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  1. Well sure, there's been lots of talk on the forums, my point was that there is no coverage of CPL on the main site, or the social media. It just seems odd, regardless of whatever sports we're personally fans of, for the site not to cover a new league, when there's coverage of every minor league baseball novelty jersey night. I find it odd that if people are offering to cover the league he wouldn't respond.
  2. So, when I heard the uniforms were coming out on Friday, the first place I went to look for pics was this site. I was surprised to see if looks like Chris hasn't covered the CPL at all on the main page, there's no section for CPL under soccer, and there was nothing on the main page or twitter on the kit launches.
  3. Doubt we're going to see any more Canadian MLS teams at this point. Now that we have CPL starting up, that's the future of pro-soccer in Canada in the non-mls markets. CSA and Concacaf are unlikely to sanction any more teams into another countries top division. Edit: I'm not saying this is good or bad, I think it's just the way it is. There was a big stink about those governing bodies more or less trying to force Ottawa Fury to join the CPL for this coming season. I expect they will eventually anyways. Need to get a team in Quebec somewhere as well, and a team on mainland BC.
  4. This is the only treatment of the Orca with green I've seen that doesn't look awful.
  5. In regards to the script on the Canucks jersey, I think it's probable they were attempting to integrate elements of the Canucks' pre NHL history. I've posted this jersey before, but I don't think I've seen a colour image of a surviving jersey
  6. I like the Whalers jerseys, but it's a bit odd to dress up in an identity the franchise choose to kill when it moved. Just seems like a money grab.
  7. Freddy Montero back to the Whitecaps.
  8. Ahem, Montreal isn't exactly tiny. It's the 20th largest urban area in North America. it's not market size.
  9. I would guess the CFL and the CPL team for Halifax ought to be able to get together on a stadium.
  10. I think they have to use Halifax or Nova Scotia in the name if they want local governments to chip in towards a stadium or whatever.
  11. Whitecaps hire Marc Dos Santos as head coach. I already like him twice as much as Robinson.
  12. Agreed. He gets a free ride from the media due to his NASL glory days and being a local guy, but the guy has been in place since day one and he's allegedly the leader but constantly ducks blame. The team has been a mess for at least two years, we had Ousted and Morales getting into a fight back then.
  13. Multiple players throwing other players under the bus, evidence of problems with cliques, front office ducking all blame for a bad season. It was raw.
  14. Oof, the Whitecaps post season interviews are something else.