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  1. There's a lot of similarity in Halifax and Pacific's visual identities, which makes sense since they're both ocean cities, albeit over 4400km apart.
  2. Forgot there was a separate CPL thread. Here are the 2020 away kits:
  3. CPL away kit reveals for 2020 being livestreamed starting now:
  4. That was the home kits I think. It's all new home and away kits this year I believe. Live stream starting soon:
  5. Thanks for the replies and the insight. Interesting on Bruckheimer.
  6. If the team didn't exist before, it's not a re-brand is it? A branding?
  7. Adidas hasn't tweeted any additional details.
  8. That means it's accurately referencing the Space Needle, built for the 1962 world's fair. Worlds Fair's have always had an element of imagining the future.
  9. Oh, I totally agree. Looks like the producers of the original Clash of the Titans just decided they liked Kraken better as a word, and I can get that, it sounds cool. It's a shorter and punchier word than "leviathan" for an actor to utter. I share the interest in history (it's what my undergraduate degree is in) and mythology some of the other posters do, but I also understand that stories and language evolve and the commonly understood meaning of words change overtime based on how they're used.
  10. Fair point, I don't know the quality of construction of the hats, I just find the designs tedious, and there are not enough options for fitted hats. I can't find a fitted Canucks hat I like, and I need a size 8 hat, snapbacks and flexfits don't work.
  11. Yes, I know. But Clash of the Titans is a Greek Mythology movie with a non-greek name slapped on their sea monster. Here's Ray Harryhausen talking about it in regards to the 1981 movie.
  12. I think any assertions that the team picked the name based solely on a meme are ignoring more relevant things like local context. Look at this list: Seattle Sounders FC Seattle Seahawks Seattle Dragons Seattle Mariners Seattle Seawolves Seattle Kraken Seattle Storm OL Reign Out of eight Seattle pro sports teams, five names with nautical themes. Two mythological creatures (maybe three if you count Seawolves?). One weather name and one royalty related name that's maybe also a weather pun? Kraken seems to fit the theme in the market.
  13. For those who've been talking about why not a different name with the same identity, think about how the words sound. Octopus, Squid, etc, they just don't have the same oomph as a word as Kraken.