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Pittsburgh Penguins Concept


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very nice gorams! I don't know about the gold color, though. I like the classic penquin gold more. I like the color and all, just not for the pens. (I bet they used it way back and I'm showing how little i know about hockey. I used to be a huge fan...I swear!)

All in all, great look. I even like the classic logo with the modern font. It shouldn't work, but it does for me!



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Wow, great concepts, I like the logos, the liberty taken with the colors, and the overall feel. Really great job, keep up the fine work, wow, I keep looking back and thinking how nice those are. I hated the reliance on grey the Penguins had in the late nineties, and think the Vegas gold they use now is unque and nice, but these jerseys look great . Good job.

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