has desensitized the bad parts of the uniforms. Yeah, it looks ugly, yeah, they'd look much better in more standard uniforms. but it doesn't feel jarringly bad anymore compared to the shock when they were first unveiled
  4. Saw the GUD has the Lions in all blue for today, something they haven't worn since 2018. We'll see if that's true or not, but i quite like the all blue as a once a season look
  5. They always wear the gray uniforms against Arizona I have no idea why but this is the 5th time time in 6 matchups (exception was a TNF Color Rush game)
  6. gonna enter late but oh well Chiefs (did this pick b4 the game) Bills Ravens Falcons Lions Panthers Eagles Patriots Packers Colts Chargers Saints 49ers Rams Steelers Titans
  7. Broncos aren't against the Falcons on Thanksgiving, they play early November
  8. I have mixed feelings about Texas A&M. Yes, they finally got rid of the gray and the bevels, but those shoulder stripes were uniquely A&M. Now they mostly just look like a maroon Texas. I think it's a lateral move IMO, would've chosen something like this if I was the AD.
  9. Surely this will bring the end of racism lol
  10. You don't have the control to actually ban me lol, btw DAE notice that the new Hawks uniforms kinda look likes they're from McDonalds????????
  11. I think it's pretty cool, definitely gimmicky but I don't follow hockey so I don't care all that much. Like the colors and the logo is cool, I hope the add an actual Kraken logo at some point because that would be awesome. Also this is my 500th post!
  12. Glad they finally are back to red and yellow! They look much better than they previously did (unlike a certain Atlanta football team). My hope is they do something with the old blue and green uniforms they wore with the city uniforms, and if they have a classic they use they the ones with the big white stripe across the chest (you should know what I'm talking about) Only nitpicks are I wish they kept the current font over the standard block font, and that they stayed under nike instead of hopping to Jordan (that should really only be for the Hornets and maybe the Bulls) I am really hoping the red uniform is the main color jersey, it fits so much better than the black one
  13. It would of looked way better if the had the white stripe facing forward and the color stripe facing backward on the jerseys, but this is a good update
  14. This uniform with the current uniform font would be the best possible look IMO
  15. Who Said the Rangers were changing their name? Where did you get that from
  16. Although now I'm not getting in on either my laptop or phone. How come it switched for a single day? Was it a Canada Day exclusive (they put "Happy Canada Day!" at the top of yesterdays front page) and If so why did the whole site get changed instead of just adding the banner on?
  17. And here I was thinking they'd do anything to please the NBPA lol
  18. I always go to the main site to get to the boards, because it is saved in my frequently visited sites, and I noticed that the main site was completely revamped! I think it looks cooler honestly, am I the only one getting it or not? Is it here too stay? Felt like bringing this up somewhere.
  19. I don't have much of a problem with it, I just wish that they always replace the last names with the statements. It'll kind of be like the MLB Player's Weekend I feel like. It's annoying that the timing made it so this will last through the playoffs, I feel like this would be more of a regular season thing. Then again, it's frustrating that this is something that is done in the first place, can't we just treat everyone with respect.
  20. Here before it's locked lol
  21. Where are the other colors? It's just green. Downgrade for me, it's too boring
  22. That brown color on the bottles (I've never seen it before in real life) looks awful Still want to stay on topic, but my favorite flavor of Gatorade/Powerade is definitely white cherry (Cherry in general is my favorite fruity flavor)
  23. A: Miami wore the throwback for the 3rd away game last year (against the Steelers) but since the 3rd away game is at the 49ers and their white throwbacks, I swapped the all aqua and the throwback whites. A little confusing, but I know what I'm doing B: I must of messed up there, I'm not perfect lol C : Dallas didn't wear the standard away uniforms until Week 16 last year, the first time the wore white on the road was Color Rush against the Patriots, so all of the early road games are Color Rush because they were closer in the year to the Week 12 game vs New England compared to Week 16. Also helps that the Cowboys have my favorite color rush D : I also added a couple color vs color games that I thought looked good, such as Rams blue vs 49ers red, and Chargers powder vs Broncos orange