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  1. He's still pretty good actually. His last two years in Vancouver were decent, and last year he got displaced a bit by the arrival of Cavallini, but still had 5 goals and 2 assists in 11 games. I think the Caps would have liked to keep him but he wants to be with his family in Seattle.
  2. Fredy Monetro is going back to the Sounders.
  3. Nice shirt from San Jose, never cared for their black look. That is a nice bright colour. The New England kit is interesting when you zoom in and see the two different colours of adidas stripes on each side, but it still suffers from the excess subtlety of design elements that so many of these kits do. No one will notice on TV or in a stadium. Houston is nice, a bit plain but the strength of the orange and black look saves it.
  4. Here’s the Caps
  5. Whitecaps kind of confirm the trimmed hoop.
  6. Yeah, I never said I liked anything else about that set.
  7. Huh. The chest logo actually pops better with the black outline.
  8. Hot take, it's basically a plain blue T. Better than white, but the pattern might as well not exist.
  9. The whitecaps posted another teaser, which frankly isn't worth embedding, of someone getting a hair cut with what looks like a hoop pattern. So, seems like the hoop will stay, or maybe be altered a bit.
  10. Just realized that this is the most green we've ever had on a Canucks uniform set. Hopefully it sets a trend for the team to use green more in future alternate or special event uniforms.
  11. Yeah, we're really doing this lame drag out every detail nonsense?
  12. Whitecaps info incoming in just over two hours:
  13. Fabric of choice was probably wool no? Anyhow, I feel like while all the sublimated, subtle graphics they are using on kits this year are interesting to design nerds like us, but are basically going to be invisible on the field of play, and are largely going to look like plain white or black jerseys. This seems like a negative for the viewing experience. Montreal's other kit has leaked:
  14. Those Leaf jerseys, the silver is just so drab. Would have been so much better in white. I wish the Canucks had chosen a better jersey to use as inspiration for their reverse retro. If you wanted to go gradient, I would have loved a new take on the 1995 third.