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  1. The manager of Arsenal has Coronavirus.
  2. Well, this sums it up I think.
  3. Combat sports should definitely not be happening during this outbreak.
  4. Baseball seems like the one team sport with the least physical contact between players, but they should still not play.
  5. Honestly, the outbreak in Canada and North America is weeks behind in its progress compared to what's gone on in Europe, etc. I think we'll be lucky to have the suspended pro-seasons resume at all, and possibly to have the new seasons start next fall.
  6. Treatments take a ton of time to develop. Preventive measures are easier, quicker, and effective. We are trying to make sure we don't end up like Italy where as of today more than 1,000 people have died of Covid-19. We need to do both, but it's not like you can snap your fingers and have a medical treatment ready. At the moment the best treatment is making sure people don't get it.
  7. Of events I've been old enough to remember, this ranks up there with Berlin Wall falling and 9/11. This is one of those "the world has irrevocably changed and we don't know wtf happens next" moments.
  8. What a complete and total tool. Breathtaking arrogance - perhaps literally for anyone who develops the severe respiratory symptoms covid can cause. Hopefully he learns something from this and dedicates some part of the rest of his life to being better.
  9. It's a look that didn't have any significant on-ice success or memorable playoff runs. Started off tainted with the Messier debacle and the awful years in-between the decline of the 1994 Cup final squad and the rise of the West Coast Express group, who ultimately accomplished nothing of note. During the years they wore the uniform, they missed the playoffs four times, and got to a conference semi-final twice.
  10. Player on Juventus has the virus.
  11. I would have to think someone gave him some more information or he sought it out himself.
  12. Why does this look like 7-11 owns a hockey team?
  13. Italy just quarantined the whole country and cancelled all sporting events. Doesn't seem to be a timeline yet.
  14. I haven't seen anything suggesting another maritime team yet. I think Quebec and Saskatchewan are next on their radar.
  15. Great that the mothership is finally adding the CPL. I was confused why a new sports league launching coast to coast in Canada wasn't covered by the site last year when the league kicked off.