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  1. Korea it is! Maybe after I’ve done a few if I get a good idea for a team I’ve already done, but the World Cup doesn’t have third kits and most international teams don’t in general. Who knows, maybe I’ll do something as a sort of alternate take. I want to get the main set done for some teams at least.
  2. Going to start working on France and one other team, who should it be? Portugal Brazil Argentina Mexico Netherlands South Korea
  3. ENGLAND PART II: Wake up and smell the (Tudor) roses For England’s color kit, I chose a red jersey with the same sleeve pattern, but the Tudor Rose from the crest is sublimated across the center. Numbers and lettering are blue. The shoulders and sleeves are a darker, maroon-like red. Not sure who I’ll do next, but look for something later this week. C+C? Thanks for looking!
  4. It’s probably just the lightning, and since it’s sublimated it’s not very visible unless your close enough to touch it, but I might shade it in more when I post the full set.
  5. Disclaimer: Instead of making a giant series and either not finishing it or not seeing enough interest to motivate myself, I will post concepts when I feel like it, and with no set amount of teams With the Women’s World Cup underway, 3 confederation championships coming up, and UEFA Nations League Finals and 2020 Qualifiers, I felt like making some football concepts. ENGLAND PART I: Football’s coming home England is one of the most historic teams on the world, with a classic look. I wanted to do something classy, but fresh and different. I decided to use cream as the base color, with blue accents. The St. George’s Cross is sublimated on the center of the jersey. The sleeves feature a (inch ruler?) pattern in blue. C+C? Part II will be posted sometime tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  6. Norway look pretty good, Nigeria isn’t the greatest competition but that was a hot start. Spain had a very good comeback, but they couldn’t get anything on the board for 70 minutes and 2 goals came from a penalty. Like many of you, I will of course be rooting for the USWNT, but I believe France will take them out in the quarters win the tournament at home.
  7. Montreal- think of something obscure but classic, like Blueshirts or Stripes or something Colorado- Crush New York- another generic name, maybe something horse related San Francisco- Gold, Whales Carolina- think of something reeeeally 90s for this one. I had a football league years ago with a team called the Jethawks or Skyhawks or something. Vancouver- pretty much has to be native or ocean related. Totems, Thunderbirds, Orcas Winnipeg- maybe Antlers? Toronto- see: Montreal
  8. Tell that to the Bills/Sabres/Bisons/Bulls, Dolphins/Marlins, Capitals/Nationals, and Astros/Rockets
  9. Looking for help in my hockey league... The year is when the team began there. Some are relocation, the Charlotte/Carolina one was the Orcas so there will be a name change for that one, but St. Louis could keep the Wolves moniker? Miami/Florida 2000 Expansion Charlotte/Carolina 2000 Relocation Washington 1992 Expansion Brooklyn 1974 Expansion Portland 1992 Expansion San Francisco 1990 Expansion Los Angeles 1968 Expansion St. Louis 1964 Relocation (Wolves) Kansas City 1974 Expansion
  10. Would you ever consider doing a thread where you take ideas from this thread, and say the A’s moved to Kansas City, what would the future Oakland team (or maybe a different expansion team) would look like? Maybe it’s just me that thinks that would be a cool idea...
  11. JG36


    Texas City? Like the Texas City that is a small town outside Houston? Also, I can’t tell what the logo is for them since you just did the uniform. The logos also look very pixelated. (Also makes me sad to see a league called the AFA after what happened yesterday)
  12. Or if someone will do jersey ads. A note for you on a sports uniforms boards... WE HATE JERSEY ADS!!!! I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!!!
  13. Finally got around to posting the final product. May I present... The Montreal Monarques! Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Arena: St. Lawrence Centre Founded: 1911 The oldest team in the NHA, the Monarques sport a classy yet modern look, with their signature yellow stripe on the sleeves and waist. The yoke was added in 1989 to added more color to the white uniforms, and more white to the color uniforms. The logo is an M styled to look like a crown. The alternate uniform is a throwback what the Monarques wore in their early NHA days, from 1938-1956. It has minimal striping and their original logo, an M with a crown on top. Thanks for looking!
  14. Nope, just hand drawn. Looking back, I hadn’t realized I did different colors for the TV numbers, so I changed it and made them both purple. Full Montreal set will be posted tomorrow, I have a lot more free time with it being a weekend.
  15. Hey, sticking to the promise with a return, eh?
  16. I agree, it looks cleaner, and the yellow outline kind of gets lost in the left version. Montreal Monarchs road uniform The Monarchs’ look is comparable to a modern version of the Red Wings. Simple striping, but a modern yet classy logo, an M styled to have a crown inside of it. C+C?
  17. I love how realistic this is. That’s what puts you and @SFGiants58 a step ahead of everyone else. It’s not that designs are that much better, but it’s the ideas and how real-life it is. Incredible work again, raysox!
  18. Here’s how it looks with yellow and purple. Any thing else before I roll out the full brand?
  19. I prefer Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham over the other three big 6 teams for that reason. I am a Boston sports guy, so I’m a fan of the Red Sox Patriots Celtics and Bruins, but when i was younger I couldn’t help but favor some teams when I would make up records or whatever I did with miniature helmets and pennants. MLB- Marlins, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Blue Jays, Angels NFL- Bengals, Jaguars, Texans, Chargers, Falcons, Seahawks NBA- Bobcats/Hornets, Hornets/Pelicans, Spurs, Thunder, Blazers, Hawks, Nuggets NHL- Ducks, Sharks, Wild, Jets, Coyotes, Lightning, Blues, Canucks, Predators I was never a fan of any of these teams, but they always stood out to me because of colors. I will say though, this is exactly why I am a Tar Heels fan
  20. So obviously I follow the PHL and it did inspire this league, so I tried to make a logo that is very modern, and also very different than the Royale. I tried making it taller, and I think it does look a bit better. This is a quick-ish sketch, when I am finished with the full logo set it will be much cleaner. How does it look and what colors do you suggest?
  21. As some of you may know, I had just started on a new hockey league, the NHA before it was announced that the Sports Fan Fiction would close. I was pretty upset, especially having just started my league, but I can see why that was needed. However, it seems that people do want to see this continue, so it will, just concepts this time. Unlike the history thread, these uniforms and logos are in modern day, 2019. There are 32 teams in the NHA, which consists of 8 divisions of 4, in 2 conferences: the Eastern and Western. 21 of these teams are in cities that have NHL teams, so that’s a clue if anyone is wondering. First up, I have a prototype logo for the Montreal Monarchs. I had this really neat idea for the Monarchs where the negative space in the M forms a crown. When I drew it out, it wasn’t exactly what I first envisioned, and something just seems a little off. I also am not sure about the color combo. The 3 on the left would fill the M, while the 4 on the right would outline the M. Any suggestions on how to make it better and what color combo I should use?
  22. I’m pretty excited for this. This is a fantastic idea, and I’ve never really thought about the phases. Will definitely follow!
  23. I would’ve said the same thing. However, it started to turn into “oh I miss the whalers of Hartford can you please make a football team for them?” And then someone requested the Nordiques, and that’s completely why I understand why it was shut down. And when it’s shut down, you maaaaaaybe shouldn’t restart it and attack a moderator.
  24. Probably concepts since it doesn’t have to do with simulation. You’ll also get more feedback there
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