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  1. I think tighter pants in baseball are definitely making a comeback, slowly but surely. I’m noticing more players wearing tighter pants that hug the ankle. Kike Hernandez was rocking pants straightout of the 80s last year And Bryce Harper has gone with the tighter look as well, Joey Votto I’ve seen wear it too. Its more practical and I think its catching on and may mirror the comeback of short shorts in basketball that we’re seeing now. The baggy style is just getting really dated.
  2. Thats exactly what I am ranting against, the rules. And I do understand that the refs are just doing their job, but yeah there are just some instances where stuff gets so micromanaged that if you look at the big picture you can just see that they’re devolving into something thats getting further and further from the original point of the game. Like the Calvin Johnson catch from a few years back, or actually jesus christ, that was 9 years ago wow. But anyway, the fact that a guy can catch a ball, land on two feet in the endzone, than land on his butt, without scoring a touchdown is beyond parody. There are many other examples of the league getting carried away with this stuff, and they need to look back and simplify some of this crap.
  3. I was referring to this play. Three Eagles land on the fumble, but inconclusive evidence as to who recovered it, so Dallas kept it! It was crazy
  4. Yeah, even far back as the 70s the upper deck at the Vet was just a sea of shirtless dudes beating the piss out of each other
  5. In the past ten or so years, the NFL has become more and more unwatchable for me. The fact that everything is a penalty, the absurdly literal interpretation of rules without using common sense (like when 3 players from the same team land on a fumble, but we couldnt figure out which one exactly recovered it, so lets just give it to the other team!), and rarely a game goes by that I dont just sit there and think it was decided not by a football contest but by a ridiculous call/rule. A large part of me wants to see one of these upstart leagues come in and get rid of this referee-ball thats taking over the game and just let football happen. I’ll be honest though, even if this comes true I dont think I could ever turn my back on the NFL. I know its kind of like Seinfelds “rooting for laundry” bit, but the teams and the leagues history/rivalries are something Im too crazy about to ever replace with a new league. Im a huge sucker but its true and I find comfort in the league I’ve been obsessed with for so long. I think I’ll just hold out hope that the NFL can change its ways.
  6. On a somewhat similar note, I feel the same way about wearing jerseys to sporting events. I wish it was more normal to just dress like a regular guy to go to a game. Its like people dont think you’re a fan unless you wear one but I think they’re kinda trashy. Maybe trashy is the wrong word but I hate wearing them.
  7. I think Rockies should stick with home pins
  8. I think the perfect Jets helmet would be the “JETS” inside the green airplane
  9. Bryce is a Phillie for 13 more years, and doesnt belong in this thread. Nor do any recently traded players.
  10. The Brewers wore green one year before Miller Park opened. Maybe that had to do with it
  11. I too prefer the actual stingray. Only one more year and we wouldve had Devil Rays-Phillies World Series, which would’ve been better
  12. The Phillies wore maroon and powder blue, while their stadium seats were yellow, orange, and brown. It was groovy!
  13. I wish they wouldnt get black involved at all. I dont think Im gonna like this
  14. Phillies wore primary logo in the 80s
  15. These new uniforms are going to have a bad association right off the bat. The Marlins might struggle to win 55 games this year