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  1. This logo is phenomenal, anytime a state can be worked into a logo I think it’s just the coolest. I do agree the green seems a little off, and the font just doesn’t sit with me.
  2. I love the suns logo update. I agree that since their name is literally the “Suns,” they should be brighter with less black. For the Celtics, the Red Sox themed uniform is good but I can’t really see it working. I don’t even like their leaked city uniforms for this season (they are blue) because I’ve only every known them as a green team. However, I think it’s a cool idea at least and your reasoning reminds me how much the Boston teams support each other with their similar winning culture, I think that’s cool.
  3. As a Patriots fan, obviously I think they can and will win their final 8 games, but here’s some reasoning to that: Their final 3 games are @ Bengals , Vs Bills, Vs Dolphins, so that isn’t anything to worry about. The tough stretch is these 5 games @ Ravens BYE @ Eagles Vs Cowboys @ Texans Vs Chiefs I don’t expect trouble from the cowboys, especially since it will likely be a very cold evening in late November. The Eagles are an interesting case, as they seem to play the pats well but they aren’t that great this season, and Brady will probably play harder as this is still a bit of a revenge game. The final 3 are the ones that I wouldn’t be surprised at an upset and I’m worried that could happen. The ravens, in Baltimore? Lamar Jackson constantly running for a first down on 3&15? This could be one of those games where the ravens D finally shows and Lamar annoys the hell out of the patriots D. The Texans, I’d say, are the toughest game on the schedule. On the road this time, and the previous 2 games against Watson at home the Texans almost won at the finish. And they look pretty good this year. Recipe for a tough game. The chiefs game is obvious, but they are a bit beat up so we’ll have to see what they look like come December. However, I like the chances of getting through that 13-0, even if they aren’t that good of odds. The defense may be one of the best of all time, so they could do it!
  4. This is really cool. For the bigger clubs the angle will help convey how much they’ve added on to the original ground. Can’t wait until Tottenham!
  5. You’re supposed to have logos ready in your first post or else it will be locked...
  6. Updates look great. However, I’m having an issue with the backgrounds being the same color. It’s not as bad for Ipswich and Macarthur, but for Adelaide, the border of the shield is the same as the background so, despite the shadow, it’s kinda hard to see. This isn’t an issue with the logos; they’re great. Just the visual presentation, maybe it’s my phone, but either way, I love seeing this back!
  7. You could’ve saved yourself some time and realized Dallas would never go to the super bowl.
  8. As a Boston sports fan, this reminds me of when Kyrie was traded to the Celtics. I never liked him, he was actually one of my least favorite players. But I knew that he’d be good and I’d have to like rooting for him, but I had to see him play great before I did. I’ve never liked Antonio Brown. I’ve been making jokes about him all week but now he’s on my team. He needs to provide an impact before I’m hooked.
  9. Well, the fact that you are commenting here means you do. Haven't checked back here in a while, but I wasn’t happy at the idea of AB coming to New England, and then he actually did, and now with the Mcginest Gronk rumors, I’m really pumped. We’ll see what today brings.
  10. Ya beat me to it by 8 minutes. That’s what I was seeing too. The Riptide/Breakers thing is fine because they don’t exist anymore, but I don’t know if this would “fly” with the Valor.
  11. I think it looks a little weird that the sleeve cap is turquoise on both uniforms, I’d make it white on the home uniform.
  12. I think the alternate looks much better now, I prefer the Indy Blues script to the St. Louis Blues script.
  13. I really do like the script, but I can’t help seeing a J on the alternate, and now I can’t unsee it.
  14. I think the stripes from the shoulder to the arm on the road uniform should be taken off, but the stripe around the neck and arm line should stay. Otherwise, looks fantastic!
  15. Like when an MLB team has a road game in London they play it a the neutral site? Then there isn’t a London team at all.
  16. Teams wouldn’t be happy about losing home games to help out a London team. Also, the Red Sox and Yankees had 3 days off to travel and reds before the game and 2 days off to get back, so with that amount of off days, the mlb would have an mlb season that lasts about 1 year, which obviously wouldn’t work. Also, I like the Lions look! For my guess as to what the other expansions are, Mexico City, Nashville, San Antonio or Austin, Memphis, Portland, Indianapolis?
  17. But this isn’t the NFL where they have a week to travel and it still is an issue, and that you might not play any west coast teams a year, in the MLB you travel all the time, every 3-10 days. Also, every team plays every team in their league. If London was in the AL, they would make 1-2 trips to Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle.
  18. The thing on the top is Long Island, where the school is located, the thing in the corners is the America East logo, hopefully this answers your question.
  19. I’m a sucker for light blue, and something about the font and stripes (and the name haha) makes me think this set is the best you’ve done.
  20. I say top left or bottom right. Top right isn’t bad but I agree it looks like the thunder a bit much.
  21. I think that would be a terrible idea. What would happen to teams running the table? Also, backup QBs? Backup O-Line? There aren’t even 32 good kickers, are we expecting there to magically be 64?
  22. Now do I necessarily agree with these picks? No, not really. Would I mind if this is what the outcome was? Nope, definitely not. Lakers in 5th? Cue tears of joy. I will say it is becoming more and more clear to me that the Lakers don’t look like true contenders just yet.
