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  1. Some higher quality images:
  2. From the man who broke the Columbus rebranding disaster: What in the?
  3. Creating hundreds of jerseys that will only be worn once and then disposed of is certainly some kind of environmental initiative.
  4. This is all so dumb. What a waste of time and resources to end up with a worse looking logo than the one they already have.
  5. What a ridiculous amount of unnecessary drama to come out like this.
  6. Sound Tiger is a solid 80's band name. This re-brand is tedious, however.
  7. It wasn't certain the Whitecaps were going to keep their name either, when moving to MLS, they considered dropping it. I don't recall any of the alternatives they were thinking of, but it would have been tremendously stupid, but they really considered throwing out their history going back to 1974. Just astounding, like why even go down that road?
  8. Amusingly, if they were English, or perhaps other Euro countries, cities this close do have different accents.
  9. If you're rebranding to be more Euro (which you shouldn't), why would you keep SC and not change to FC like most of the other MLS clubs with that type of branding. This is a tremendously stupid move by Crew ownership.
  10. Slightly odd to include teams that weren't in MLS for decades after the date being thrown back to. I kind of wish the Whitecaps would leave the 86'ers identity in the archives.
  11. Looking at the list of largest urban areas in North America, Phoenix seems like the biggest one not served. Detroit-Windsor is huge population wise, but I wonder how much pull from Windsor a Detroit MLS team would get, with TFC being the Ontario team. Tampa and San Diego are big, but do they want to add more clubs in states where they already have multiple teams? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_largest_urban_agglomerations_in_North_America
  12. Isn't Artesano just a second brand of Bimbo?
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