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  1. Its alright, but I fell like there's a way to have the jerseys more than just two colors. Maybe like different colored spikes on the collar? Maybe add a number outline? I would like to see what your thoughts are, if you feel like editing them
  2. I'd like to see what you have in mind for Virginia Tech
  3. Fun fact: The Seahawks have never worn white at home in their entire 45 years of being a franchise.
  4. Ravens are wearing purple/black today I believe. I think color rush and black purple aren't gonna be happening this year, because they've already worn the black jersey 3 times and it doesn't seem like the NFL is gonna allow them to wear alternates 4 times a year, unlike last year.
  5. Honestly they're not terrible. My big nitpick is the font for numbers and the shorts logo, and the off-white isn't my favorite, but everything else isn't too bad
  6. Maybe they will pull an Ohio Sate and call themselves THE Virgin University
  7. I mean, what is it that could be wrong about this clash? It makes a really nice blend of color.
  8. Hoping the Ravens pull out purple pants, would make a great clash of purple and orange (though I may be biased because those are my two favorite colors)
  9. Hate on the league all you want, but these designs are made by people who don't take time to look at uniform dynamics like the members on the board, and will probably never have a shot to design any major things sports related. I think this is personally cool, I'm a member of the Zappers (voted for the black jersey), and I think this could be a really fun twist on football.
  10. At least they are finally wearing contrasting socks. The white/white combo is underrated IMO
  11. You proved me wrong, I forgot about Omaha lol but it's pretty much just a farming state
  12. These were some good concepts, underappreciated IMO. My thing about the collars is not only is it a different color scheme, but you already made them a Titans throwback, so I feel like thats a good about of representation. It's not like the Titans were all that notable anyway. But like I said, these are some fine looking concepts!
  13. Can't see it, it says I need to request access from you. But this was an incredible project, easily one of the best I've ever seen. Way to go!
  14. These look pretty good so far! A couple nitpicks I have is first of all, the navy strip on the Jets collar needs to go, it just looks bad IMO, and secondly, Washington's burgundy looks like brown. But these are nice so far!
  15. I think Nebraska might be the weirdest. Is there any black population even living in the state? Lol
  16. I feel like this season hasn't had many pretty bad games, because all the games that looked not good were atrocious. Mono gray against red/black gradient, all black against neon green/navy, all pewter against all bone. All are hot garbage, but their haven't been too many games that just don't look all that good
  17. Teams I like wearing white pants as their primary road combination: Eagles Falcons Panthers Cardinals Rams Bills Ravens Bengals Texans Colts Jaguars Titans Broncos Chargers Teams I think look better in colored pants: Cowboys - greenish silver Giants - gray Washington - yellow Bears - navy Lions - silver Packers - yellow Vikings - purple Saints - gold Buccaneers - pewter 49ers - gold Seahawks - gray Dolphins - aqua Patriots - navy Jets - green Browns - brown Steelers - yellow Chiefs - red Raiders - silver
  18. I never really realized how few NCAA schools there are. Also is probably a bit outdated, which is why @CaliforniaGlowin is seeing some inaccuracies.
  19. Vikings in mono white is a pleasant surprise. With the bone combos and blue combos now officially mix and matchable, I would really like to see the Rams wear bone jerseys and blue pants
  20. This project has came so far, you did great!!! Is Idaho the final team?
  21. Helmet logo should always read WV, not VW, but otherwise this is a good concept. I'd say add some yellow into the road uniform a bit too.
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