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  1. “Haven’t seen a package that tight since the time I got a C.O.D. from Teddy Kaczynski”
  2. I was the biggest fan growing up and knew all the players, even the lineman. I’ve made such a 180 degree turn its sad. Im convinced that everyone that still watches it does it only out of habit, and the reality of a fall without football is too much for people, me included. The product is just abysmal
  3. What was the first network to do the headshots at the beginning of the game where the players say “First Name Last Name, University”? What year did they start doing that?
  4. I always find myself getting super excited for football season, and then 2 minutes into the first game I go, “Oh yeah, every play is a penalty and you cant tackle anyone.” Football is wack now but my yearning for it will keep me glued to the screen every Sunday trying to recapture the magic of a once great sport that’s now farcicle.
  5. Something I just noticed about the Eagles, is that last season was the first time they never wore green pants. They hadn’t done that since they switched to midnight green in ‘96
  6. You could say this about almost every attempt at humor on these boards
  7. I think Belichick will coach until he dies
  8. I think they should keep the Clippers name and stay red white and blue
  9. I dont like the Chargers yellow facemasks with white helmets
  10. Their record is 7, and that hasn’t been done since 1963 when there were 14 games. The last time they wore blue 5 times was 2006
  11. I have a lot more appreciation now for last generations sports commissioners. As commissioner, you are supposed to do whats best for the players, the fans, and the game itself. Making money was always part of it, but todays commissioners seem to be more hellbent on making every dollar they can without giving a rats behind how the game suffers for it. I dont really like any of these 4 guys we got now.