  23. I’ll also add my early predictions for the 2019-2020 NBA Season: Eastern Conference 1 PHI 2 MIL 3 BOS 4 BKN 5 IND 6 MIA 7 TOR 8 ORL 9 DET 10 WAS 11 ATL 12 CLE 13 CHA 14 NYK 15 CHI Western Conference 1 LAC 2 DEN 3 LAL 4 POR 5 GSW 6 HOU 7 UTAH 8 SAS 9 NOP 10 OKC 11 SAC 12 DAL 13 PHX 14 MIN 15 MEM Eastern Conference Playoffs PHI v ORL 4-0 MIL v TOR 4-1 BOS v MIA 4-3 BKN v IND 4-2 PHI v BKN 4-2 MIL v BOS 4-3 PHI v MIL 4-2 Western Conference Playoffs LAC v SAS 4-1 DEN v UTAH 4-3 LAL v HOU 4-3 POR v GSW 3-4 LAC v GSW 4-2 DEN v LAL 3-4 LAC v LAL 4-3 NBA Finals PHI v LAC 2-4
  24. I don’t think Brooklyn will be that much better this season, probably mid-high 40’s I’d say as well. Remember, Kyrie is the swap for D-Lo. They didn’t add anything more than DeAndre Jordan. I never did leave my Western Conference look, so here it is: The Contenders Denver Nuggets: They didn’t do anything except shell out a ton of money to Jamal Murray. Yet, as I’ll mention with the Blazers, that may be a good thing. Now they go after the title. Jokic will just get better and they have the pieces to win. However, it’s crowded out west, and I think experienced teams will win out in the end. Golden State Warriors: I think they got out with a steal. KD was never going to stay forever, and getting D’Angelo Russell back as either another star or a trade chip leaves the Warriors in a good place; I think people also forget how good Steph was before KD came: A title and 2 MVP awards. Houston Rockets: I don’t know if this team is done making moves, so my opinion could change. The Warriors are finally not the threat they used to be, so the Rockets might finally go somewhere. Yet, with more teams coming up to the same level the Rockets are at, they will need to work pretty hard to win. However, I think they might be able to win this time. Los Angeles Clippers: I WAS RIGHT. My friend is a big Clippers fan and I can only feel happy for him. The Clippers finally have a big shot, however, I do feel the slight worry about Kawhi and PG’s health, and the far future. They lost a lot for these two stars, and if it doesn’t work out, they will be in a serious mess. Los Angeles Lakers: Somehow they can be the Winners and the Losers at the same time. They got Anthony Davis, but could they have just waited for him to come in a year? And without adding anyone else major, maybe Boogie Cousins, just roster filler. They’re definitely better now, just maybe not by much. Also, losing Ball, Ingram, Hart and all those picks, especially for a guy who would’ve likely signed there next year, that hurts. Portland Trailblazers: They didn’t really get better or worse. However, they lost to the Warriors in the 4th quarter of that whole series, and now they aren’t that amazing anymore, and without making a huge move, that has elevated Portland into contention. Also, how could you not like Damian Lilliard? I really hope he retires having won a title. Utah Jazz: Another team I want to see do good. If Mitchell plays like he’s a rookie, Gobert plays like he’s All-NBA, and Conley plays like it’s his contract year, this team is scary. However, I’m not sure I can see this team at the top. I just don’t know. However, I like the moves the Jazz made. Also, I won’t forget to mention the Thunder- they got a haul. What they could do in the mid 2020s, either draft and go crazy, or flip their newfound assets for stars. This trade won’t have a winner until possibly the late 2030s.
  25. So I haven’t been around for a bit to say my piece here but let’s say the off-season hasn’t gone exactly as I expected- yet I am surprisingly fine with that The teams with a part of the fireworks this offseason: Boston Celtics: I’m a bit disappointed that Horford didn’t stay and especially where he ended up, but getting out with Kemba has gotta make you feel better. The team I think is almost even from what it was last year. Brooklyn Nets: From where they were 3 years ago, the worst team in the league with no draft picks, to title contenders for 2021, this is one of the most impressive moves in years. Indiana Pacers: How many people will say “Woah look at the Pacers why are they so good?” when they are 25-10 next year in January? They signed Brogdon, Oladipo will be back and they also snagged a few other role players. I like the Pacers as a sneaky upset pick. Miami Heat: Is Westbrook coming? Because I’m on that train too. If they can give the Thunder some picks and shed some salary, that’s good for them and makes them a contender in the East with a surprising signing of Butler. Milwaukee Bucks: This Offseason definitely went the wrong way for the Bucks. The 76ers got better and the Bucks did not, they actually lost pieces. Mirotic went back to Europe, they couldn’t keep Brogdon and they are locked into a huge contract with Khris Middleton. The Bucks could’ve done much better. Philadelphia 76ers: You can go both ways. You either like them adding Horford and Josh Richardson, or you don’t like them losing Butler and resigning Harris. Somebody was giving Tobias a lot of cash, and the Sixers did so. I like them adding Horford and I think Richardson is gonna be good, but I don’t think they improved as much as they could of. Toronto Raptors: Well, they got what they asked for. Ujiri knew the consequences of trading for Kawhi, but what did they have to lose? They were one of the few franchises in the NBA without anything, even some slight history to be proud of. I think it payed off.
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