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  1. If you slim down the neck, it'll look a lot better. Good idea and design, though i can't personally feel the upside down shoulder stripes.
  2. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Absolutely horrid! Not even fit for a youth team to wear! Funny thing is, no swoosh anywheer. You'd almost think a local sporting goods team supplied them. As far as the US and the red stripes, I remember when they wore them in 94 and they had a good response, but that was before Mexican soccer branched out and actually started playing games in Houston, LA, Chicago and elsewhere. i think the US jerseys now are fine save the alternate color at the nameplate and circle on the front. I can even handle the mini swoosh on the left sleeve. I'd rather they go with the PSG design though. Incorporate a stripe like theirs or sash effect, kinda like Peru and River.
  3. They should order white or blue pants for theses jerseys, it would look so much better
  4. I actually like that Spiderman ad! But as far as the US using the standard home shirts, I don't think it'd work. Too many folks down here in the Southwest equate those stripes with Chivas
  5. I remember a highlight with the team wearing Hellboy jerseys. Let's hope they aren't sponsored by "I heart Huckabees" next month
  6. No wonder I thought it was different. I only see Juve highlights when they are in Champions League play.
  7. I'm sure the players contributed just as much to these ug-fests as Lewis did. I think they should have at least kept the leaping Bengal logo on their sleeves. And definitely ditch the alteranate colored side stripes. Didn;t Jacksonville teach us anything?
  8. Also, aren't they wearing a different sponsor than Sky Sports? I think they are still wearing the sponsor from last year rather then the ones posted on the board
  9. As far as Barca sporting any ads, this year it has not yet happened. I agree I hate the cookie-cutter designs, but I love Barcas away kit this year. Also, I don't think the ads take anything away from the jerseys. They actually fill space that would be occupied by the circle job on the Nike uniforms. As for Juve moving the stars, it looks like they are copying the Italian national team who moved the stars to the sleeves rather than placing them over the team logo.
  10. More like AFL jerseys. I think they'd be good for a turn back/ahead game, but not for everyday wear.
  11. These outfits suck! At least chenge the jersey up somehow. It's absolutely horrid. Oh yeah, screw Art Moddell.
  12. You need to throw something onto the shield. It's too plain without anything there. Maybe add the old mountain R logo.
  13. I think it's the 56 jerseys, so all they have to do is switch the helmet logo and take off GSH.
  14. I like Nike, as far as footwear and dri-fit, but the uni's they have rolled out lately are crap. I used to be pretty pleased with them when they took risks and rolled out something utterly different(BYU, Broncos-since copied to death)
  15. Awesome concept! I almost wanted to run out and buy the preseason jersey. Maybe someone should see if there is someone who makes custom guernseys
  16. Probably all of them. I hope the men aren't all using that template too. It's fine for Volleyball, maybe for an All-Star game(OK, not even then). I just hate the, "run with one design mentality Nike and adidas have gone to. If the team voted and said they wanted to wear those, I'd be surprised. They are just awful.
  17. I like the look. As far as numbers I'd say use something like the New York Dragons or St.Louis Rams wear. All the teams wear Patriot style jerseys which drives me nuts. Mix it up! I'd keep the helmet red though. Too many teams like to wear black for the helmet.
  18. numbers and logos aren't required, i.e. Alabama. But I like the look. I'm really digging the numbers and the buffalo on the sleeves. I think the numbers should stay and the helmet stripes go back on the helmet. Also add the buffalo on the M. The numbers on the sleeves aren't to scale so theywould be much smaller as they are maxed at 5 inches per NCAA rules.
  19. Absolutely horrid! It looks good on like a t-shirt as a side logo. But as the official logo? My 4 year old niece could have come up with a better design. I agree the host commitee logo was 10 times better than this crap. It looks like someone said, I have a shirt that has XL on it, that'd be a great Super Bowl logo. Uhhh . . . NO!
  20. keep stripes the way they are, but decide on one color for number outline.
  21. The colors look nice, but they could have done something other than just flip colors around. Maybe integrate honeycomb into a stripe pattern or something. Of course you can see these guys coming from a mile away since the yellow is so dang bold
  22. Indians alternate authentic jerseys have a silvery material for the outline of "Cleveland" that actually has a bit of a shimmer to it. The replicas do not.
  23. i think the helmet the way it is looks good. It stands out in a crowd which is a good thing. Navy blue or silver helmets are pretty common so a helmet of this type is a nice change
  24. I like the idea, but limit number of stripes and keep stripe combo design for the away uni's. Might even try to see if you can throw in a wavy stripe, a'la USA 94 jerseys. And I'd say put the blue shorts with the home kit, all red is just too much of a good thing
  25. I like them. They look better than all orange IMO. I like Maryland's new look as well. It's borrowed from Memphis of the XFL. They should have kept the numbers from last year though