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  1. That was an actual arena team tht u just critzized @BengalErnst
  2. I just reposted the image check again

  3. I just reposted the image check again

  4. Check the previous post tht i put 8 minutes ago Because tht 1. I made a mistake
  5. i always wondered to see the defunct teams in Nike's wnba template. but those fever uniforms is the business i wished you can also do it in the pacers flo jo version
  6. any concepts 4 the comets,monarchs,and sol?
  7. hey Neo


    have you considered expanding wfl in these cities:


    Seattle Rockers

    West Virginia Miners

  8. Will94

    USFL Tweaks

    what if they stayed in houston ?
  9. Will94

    USFL Tweaks

    is there going to be a team like this for Nashville?
  10. Will94

    USFL Tweaks

    What about this team in the usfl?
  11. I would love to see your take on the WNBA
  12. what about an early 90s dark blue version
  13. Pelicans jerseys look Excellent!!!!!
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