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  1. I think the team really nailed it with their 50th anniversary slogan, "colourful past, bright future" they've done a good job of acknowledging and incorporating all the eras of Canucks uniforms. And that looks a lot like Kirk Mclean is wearing his full goalie set up from the 1994 season.
  2. You know what, bring back the V arm stripes.
  3. New BCHL team for next year, effectively replacing the Kootenay Ice.
  4. Man, this is a lot of discussion about a logo change for a team that just modified the logo by dropping the script. I doubt they're actually going to be making any changes to the orca anytime soon now. I never minded the script, but I have to say the jersey looks cleaner without it. I'd like it better without the anniversary logo adding clutter to the front of the jersey though.
  5. Got to be FCC or Austin - for maximum chaos.
  6. I thought that Blues jersey was putrid when they went to it in the 90's and time hasn't improved it. I suppose we're in for a revival of the Canuck's salmon jersey too in the next few years at this point.
  7. It would be great if they were as hard on homophobic chants as they seem to be being on anti-nazi symbolism in Portland.
  8. Yep. And Cavalry isn't even the CPL team with the most Whitecaps Academy products on it.
  9. Of course, but changing the primary colour of the logo seems odd. This isn't the best quality photo but it looks pretty ugly. Just swapping the regular yellow in the logo elements for mettalic gold would seem a little more ... sophisticated? I don't know.
  10. Why make the Buffalo gold? I just can't fathom the thought process there.
  11. So, things aren't great for the Whitecaps. Fans wearing paper bags and chanting for front office firings at home games. If they get eliminated by Cavalry in the CCL tonight, it's going to get a lot worse.
  12. The first ever matches between the Canadian MLS teams and CPL teams are going down tonight in the Canadian Championship - Canada's equivalent of the US Open Cup. As well as Ottawa of the USL vs Halifax of the CPL.
  13. Well, I'll just check in on what people are saying about the new Canucks uniforms... wtf uis going on in here?
  14. The new alternate kind of looks like the sort of super basic jersey you'd get in Walmart.
  15. Literally yesterday in False Creek. About 1-2 km from Rogers Arena.