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  1. Athletic Club St. James St. James is a team with a classical look, usually sporting their traditional red and black striped uniform, similar to Germany’s 2014 WC threads. Their clash features the cross from the crest. Kits by Nike and sponsored by X-Press, the main delivery service in Aribo. I forgot to mention this, but the stars in the logo represent championships. A gold star is 10, silver is 5, and white is 1. C+C greatly appreciated.
  2. I like the fireworks coming out of the 0 but I feel like it’s not balanced enough on the left side.
  3. Real Santo Aribo Real is the oldest team in the AFA, and regularly wears their classic pinstripes. Their brand new clash uniforms are orange with a gradient sash across the uniform. All kits are made by Nike and the sponsor is Flores, a Aribon real estate company.
  4. Recently I viewed an old hand-drawn soccer league by @TheGiantsFan and it inspired me to actually finish a league I make. So I created a fictional country, because I found it hard to creatively make American teams. Republic of Aribo or Republica Ariba, was first explored by the Spanish in 1493, but was also settled by the English. The West side of the Island is English, and the East side is Spanish. Here’s the first team, Real Santo Aribo. C+C would be greatly appreciated to help me better my artistic ability.
  5. I’ve looked through a few of these looking for something to critique but I just can’t find anything. Great job!
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